Advanced Platinum Series 600w LED Grow Light Reviews

Last updated on April 28th, 2020 at 06:41 pm

Are you feeling hesitated in purchasing this item, just because the price tag is not so pocket-friendly? If yes, then you definitely and compulsorily need to read our Advanced Platinum Series 600w LED reviews to know whether this product holds the right value for money or not.

Our experts have tried growing everything with this grow light, including weed, cannabis, marijuana, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and even pepper and aquatics! So, we very well know in what all grounds has this grow light proved itself perfect, and what all it lacks.

We will be letting you know the same thing. We thrust-fully say that the deepness of info, that you will find here, you will find nowhere in other reviews. We have displayed everything related to Advanced Platinum Series 600W LED and you definitely need to know all this instead of investing your bucks blindly.

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Advanced Platinum Series 600W LED reviews

Advanced Platinum Series 600W LED reviews.jpg

Advanced Platinum Series 600W LED reviews.jpg

Advanced Platinum Series 600W LED reviews : Basic info about the product

The 300W and 450W models of the same series were for the basic growers and beginners, while this 600W model is for intermediates. This grow light is so powerful, that hardly any other grow light grow light successfully beats it at its price rate. It is very bright, and remember, more brightness means bigger and better yield. Note that down!

This grow light is not in that much trend, that is very shocking. But if you talk about abilities, then we have no words! We have tested many 600W grow lights, but we didn’t find any other, which can break its superiority. By the way, we have deep info regarding cons as well, which we will be explaining a bit later.


When we discuss features, the makers have hardly left anything behind, for us to complain. Regarding features, we give cent percent marks to Advanced platinum Series 600W grow light. Although the company is demanding a high rate for this item, but they have been very generous n providing you with all the luxuries that a grower needs in return. Following are the features of Advanced platinum Series 600W.

Made for the long run

Yes, this grow light is the dark horse of the long race! What is the need of buying cheap LED grow lights, which do not long last. Instead, you can spend a bit more money, and buy something like Advanced platinum Series 600W grow light, so you can enjoy the luxury for a very long time.

A total of 200 American made LED are used in the construction of this 600W model, which are 3W each. Generally, you get 3W chips only, in all models of Platinum series, but they are much brighter than the 5W! Users have mentioned that. The outer building materials, as well as th4e inner components, all are very long lasting.

The company says that if you use this grow light appropriately, and avoid over-usage, then it is good enough to serve you for 100,000 hours, or we can say 10 years almost! That is not just a claim, that is a true fact.

Full spectrum with IR and UV

When you talk about any of the models of Platinum Series, you do not need to worry about the spectrum whether it is perfect or not. Each model provides full spectrum. In this 600W model also, full spectrum is there to brace your plants with all essential lights and all frequencies and help them in thriving the best way possible.

The users of this grow light have mentioned in the Amazon consumer reviews, that they received record-shattering yields and a very big reason behind that is the support of 12 bands full spectrum of light, that supports the plant right from the time it is just a seedling, till it is loaded with fruits and flowers. The inclusion of IR and UV also plays a vital role in the process.

Highly capable cooling system

The cooling system of Advanced platinum Series 600W is 2X silent than the ordinary cooling systems. The blades measure 4.72 inches. There are total 4 cooling fans, which work as per your settings. The aluminum heat sinks are there, which add on to the comfort of the plant, regarding temperature.

Usually, most of the grow lights are not capable of working in environment, where the temperature is above 40 degrees C. We tested it at 42 degrees C, and the heat dissipation system was very well handling the heat, and successfully maintained the right temperature for the plants inside our grow tents. That is a rare case. However, the company doesn’t recommend you that, but this grow light is capable of working at a bit more than 40 Degrees C as well, that is what we have concluded.

Unbelievable PAR value

Here, it clearly dominates the whole market. You tell, have you heard about any 600W grow light, that dispense the PAR value of 1535 lumens at 18 inches height and 1140 lumens at 24 inches height? That much power! Now, more powerful the light is, more heat it emits. But the case is something different with this grow light. Although it is providing with the enormous intensity of light, still the LED doesn’t get heated up that much.

Advanced Platinum Series 600W LED reviews : Specs

It is a very rectangular model. It measures 8 x 36 x 3 inches and weighs 24 pounds exact. The focusing angle is 90 degrees. Voltage AC85V-260V is the input and frequency is 50-60 Hz. We already mentioned the lifespan up there. It is 100,000 hours. A power cord (According to the voltage of the country, which you are living in) and a hanging kit is what you get along with the product.

The following specs needed a bit of explanation, so we did the same.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

This grows light is an ultimate power saver. When you come to know about its PAR value and HPS replacing capabilities, you surely start thinking that if it is such a powerful one, then it surely is going to suck a lot of electricity for sure. But this grows light proves you entirely wrong.

The actual power draw, while working on the Veg switch, is 184W and while working on the bloom switch, it sucks 368W. Everyone can accept that. Besides that, it is strong enough to replace an 800W HPS/HID/MH system! That is something more than fantastic!

Coverage area

Advanced Platinum Series 600W LED daisy chaining

Advanced Platinum Series 600W LED daisy chaining

Advanced Platinum Series 600W LED Result 1

Advanced Platinum Series 600W LED Result 1

Advanced platinum Series 600W has won everybody’s hearts with the coverage area, which it delivers you. At 18 inches, the coverage area measures 6 x 3.5 feet, and from 24 inches, it measures 5 x 2.5 feet. Now, in terms of the coverage area also, it dominates the entire market. This is a very big factor for the sales of this grow light.

Not only that, this grow light has served you with the Daisy chaining features as well. So, you are free to enlarge your grow area. The image right above the paragraphs indicates the same.

Presence of Veg and Bloom switches

Advanced Platinum Series 600W LED Veg and Bloom switches

Advanced Platinum Series 600W LED Veg and Bloom switches

These switches add on to your convenience. If your pant is going through the veg stage, go with the veg switch, and the whole LED will emit the very perfect light for supporting that stage, and when your plant is going through the gloom stage, you can go on with the bloom switch, or you can also turn ON both the switches. Don’t do that during the veg stage.

It is an advanced feature, but remember, you need to be quite smart in utilizing this feature. If you use the wrong switch at the wrong time, your plants and you are going to be in trouble. So, read the instruction by visiting the Company’s website, and then carry on whatever processes you want.

The warranty

Were you counting the benefits? Add on one more to your list. The extra large warranty. Yes, instead of the normal time period of 3 years, Platinum LED serves you with a 5 years limited warranty. That is amazing! Besides that, the time period of the money back guarantee is also extended to 90 days, instead of the 30 days that you normally get with most of the other grow lights in the market.

Advanced Platinum Series 600W LED reviews : A quick FAQ round

Here, we are going to dig out some side knowledge. We will throw light on what users feel about this grow light, and what our expert testers feel are the real cons of this grow light. If you have already bought this item, then also you must read, as you might find some very important tips for yourself here.

The price of this unit has increased to almost $200 in comparison to what it was a couple of days ago. How and why?

Guys, it is the seller’s thing. If this grows light is out of stock, and the demand is high, then prices are raised high. Yes, sometimes even $200! But a wise customer will not purchase it at that price level. So, you can be patient, the price that has raised up will surely settle back to normal, and that will be the right time for you to purchase.

How can I utilize the 5 years warranty?

The simplest manner to do that is to call on the contact number, mentioned right in your paperwork. As soon as you call them regarding claiming th4e warranty, you are definitely going to help you out. The customer service of Platinum LED is one of the fastest responding when you talk about the grow light companies.

Make sure that you are up with the receipt as well as other paperwork.

2 Such lights at my home, and a 5′ x 5′ grow tent. How far must these lights placed from each other?

A brilliant question. If you place them close, the lights are already very powerful, and in such case, the power will be even more, so it will burn your plants for sure. So you have to put both lights as apart as 22 inches. Our experts guarantee you that if you place them at that distance from each other, your plants will be safe, but also take care of the height at which you are hanging them from your plants. Go with the recommendations. of the makers.

Please flip the coin to the other side

This light is terrible! No big cons. The price tag is that pocket-friendly for sure, but you are receiving buckets and buckets full of advantages in returns, so no issue. The light is very bright, so always be up with the safety of your eyes, wear protective goggles when you are near to it. It isn’t waterproof, never a con.

You are not getting a proper guiding manual, so read the recommendations, guidelines, and steps very carefully on the company’s website instead of guesswork. Full stop! Nothing more.

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What do the users of Advanced platinum Series 600W say about it?

4.6 stars out of five on Amazon! 92% success rate! What else is needed to explain the perfection of this grow light? 112 people have reviewed, and you can see their cheerfulness and contentment reflected in their reviews. This grow light is born to bring joy, that is what it seems like. Price is high than other 600W models, still 92% success rate. Weed and cannabis growers are jumping with joy.

Now let us put light on the unsatisfied users. Only 5% of users have given it a two stars rating, or below that, and they also mention that their refund took place on time! Technical and manufacturing issues were the reason for this dissatisfaction, nothing else.

  • Extra large cover area.
  • Record breaking PAR output.
  • Full spectrum for all growth stages of plants.
  • IR and UV included.
  • Absolute energy saver (368W only).
  • Daisy-chainable.
  • Great HPS replacing capabilities (800W)
  • Brilliant and silent cooling system.
  • Durability of 100,000 hours.
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • No guiding manual.
  • A bit higher price.

Advanced Platinum Series 600W LED reviews : The final Wrap-up

If you read our whole Advanced platinum Series 600W reviews properly, then you don’t need any kind of guidance now. No matter what department you talk about, this grow light has proved itself the best. We are very sure that this light is going to break the records of sale in the upcoming time, as it hardly gives you any occasion to complain.

Keep the high price tag aside. This grow light is already justifying it very well, then is there any factor, that can be a deal-breaker in this case? If you are having the money equal to its price tag in your pocket, then we recommend you to buy no other grow light except Advanced platinum Series 600W.


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