Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Reviews in 2021

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Hey guys! Today, we are here with Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Reviews to provide you info about this particular product. As we always do, today also we are going to provide you with authentic and in-depth info, that our experts have gathered for you.

We are habitually there to suggest you the best one to buy, and avoid you from wasting your money on useless products. We are your true buds!

Today, throughout this review, we are going to measure up this particular grow light on all grounds. We will recommend it to you only if it is worth money and really built to serve you well. Advanced Platinum Series 300W is entirely fully revealed and exposed here, nothing about this grow light is going to be hidden from you.

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No need to wait anymore, let us head towards the review.

Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Reviews


Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Reviews : Basic info about the product

This grow light is built with ultimate modern advancements, but it is the one for basic level growers only, who are satisfied with two-three indoor plants. This grow light has pleased everyone with its performance and functioning.

Although there are so many 300W grow light models in the market, this one is among those, which stand the tallest, and have provided with the best results. This grow light is one of the highest suggested one for cannabis. Small-scale cannabis grower call this grow like a boon!

But as usual, there are a few ugly facts as well, which must be displayed for the future buyers, so that they get proper knowledge that how much, and what all kinds of inconveniences they are going to face, and they already come to know about various solutions even before buying!


If you talk about the strongest part, then it is the features. You start feeling eager to buy it, right after you know about its features. We are not just going to mention them, but we will be elucidating them as well so that you come to know that in what all grounds are you beneficial.

High-quality building material used

The durability of any product depends upon the building material quality. The quality of building material, used in the construction of this grow light has pleased everyone. The LED chips that are fitting are all US made, so you can blindly trust.

The electronic components, which the makers have used, are all highly certified. No comprise regarding the quality. When you see the body, you can yourself figure it out how durable it would be, and when you switch this light on the first time, you become a fan of its strength!

100 x 3W LED chips are there. The company claims that this model is going to be at your service for almost 100,000 hours. When you talk about entry level grow lights, you do not get that much lifespan.

Full spectrum of lights

This light provides you with such a brilliant spectrum that it is why we can call it a masterpiece! 12 bands of the necessary spectrum are what you are getting from Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light. Yes, you read it correctly, 12 bands! Your cannabis, weed, and marijuana plants are going to be supported so very well during all phases of growth.

Well, writing about this spectrum’s frequencies is going to make it a bit more for you to read, so what we have done is, we have added a diagram, that compares its spectrum with HPS system.

Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

Decent cooling system

The constructor of this grow light has concentrated too hard in making the cooling system of this grow light as strong and effective as possible. You do not get a single possibility to complain about anything regarding this cooling system. The makers have constructed the blades of the fans are in such a scientifically developed design, that it makes minimum noise. Besides that, how can we forget about the aluminum cooling sink, which is as useful as these fans?

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Decent PAR value

Now, what words to use here. We have tested hundreds of grow lights till now, and hardly any other grow light satisfied our testers this much! We have reviewed many grow lights, which were far expensive, and provided with much lesser PAR value. It has beaten up many 450W, 480W, 600W, and even 720W grow lights in PAR value comparison.

From the height of 18 inches, Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light provides 1050 umols PAR value, and from 24 inches, 683 umols. If you have got a bit of info about a few other grow lights as well, then you were definitely surprised by knowing the PAR value of this one, we are very sure about that.

Most importantly, the PAR value is not just a claim, but the manufacturer himself has issued a video on YouTube, where he is visible measuring the PAR value at various heights, so you have got the evidence to that!

Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Result 1

Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Result 1

Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Result 2 Marijuana

Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Result 2 Marijuana

Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Result 3

Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Result 3

Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Result 4 Cannabis

Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Result 4 Cannabis

Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Reviews : Specs

The product dimensions are 19 x 8.5 x 3 inches, and weight is 12.8 pounds. You get 90 degrees as the viewing angle of the LED. 50-60Hz is the frequency. You are getting a power cord, an instructions manual, and a hanging kit in the package along with. It works on AC85V-265V.

Following are the specs of this grow light, that we needed to explain well, instead of just mentioning.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

When you get to know its actual power draw and the HPS replacement capability, both together, you will be surprised once again. If you turn ON the veg switch, then it is going to suck average 90W only! While if you go with Bloom switch, then it is going to suck 180W. That is deeply impressive. Wait, were you thinking about what are these Veg and Bloom switches? Don’t worry, and we are going to explain that a bit later in the same review.

Now, what about HPS replacing capability? 400W HPS is what it can replace actually! Sucks 180W, and replaces 400W HPS system! Aren’t you feeling beneficial?

Record-breaking coverage area!

Yes, the coverage area, which this grow light is providing you, is a record at its Watt level, which is still unbeaten. No other 300W grow lights stand anyway near it concerning the coverage area. 4.5ft x 3.8ft is the coverage area that you are getting at 24 inches. What it is going for cover during bloom stage is 3′ x 2.6′ at the 18 inches height. Now that is amazing! This is one of the major factors, for which the beginners are choosing this grow light, over the others.

With that much growing area, you are getting a much bigger yield, as the quality remains the best at the same time.

Presence of Veg and Bloom switches

Earlier, we mentioned these two switches, but not it the time to explain. See guys; your plant needs totally different light frequencies and light intensity during the veg and the bloom stages.

Now, with ordinary lights, you have to change the height of your grow light accordingly manually. But with this light, you just need to turn ON the right switch at the right time. Whole grow light will transform itself as the requirement for the best support of that particular growth phase.

By the way, there are some plants, which do not properly adapt themselves according to these switches, so better you keep an eye, and make certain changes with the height if you feel that the plant health is getting affected.

The warranty

Here comes one more department, where this grow light has cleanly dominate over the rest. Now we ask you, how many grow lights do you know, which is anyway near to the price level of this one, which brings a 5 years limited warranty along with? Hardly any other grow light!

You pick up any dominating brand like you say MarsHydro, Viparspectra, Meizhi, Roleadro, etc. no one provides you that much massive warranty time with any 300W, 450W, 600w, or say higher models than those. Not only that, the money back guarantee period, which you are getting with this grow light is triple than what usually you get. Yes, you can return this grow light within 90 days giving the excuse of dissatisfaction.

But we find this light so decent, that you will hardly feel the need to return it.

Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Reviews : A quick FAQ round

Now, our format is something like this. We present you the cons of the product in this FAQ section only, where you get much of side knowledge and solutions together. So, it will not be wrong if we say that it is one of the most crucial parts to read in our Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Reviews as specs and features you can find at other places as well, but the info that we are providing in this FAQ section, is rare and hard to find.

When I compare the price of this 300W model, with the other 300W models available in the market, the price difference that I find is massive. So, is this one costly?

Se, other lights might be available with much low cost, but they will not provide you with even half the benefits of this grow lights. So, it is better to spend a bit more, for longer benefits, and this grow light is actually providing the user with much more in return of the dollars it is asking.

Is this grow light good for vegetable growth right from seed to fruit? Tomatoes, potatoes, aquatics, peppers, herbs etc?

Definitely, it is. As we mentioned that this grow light throws a full spectrum of lights, so it is going to support the growth of anything and everything. We had decent results with all the types of plants you mentioned.

Can I switch ON both the lights during the veg stage?

You normally do not get recommendations to do so with most of the other grow lights, but with this one, you can surely do that. It has no harm, and lead to better growth. But make sure you turn ON both the switches at least a couple of months after germination.

What can be a perfect grow tent size with this grow light?

3′ x 3′ will be the best. It will provide full spectrum in that area. You can have a bit bigger as well, as per the coverage area mentioned in the review, but our experts received the best yield in 3′ x 3′ grow area.

What is the ugly side that you need to exposed?

We hardly have anything that serious to mention here. We intensely tested this grow light, but we didn’t find anything horrible. Yes, one con is that clear guidance is not provided by the company, regarding the height placements, and the limitations. If your plants are burning, your fault, as you placed the light too close to the plant. If the baby plants die, then you turned On both the Veg/Bloom switches at the same time. Again your fault.

Now, if you are waiting to read anything regarding high price, then sorry, we do not count that as an issue at all. The price is perfect. Not costly at all, it deserves that much dollars.

What do the consumers have to say about the performances. Any inconveniences?

Consumers are highly joyful. The results they found were extraordinary, so they were not able to hide their joy, and the consumer reviews were flooded with this joy. 320 Reviews are there on Amazon, and an overall score is 4.5 stars out of five. More than 85% of users have the same feelings for this grow light, as our experts have. Users have gained Record-smashing yields of cannabis.

Now, what complainers say is not much, just inconvenience due to the fusing of a few LED. Guys, the Warranty is there, do not forget. One guy was having problems in connecting to the sellers. In such a case, the easiest way to connect is the Amazon messaging.

  • Max grow area.
  • Fabulous PAR value.
  • Highly durable.
  • 12 Bands full spectrum.
  • High quality building material used.
  • Veg and Bloom switches present.
  • Absolute power saver.
  • Extra-wide warranty time span of 5 years.
  • 90 Days money back guarantee.
  • Brilliant customers’ response.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Costlier than other 300W models.

Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light Reviews : The final word

Hardly anything to complain, and numerous benefits is what you get with Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light. The price might look a bit high to you, but we have already justified that in our review. You can read the consumer reviews as well, and see how satisfied they are with the performance and results.

Once you invest in this, grow light, and you are going to be a beneficial one, for a very long time. Hardly any deficiency is there. Besides that, the PAR value, grow area, and even the warranty you are getting is incomparable. So, what else are you looking for?

Being an indoor grower, you can hardly find a better piece than this one. Operating this grow light is also never a hard thing. So, we do not find anything that can stop us by saying that we hardly recommend Advanced Platinum Series 300w LED Grow Light grow light.


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