Advanced Platinum Series 450w LED Grow Light Reviews in 2020

Last updated on April 28th, 2020 at 07:03 pm

It is the time to present you our Advanced Platinum Series 450w LED Grow Light Reviews to help you in getting fully familiar with this product. What we will be doing here is, demonstrating every single fact related to this 450W model, and besides that, we will assist you in figuring out how good is this grow light to buy.

We never believe in half knowledge. So, what we have provided here is the rigorous knowledge about this grow light. We are pretty sure that once you have read our reviews, you will not feel the need of getting advice from someone. You would have the outer info, but we are here to reveal something serious.

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So, make sure nothing is left behind in reading. So, here we launch towards the review!

Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light Reviews

Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light Reviews

Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light Reviews

Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light Reviews : Basic info about the product

We already wrote a review on the 300W model and explained the excellence of that grow light, and now it is the time to measure the 450W on various grounds. Although this one is also for basic level growers, we experience a high craze of this grow light among the intermediates as well.

The qualities and the positives are very much similar to the 300W model, but here, a few more cons are what we have. yes, the other side of the coin matters the most, and that is why we have comprehensively covered the “not too good” part in the FAQ section, at the last of the review.

Although, it is a highly functional product, and provides a full spectrum. It has proved that it is one of the best 450W models regarding growing marijuana and cannabis. The results have been decent as well, but a “high cost” issue is stuck with this model. So, we will clarify that as well.


Not only the exteriors look like the 300W model, but the features also match very much. When you read about what all features this grow light has, you will find yourself feeling anxious about buying it. If you ask what feature is missing, then sorry, we do not have anything to point out.

Highly durable LED used

One of the most prominent factors responsible for the par success of this company the high-quality material that it uses in building its grow lights. For the LED chips also, they have trusted the best brand only. 150 Chips are used in this LED, and that trusted manufacturer is none other than Epileds. If any of these chips fuse, the other ships keep on working the way they did.

Full spectrum of lights

The full spectrum that this grow light provides involves 12 bands of lights. With this much perfect spectrum, you can grow anything you want, and do not worry; it is going to support all stages of the growth. Your plants will work properly in a perfect manner. The yield that you get very much depends upon the quality of spectrum provided by the grow light. If all lights are emitted in the right amount, your yield will be skyrocketed.

The big plus point is that you are also getting the additional advantage of the UV and IR, which are supportive in tremendous growth of your plants.

Decent cooling system

The company claims that the heat dissipation system of Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light is twice quiet than most of the heat dissipation systems of top quality LED grow lights out there. Are they true? Definitely, they are! If you are having this grow light in your home, you will notice that the fans are so silent that it is hard to even notice the noise from a distance of more than 10 feet.

Brilliant PAR value

PAR value is a factor that determines how strong the grow light is. 1385 lumes you are getting from your Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light from 24 inches height, and from 18 inches height, you get 943 lumes. Yes, that is a record for the 450W models. So, with that much luminous intensity, you can thrive whatever you want under this grow light. The 300W model is a record breaker, and so is its elder sister (450W model).

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Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light Reviews : Specs

The dimensions of Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light is 11 x 9 x 3 inches. The weight is 21 pounds. Yes, it is a bit heavier one. The frequency is 50-60Hz. 90 degrees is the LED’s viewing angle. 100,000 hours is the estimated lifespan. Input voltage you take AC85V-AC260V.

Want to know about coverage area, actual power draw, veg/bloom switches? Read below, we have written about everything.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light is an absolute power saver. You are going to save tons of electricity, as it is designed in such a way, that it only sucks 137w when the Veg switch is ON, and 255W when the bloom switch is on. So, you are getting deep-rooted benefits.

It is so powerful that it can easily replace a 600W HPS/HID/MH light system. Now that is terrible! It is 450W itself and replaces 600W. Don’t know about you, but we are deeply impressed!

Coverage area

We tell you, if you compare this grow light with other 450W models available in today’s market, then you will find that it stands miles ahead regarding coverage area. At 18 inches, it covers 3 x 2.5 inches, and from 24 inches, you get 4.5 x 4 inches. Not only that, you are getting the option of daisy chaining with this grow light, and with the support of that, you can conveniently expand the grow area.

Veg and Bloom switches

It is simple, turn On the veg switch during the veg stage, and similarly do the exact thing with the Bloom switch, during the bloom stage. No rocket science. These switches are very useful, as they transform the whole LED according to your desire. But you do not try to be extra fancy, as the wrong use of this switches might also harm your plant. So, be wise.

The warranty

One of the most significant advantages of bringing an Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light home is that you get a massive warranty period. Yes, mates, 5 years is what you are getting as the warranty period. Normally, all the dominating companies provide with a three years limited warranty, but Advance LED has added two more years for additional convenience!

Besides that, Advance LED is generous in providing the money back guarantee as well. Yes, they have extended this guarantee to 90 days. Dissatisfied with this grow light? Return it within 90 days, and the refund will be provided.

Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light Reviews : A quick FAQ round

We have stored the cons here. Yes, right here in the FAQ section, and we are going to reveal each one of them in style now. We gathered these cons from consumer reviews, as well as we have thrown light on the inconveniences, that our experts faced with this grow light as well. So, read keenly, the info is vital!

The price is a bit high, isn’t it?

It was a thing to concern regarding the 300W model as well. We explained there in that review also, and here also we repeat the same thing that does not compare this grow light with the others only on the basis of price, if you want to compare only, then involve the features and specs as well.

Then you will yourself feel the difference that why is this grow light available at a bit higher price than those, who are not capable of providing even the half of the benefits, in comparison to Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED.

Will running both switches together help seedlings grow faster?

No, we strictly want you to avoid that, as that is going to have adverse effects. If you want to grow your seedlings faster, then just lower your LED to a couple of inches, every two days. You need to track the changes, and if they are positive, then you can carry on, but if affecting your seedlings, then don’t be in haste, be patient, pull back the LED to its normal distance, and let the seedlings grow with the natural speed.

The grow area is good, but what about daisy chaining? is it capable?

Yes, it is! You can join up other LEDs with your Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED and increased the growing area. This feature you are getting with almost all platinum series models of Advanced LED.

I want to grow a lemon plant which is 3 feet in height. Possible with this light or not?

Definitely possible. Just make sure that you do not place the light too close to the plant as the high intensity of light can affect the chlorophyll of the leaves. The height of placement must not be below 18 inches.

What all is there to stop me from purchasing Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED ?

Being not a waterproof grow light is never a con. The only and only factor that stops a few people from buying this grow light is its rate. See, although it very well justifies the price tag attached to it, it is a bit bigger investment for the amateurs, who have already invested much in this department. They are not growing for business, they are growing for personal use, so some of those amateurs exclaim that the price must be a bit low. Besides that, a guiding manual is absent.

Throw light on the users’ experience.

Actually, it deeply surprises that being such a brilliant grow light, it has received just 4.1 stars out of five from 112 consumers collectively! We have tested this grow light with a number of plants, and the yield was very satisfying. Then why is the success rate 82% only?

There are certain small cases that were responsible for the inconvenience of a few customers. Some of them found that the customer service doesn’t respond well, some were not happy with the bloom function, some said that the bulbs ran out of work quite soon. The absence of a guiding manual has played a huge role in bringing inconvenience.

If a guiding manual was provided, with all instructions in it, then no one had faced issues of plant damage, due to turning On wrong switches at the wrong time or placing the LED and wrong distance. If a guiding manual were there, the success rate would have been 88%-90%.

  • High durability.
  • Max PAR value.
  • Fully silent cooling system.
  • Extra-large grow area.
  • Veg and Bloom switches.
  • Daisy chainable.
  • Full spectrum including IR and UV.
  • 5 Yaers limited warranty and 90 days money back guarantee.
  • A bit higher price.
  • Absence of a guiding manual.

Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light Reviews : The final wrap-up

This grow light has deeply pleased with the features and grow area. What to tell about the PAR value, that is maximum! Yields that growers received were excellent, and besides that, not a single complaint regarding the heat dissipation department. So, this grow light has rocked!

But the public reviews do not express its true image. Yes, the guiding manual is absent, that might bring inconvenience to you, but the company has provided all info at their website, you can have a look.

After several months of testing and experimenting, we find this grow light fit one and a beneficial one, even with that price tag. Regarding the functioning, you cannot complain about a thing. So, we highly recommend you to buy Advanced Platinum Series 450W LED Grow Light, and it is worth purchase.

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