Advanced Platinum LED 1200w Reviews 2021

Last updated on April 9th, 2020 at 03:17 pm

Yo buddies! We are here to present you Advanced Platinum Led P1200 review to help you out in getting fully familiar with this particular grow light. Our experts were testing this lights from almost four months, and now we have got results in our hand. We know what all is good with this grow light, and what all it lacks.

Although the lower models of the Platinum Series(P300, P450, P600) have achieved par success, but this model is unexpectedly left much behind. But remember, the consumer reviews do not indicate the right image always, So, there is the need to ourselves try the product out. Those words were for reviewers and testers like us. For you, abundant knowledge is available in the review only.

We have displayed every single point, that was necessary for its upcoming buyer to know. So, now it is the time to proceed towards the review.

Advanced Platinum LED  P1200 Review

Advanced Platinum Series 1200w Review

Advanced Platinum Series 1200w Review

Advanced Platinum Series 1200w Review : Basic info about the product

When you have a look at the specs and features of this grow light, you will also feel confused that a grow light, which looks so decent on paper, is unsuccessful out in the market! How? That is the reason we took the responsibility to show you the real image of this grow light.

Like the previous models of Platinum series, this one has also smashed certain records. Now, in what all grounds, that we will explain one by one, and in detail. By the way, this grow light is suitable for growers of all levels. No matter you are a beginner, or you want to carry on larger growing projects, this grow light is suitable for all.


This heavy grow light comes with heavy features. Once you read the features, you are surely going to feel impressed and will move your first few steps towards making a mood to buy it. Here come the features of Advanced Platinum Series 1200w LED grow light.

Top quality American chips used

When we hear about an American made product, we feel a sign of relief, regarding quality for sure. Here, the same quality of LEDs are used, which were used in other Platinum models. Yes, 3W American made LEDs, 400 pieces in total. No issue regarding durability at all.

You might feel confused, by reading the consumer reviews, where people are not that happy with the durability, which here, we say that this model is highly durable. See guys, the 300W, 450W, and 600W models were having the same chips, hence were equally durable, that is an understood point.

Now, in reviews of those models, hardly anyone was angry regarding durability, but in the case of the 1200W model, people are not satisfied! Isn’t that very strange? Yes, that is, so we are going to cover this topic later in the same review.

Full spectrum with IR and UV

Advanced Platinum Series 1200w provides you with a full spectrum, that involves depths of UV and heights of IR. Full support to your plants throughout moments and stages or growths. Remember, if the right frequency is not provided to the plant, during any of the stages, it affects the overall result. So, the full spectrum is the most important thing for your plant, very much like food for humans and animals.

Advanced Platinum Series 1200w Result no. 1

Advanced Platinum Series 1200w Result no. 1

Advanced Platinum Series 1200w Result 2.jpeg

Dazzling cooling system

Advanced Platinum Series 1200w Review cooling system

First of all, this LED doesn’t heat up much, and the cooling system that you get in this grow light is an expert in its department. We feel that all the grow lights must be having such a dazzling cooling system. This grow light is loaded with modern technology upgraded heat sinks, which make this cooling system more efficient. The heat footprints are also minimal.

Intense PAR value

You are getting 1827 lumens from 18 inches height, while from 24 inches, you get 1440 lumens. Brilliant! Those numbers were really big. At that Watt level, its potential in unbeatable. More the intensity of light, more it is going to be beneficial for your plants to grow. So, in this department, it has proved itself the best, and this thing has helped out in justifying its price tag.

Advanced Platinum Series 1200w Review : Specs

This grow light is a humongous one. The dimensions are 36″x19″x3″. The weight is 46 pounds. Frequency is 50-60Hz, and this grow light works on voltage anywhere between AC85-265W. The viewing angle is 90 degrees, which is the same among all models. The lifespan estimation of this 1200W model is 100,000 hours. You get a hanging kit for adjusting your grow light and a power cord along with this main LED.

Further details of the specs of this grow light are all explained below:

Actual power draw and HPS replacing potential

Were you thinking that the 1200W stands for the actual power draw of this light? No, it’s not. The actual power draw is 758W. When you are talking about a 1200W grow light model, then those numbers are satisfying. The HPS replacing potential is also quite high. 1400W HPS system is what this grow light is capable of replacing. That is impressive!

Coverage area

If you ask about the bloom coverage, then there is no major difference between the 1200W model and 900W model. 5′ x 3′ was what you were getting with that one, and 5′ x 4′ is what you are getting with this one. When we talk about the max coverage, it is 6′ x 5.5′. That is a this to enjoy, such a huge grow area you are getting. Attach another such unit, and the grow area is double! How? With the support of daisy chaining.

Existence of Veg/Bloom switches

You these switches wisely, they are going to rocket up the growth of your plants and yield, but if you are going on this guesswork, then you might suffer. Turn ON the veg switch, when the plants are going through the early stages of growth, and turn ON the Bloom switch, when your plants have grown up, and are ready for giving flowers and fruits.

The warranty

With Advanced Platinum Series 1200w LED grow light, you are getting a heavy 5 years warranty, which is two years longer then what one generally gets from the dominating LED grow light manufacturing companies. Not only that, but the money back guarantee period is also stretched three times longer than normal. With this one, that period is 90 days.

Advanced Platinum Series 1200w Review : A quick FAQ round

This is an FAQ, in which we have written the questions, which normally can occur in your mind, regarding this grow light, and we have answered in a well-explained way. So, if you read this, you might get certain solutions for your problems, and get some additional knowledge as well. Here we go!

How good is this grow light for a 4′ x 4′ grow tent?

It is fit for such a tent, but why to have a smaller grow area, when the grow light is already giving you a bigger coverage? If you strictly want to go on with 4′ x 4′ grow tent, then we recommend you to use two 600W models of this company and this series. Adjust them together, and they are going to provide more even distribution of light.

Our experts have tested this setup, and we can guarantee you for a better yield by this split setup, instead of a single panel.

The LED is so heavy! Do i need to put some extra hooks?

The hanging kit that comes with this grow light is built to handle its weight only. No need to have tension. But if you are feeling insecure, you might add on to the attachments regarding hanging. You have to buy a set of ratchet hangers for the final lowering and raising. Rest everything comes with the product itself.

What is the number of plants that we can grow under this grow light?

If we talk about grow lights with a smaller coverage area, then we can advise, but with this grow light, we cannot, as it entirely depends on what actually you are growing. Yes, for normal cannabis plants, our experts recommend 22-25 plants, as the results were brilliant with that many plants.

What all is negative about this grow light?

The issue regarding durability has risen. It has failed to last long if we hear to users. But remember, durability very much depends upon how you operate it. The second negative is that customer service is very non-responding. Besides that, you are not getting a proper guiding manual, which provides you with the instructions that you need to follow as a grower.

This grow light is so powerful, and that brings you a disadvantage as well. If you do a minor mistake of decreasing the height even a little bit, then it might affect your plants. So, if you are an absolute beginner, then you surely need guidance. If nobody to guide, then read the details on the company’s website, and operate this grow light accordingly.

What do the users of Advanced Platinum Series 1200w say about it?

Reviews are horrible and surprising. Only 37 reviews on Amazon, and just 3.2 stars rating out of five. That is hard to believe! 22% of users have given just one star. Now we need to justify the negatives spread regarding this grow light. If you try to analyze the public reviews deeply, you will find that the absence of a proper guiding manual is the biggest factor, which is indirectly responsible for the dissatisfaction.

We mentioned that the same LEDs are used in 300W, 450W, 600W, and 900W models. There hardly anyone complained about durability. Now how is that possible? Guys, the lack of guidance has turned things over. Those models were less powerful, so if you have made a minor mistake regarding the height of LED, then that was not going to make a big difference, but the case is different with the 1200W model.

The second thing is that the users were so happy with the customer service of this company when we went through the consumer reviews of other models, but here, users are filled with anger and say that they are facing all difficulties of the world in claiming the warranty.

Can you imagine why? That is so because if your grow light has damaged due to your own rough handling or improper usage, then the warranty is not going to cover that. Why did that happen? Again due to the absence of guiding manual.

  • Full spectrum with IR and UV.
  • Best PAR value.
  • Extra large coverage area.
  • Energy saving.
  • daisy chainable.
  • Presence of Veg/Bloom switches.
  • Cooling system works perfectly and silently.
  • No guiding manual.
  • Very heavy.
  • Few users are unhappy with the customer service.
  • A bit higher price.
  • Bad consumer reviews and ratings.

Advanced Platinum Series 1200w Review : The final wrap-up

This light is entirely capable of fulfilling your dream of a perfect yield. But you must be perfect in operating this grow light. This grow light is providing you with full spectrum, max PAR value, huge coverage, and a bigger warranty and money back guarantee. But the public reviews are not good. We are sure that in the upcoming time, this grow light will achieve success.

Our experts have entirely tested this grow light and received positive results. Not one light, they tested for such lights and no inconvenience at all. So, from our side, we recommend you to ignore the consumer reviews and buy Advanced Platinum Series 1200w. Till the question of warranty, then it is not going to stand on if the damage is done due to your fault, not the light’s.

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