Advanced Platinum Series 1200w Review 2018

Last updated on September 5th, 2018 at 03:22 pm

Advanced Platinum Series 1200w Review 2018
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Looking to buy this Advanced Platinum Series P1200 LED grow light for indoor marijuana?

Want to more about it in detail?

Then you might want to read our comprehensive review below, but before that check out the following table to see the specifications of the LED grow light.

Advanced Platinum Series P1200 Review 2018

Advanced Platinum Series P1200 1200w 12-band LED Grow Light review

Let's have a look at the Specification!
Light source 400 pieces of 3-watt USA made LEDs.
Average Power Draw 379 watts for Veg and 758 watts for Bloom.
Voltage AC 85V to AC 260V.
Frequency 56 to 60 Hz
Lifespan 100000 hours or 8 to 10 years
Dimension 36 X 19 X 3 inches
Coverage 6 X 5.5 feet for Veg and 5 X 4 feet for Bloom
Weight 46 pounds

Let’s start out by talking about the coverage area it provides.

For Vegetation stage and at 18-inch height, you will get a coverage area of 6 X 5.5 feet. And for Bloom stage, you will be able to cover an area of 5 X 4 feet. Now, this is a lot of areas, so you should buy this LED grow light if you have a large tent or planning to grow marijuana in the big area.

This is the one of the best and most powerful LED grow lights in the market right now suitable for bulk marijuana growers.

You can operate this LED grow light in any country you wish, as it has features like auto voltage sensing and auto adjusting power drivers. You will only a power outlet of AC 85 volt to 260 volts and you will be ready to use this light.

We have just begun… there’s more!

Your plant will receive light that is very similar to sunlight, as this LED grow light spits out a complete 12 band spectrum light including ultraviolet and infrared lights as well. Your plants won’t complain about not getting enough quality light.

Another great thing about this light is that it only uses 758 watts of power and provides you with light intensity similar to a 1400-watt HPS grow light.

Cool, yeah?

This is the most powerful and biggest light from advanced platinum, so it is necessary that you buy this LED grow light only if you are a serious grower or using it for commercial operations. It is suitable for medium to large marijuana growing operations.

One more awesome feature of this light is that they use 90-degree secondary focusing lenses inside the light, what that does is, it intensifies the light and makes it brighter without making it too hot.

It also results in having the highest PAR/LUMEN per watt ratio in the market. You can’t beat Advanced platinum in that area!

Furthermore, they have used 400 high-quality US made LEDs in this Grow light. These LEDs are very efficient and long-lasting, they will last up to 10 years or 100,000 hours.

Mind-blowing isn’t it?

If you are not yet convinced about buying it then let us give you the very best reason to buy it.

It has 5 years of warranty on it!

Along with it you also get a 90-day money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

Go ahead, Buy it!

  • 5-year warranty.
  • 90-day money back guarantee.
  • Biggest and most powerful model from advanced platinum.
  • Highest PAR/lumen per watt ration in the market.
  • One of a kind in the market right now.
  • 100% absorbable light by plants.
  • Save you money compared to a 1400-watt HPS.
  • Huge coverage area.
  • The quality US made LEDs.
  • Auto voltage and power driver sensing design.
  • Complete 12 band spectrum including UV and IR.
  • It is not suited to a beginner or casual grower. This is a very powerful and big light, buy it only if you are a serious marijuana grower or do it commercially.

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This is one of the best LED grow lights out there for commercial growers. If you have lots of plant or have a huge coverage area, then this is the best buy.

You get 100% light penetration in the plants with long-lasting high-quality US made LEDs. You also get 2 different switches to turn on and off the Veg and Bloom stages LEDs. You can use the same LED grow light for all stages of plant growth.

This is also a very reputed brand when it comes to LED grow lights, they sell a lot of their lights on Amazon and all of them have exceptional reviews by the customers.

Therefore, if you a big LED grow light, you should buy this one as this is the best according to out research and testing. You will definitely won’t be disappointed by it.

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