Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 Reviews in 2020 – [Detailed Review]

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We are writing Apollo horticulture GL80X5 reviews to make you familiar with cent percent honest info related to this product and will guide you through various pros, cons, features, specs, consumer reviews, etc. of the product. In short, you are at the perfect place to get in-depth and authentic knowledge.

Just make sure that you entirely read the review, it is going to consume just a few minutes, but if you skip anything important, that can cause harm. Remember, “half-knowledge” can be even more dangerous than the “no knowledge.”

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Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 Reviews

Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 reviews.

Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 reviews.

Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 Reviews : Basic info about the product

Apollo horticulture is a company with a big name and fame and has been dominating the market of indoor lightning since the year 2011. You can rely on its products, as they have won the trust of its users successfully over the years. Now they have come up with the product, that is Apollo horticulture GL80X5, which is an excellent grow light for indoor growing.

It is compact size grow light, it measures 13.2″ x 13.2″ x 3.75″ and weighs not more than 5 pounds. It is capable of providing with a highly bright spectrum to your indoor plants, and provide you with a healthy and better yield. An ideal one for growing cannabis, weed and marijuana indoors.


Although this grow light is meant for beginners and hobbyists only, but it consists with all essential features that a basic LED grow light must have. Of course, it is necessary to know the features of any product before purchasing, but we will also mention you the features, that are missing, and how much they are going to affect you. So, shall we proceed on?

80 x 5 Watt light bulbs

The light bulbs used in this grow light are manufactured by the globally known company-Epistar. This grow light comes with the LED (Light emitting diode) which includes 80 pieces bulbs, 5watt each, which work together efficiently to flourish your plants. These are small in size, so they allow customization of spectrum coverage for various requirements.

The lifespan

The durability of a grow light matters a lot. When you think about buying a grow light, durability is among the primary things to check. When we talk about Apollo horticulture GL80X5 LED, then it is durable for 50,000 hours. The same durability stands on even if you use this light for eighteen hours in a day.

Most importantly, this LED sucks less power, so no need to worry about the electricity bills.

Cooling system

The cooling system of Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 is a very effective one. It consists of system fans that ventilate the gathered heat, hence protecting your plants from getting affected. It also provides with a decent airflow in your grow tent. The fan is placed right at the center of this grow light. Most importantly, it doesn’t bring any high noise issue to you.

Pocket friendly price

When you are going to purchase a good quality LED grow light and read good reviews about it, then you put your right hand on your heart and say to yourself, “Grab it, buddy, grab it.” But your left-hand goes in the pocket as well. Yes, no matter how good a product is, but if it is not justifying its price tag, then you surely feel uncomfortable.

You don’t need to worry. Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 is available at s comfortable price. A big factor, because of which it is trending so much is its low price.

Perfectly balanced Red light and Blur light ratio

During the various stages of growth, plants require different parts of the light spectrum. So, for overall healthy growth, the ratio of blue and red light (UV: Infrared) must be balanced. Luckily, we get a perfect proportion of both the lights in Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 LED grow light.

Perfect wavelengths

Light is measured in two ways. One is the wavelength, and the other one is the temperature they produce. Blue lights produce emit short wavelengths, which is best utilizable for the early growth and production of plants and the right light emits longer wavelength, which is best for the plants during bloom and production stages.

A nano-meter is a unit for measuring wavelength, indicated by “nm.” Visible spectral wavelengths come in between 400 nm and 700 nm. This includes all the colors, which a human is able to see with the naked eye. This LED grow light.

430-475nm, 620-630nm and 660nm spectrum for vegetative stage

Your seeds reach the mature vegetative stage when you experience their leafing out. This growth stage utilizes the blue part of the light spectrum, that is found between 400-500nm. This grow light is having LED bulbs, which include a range of 430-475nm, hence provides a perfect blue wavelength and allows maximum growth.

620-630nm, 660nm, 730nm spectrum for bloom stage

When your plant enters the reproduction stage, then they start focusing towards flowering and reproduction. Now they utilize a different wavelength. The utilized red wavelength, which is cooler in comparison to blue. They require wavelength somewhere between 620nm, 750nm. This LED grow lights fulfill the need well and provide you with healthy crop yield.

Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 Reviews : specs

We already mentioned the dimensions, weight, and lifespan of the LED grow light in our Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 Reviews, and now it is the time to make you familiar with more specs of this product and give a brief explanation as well.

Actual power draw

It is a 400W device, but that does not indicate its actual power draw, as it is a different thing. The actual power draw of Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 is 190(+/-5%)W. A few folks complained in the consumer reviews that it consumes a bit more power in comparison to most of the other beginner LED grow light available in the market. It runs on 85-265 Volts AC.

But guys, that doesn’t lead to a valid conclusion. 30-40W here or there is not going to affect your electricity bill that much.

Coverage area

At its price level, this LED grow light is providing you with a bit bigger grow area in comparison to other grow lights. The coverage area differs for both the stages of growth. During the vegetative stage, light intensity, which is required is low. But when you plant enters the flowering stage, it needs more intensity of light.

You definitely cannot increase or decrease the light emitting of a LED grow light. So, what you need to do/ Its simple, far you place it from plants, less intensity it will be. Place it close. The intensity will increase.

During the vegetative stage, you are recommended to place it at a height of 24 inches, after which you get a growing area of 9 square feet (3′ x 3′). While during the flowering stage, you need to place it at 18 inches height. From there it is going to cover 4 square feet(2′ x 2′).

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The warranty

When you buy this product, you get a two years standard warranty, that helps you out in dealing with a manufacturing defect. For two years, the company is responsible for free repairs and replacements. Besides that, users have mentioned that the customer service of this company is also very quick responding. Many have written that their replacements were made in very less time.

Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 Reviews : Answering some common questions

We believing is solving your problems and clearing your doubts in-depth. If you ask questions in the consumer section, you might have to wait for the reply. But in our Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 Reviews, we are going to clear all of your doubts so that you don’t have to elaborate much. Shall we proceed now?

Is daisy chaining feature present in Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 ?

That is an advanced feature, which you will find in higher quality LED grow lights, which are obviously more expensive. With Apollo Horticulture GL80x5, you can’t enjoy daisy chaining feature. Neither it is a con, nor it is a deficiency. It is a basic grow light, which provides you with the basic features only. It is very rare to find a grow light of its price level, that has daisy chaining ability.

What all must be involved in the package?

As it is a basic LED grow light, it doesn’t come with anything fancy. It comes with three accessories. If you unwrap your package and find anything missing, then return it. It might happen, as a few folks mentioned in the consumer reviews, that this thing and that thing was missing when the product arrived at their home. Following are the things, which you need to look after unwrapping:

  • Apollo Horticulture GL80x5LED
  • Stainless steel hanging kit
  • 6 feet long power cord

What about the users experiences?

Well, that is the easiest way to discover the true face of any product. In Amazon, it is a high selling product, and 504 users have written reviews. 3.9 stars out of 5 are the collective rating of the product. Many users mentioned that they experienced significant growth in their yield and were deeply satisfied with the performance of this grow light.

Now when we talk about the unsatisfied users, they were mostly unhappy with only one thing. That is durability. Although it is claimed that the LED lasts for 50,000 hours, but in a few cases, those words turned upside down.

How far must be the light placed in winters, where it keep the house plants alive?

However, there is no proper distance measured related to that. When we tested this grow light, it proved itself strongest when places 14 inches away from the plant. It will keep your plants alive in extreme winters as well. Do not feel worried about foliage burning, as the lights do not get hot. A decent cooling system is present, about which we already explained you.

How much watt HPS light system is it capable of replacing?

However, the company has not provided info related to that till now, that was surprising. We will give you results, that we came across while testing. It is capable of replacing a 300W HPS light system as per our experts.

What are the deficiencies in Apollo Horticulture GL80X5 LED grow light?

The biggest issue is with the durability of the diode, we have already mentioned that. If we talk about other complains about this grow light, then there is only one other. A few folks complained that it runs hotter than expectations. That are the only two valid complain. Rest all is cool.

  • Simple design
  • Easy to install
  • It provides full spectrum and supports all stages of growth.
  • The lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • 2 years limited warranty
  • Decent cooling system
  • A few complaints against durability of LEDs.
  • Might run a bit hotter
  • A bit higher actual draw in comparison to its competitors.

Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 Reviews : The wrap-up

This LED grow light has all the qualities, that you need in a beginner’s grow light and is entirely capable of giving you positive results in given time. Price is also reasonable. Besides that, it is a product of a very reputed company so, you can rely on the quality.

Although the only reason for which this grow light suffered complaints was the durability. Durability is such a thing, that cannot be tested in a lab. For that, we will have to depend on consumer reviews only. If it was a major issue, then how are 79% of users happy with it? Well, you are yourself smart enough to figure out which part is heavier, positive, or negative.

We highly recommend this LED grow light in our Apollo Horticulture GL80x5 Reviews as it is very well trending nowadays and it passed the testing hurdles as well.

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