Best 8×8 Grow Tents Reviews 2021 [Expert’s Guide]

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What if i tell you that choosing the best 8×8 grow tent for indoor growing shouldn’t be so confusing?

sounds good, isn’t it ?

We have spent 20 hours in research and found the best grow tent of 2021 for indoor cannabis growing and here is the complete review of the best 8×8 grow tents!

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Best 8×8 Grow tents 2021

Quictent 96”X96”X78”600D Check Price
Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT881680D Check Price
Matrix Horticulture 96"x96"x80" 600D Check Price
TopoLite 96"x96"x80"600D Check Price
Helios 96" x 96" x 80"600D Check Price
Oppolite 96"X96"X78"600D Check Price

Many of the individuals do not like small cramped grow tents, they are free birds and they need proper space to do their magic, so 8×8 grow tents would be their best bet to grow cannabis indoors.

64 square feet of space inside a grow tent is very big, which would allow you to place more plants in it and in turn gives you more harvest.

If you are after just growing couple of marijuana plants then you might be better off with 2 x 2 small grow tents. With an 8 X 8 grow tent you would be able to grow big 256 plants if you use sea of green method.

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Don’t have much grow space ? checkout 4×4 grow tent Or 4×8 Grow tent

8×8 Grow Tent Reviews

All the tents selected for review are the best ones out there which we have handpicked for you to read and research. Again, these tents are only for the professional or for those who have actually grown a few plants and are willing to expand their harvests.


Quictent 96”X96”X78” – Best 8×8 Grow Tent on the Market


This is the only tent in the market which has SGS testing done and certificate. It is eco-friendly grow tent which is safe and reliable for plants. It has been SGS chemical tested which means elements like Cd,Pb,Cr,Hg,Sb,Ba,As,Se., complies with the test results.

No toxic will be released in any form of harmful gasses which could damage the marijuana plants. The fabric is made with a thick 600D oxford cloth material which is tear resistant and double stitched.

The interior is made up of 100% light reflective silver PET mylar lining to create an efficient environment. Thicker steel roads make it a firm sturdy frame which does not twist and provides greater loading.

Also the rods are rust resistant powder coated making then stronger than any other in market. Strong anti-burst metal zippers give you a peace of mind when interacting with the doors. The company also provide 2 year warranty and free replacement of any damaged parts.

Model Quictent
Weight 60 pounds
Fabric Density 600D
  • 100% reflective mylar
  • user guide available
  • thick 600D canvas
  • easy view observational window available
  • tool bag provided
  • removable floor tray
  • free 8 nylon belts
  • 2 year warranty
  • free damaged part replacement
  • could be heavy for some consumers

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Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT88 – Top Quality 8×8 Grow tent


Gorilla is household name in the indoor cannabis growing market and the tents they provide are a bit costly than other manufactures but you get what you pay for; good feature and excellent quality.

This tent has dimensions: 8’X8’X6’7”. You can also buy the adjusting poles separately to extend the height of this grow tent from 6’7”to 7’7”. The canvas is made up of very thick 1680D fabric, this would ensure that its tear proof and waterproof. The canvas is also very durable and dependable.

The interior walls are made of diamond reflect mylar which would is the very best way to keep the light inside the tent. You also get micro filter which are bug resistant. This lite line grow tent for cannabis is made up of steel poles which support the frames and strong zippers.

Model Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT88
Weight 76 pounds
Fabric Density 1680D
  • diamond reflective mylar
  • thick 1680D canvas
  • viewing windows to observe plants from outside
  • tool pouch hanging included
  • very large grow space
  • very expensive
  • very bulky

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Matrix Horticulture 96″x96″x80″ – Strongest 8×8 Grow Tent


This grow tent for cannabis from matrix horticulture is made up of 100% steel poles and connectors which help the tent frame to be strong and sturdy, which in turn give the tent all the support it needs.

The zippers used in the tent are also heavy duty and light proof double backing to ensure long life. The canvas is made up to 600D material and the interior is made of diamond mylar reflecting lining which is 100% light reflecting.

A clear view observational window will let you see your plants without disturbing the environment inside. Dual layer duct will help to control the odour and temperature inside the grow tent.

You also get micro mesh vents for effective bug control. The company will provide you with and instructional guide which would help you to assemble the grow tent very quickly and easily without using any tools. 1 year warranty is also included with the product price.

Model Matrix Horticulture
Weight 85 pounds
Fabric Density 600D
  • diamond reflective mylar
  • observational windows to see plants from outside
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 1 year warranty
  • very heavy

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TopoLite 96″x96″x80″ – Value for Money 8×8 grow tent

This cannabis grow tent from topolite give you 64 square feet of growing space inside it. The stable frame construction is wrapped around by a 600D thickness canvas oxford cloth.

The insides are lined with 96% mylar reflective material. While the exterior zippers are made keeping usage safety in mind. The tent also sports multiple vents to accommodate fans and filters. The vents are also covered by mesh to prevent bugs and pests to go inside.

One additional feature this company gives is a green window. A green window is an observational window which is tinted in green colour, to prevent the white light to go inside and disturb the plants while you are viewing them. You can set up this grow tent without using any tools or machines.

Model TopoLite
Weight 28.5 pounds
Fabric Density 600D
  • 96% reflective mylar interior
  • green observational windows to see plants from outside
  • less heavy compared to other choices
  • there might be light leaking from the zipper stitching

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Helios 96″ x 96″ x 80″ – Extra Features

The company which provide this 8feet by 8 feet tent claims they use the best frame in the industry. This 96” (wide) x 96” (deep) x 80” (tall) grow tent is made using thick ¾”diameter powder coated metal poles for very good stability.

They also provide you with 2 cross bars to hang your lights and ventilation equipment. The fabric is made up of 600D thick canvas nylon, which is double stitched throughout to make it tear proof, lightproof and waterproof.

The interior of the canvas is made up of 100% light reflective mylar coating. All the vents are double socked to prevent odours and light from escaping and pest from entering. The floor has a big mylar removable tray for maintenance.

Two large door open and close with a big zippers, which the claims to be the best in the market. An observational window is provided to keep an eye on the plants. And same as other tents, this tent does not need any tools to be assembled.

Model Helios
Weight 80 pounds
Fabric Density 600D
  • 100% reflective mylar interior
  • observational windows to see plants from outside
  • strong steel poles
  • mylar removable floor tray available
  • A bit heavy compared to other choices

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Oppolite 96″X96″X78″ – Grow tent with Reflective Matterial

The oppolite indoor cannabis growing tent will give you 65 square feet of grow area. The canvas of this grow tent is made up of 600D oxford cloth and the insides of the canvas is coated with 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond mylar, which help the light to reflect and minimizes the wastage.

The frame is made up of 19mm powder coated steel poles to make the tent sturdy and stable. A large heavy duty zipper on the doors and double stitching helps prevent the light to escape. Multiple vents for fans and filters are provided which are meshed in order to keep the bugs out.

Model Oppolite
Weight 74 pounds
Fabric Density 600D
  • 96% reflective diamond mylar interior
  • Observational windows to see plants from outside
  • 19mm thick strong steel poles
  • A bit heavy compared to other choices

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Final words

After researching and reviewing all the best 8’X8′ grow tents available in the market, we have reached to the conclusion that there are two winners for two different groups of people.

If you are a professional grower and you do not care about the price tag, if you want the best of best product on the market then you should definitely go with the gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT88. This grow tent is expensive but you get the best quality canvas which is 1690 deniers thick. That canvas is not going to tear for years to come.

On the other hand if you do not want to spend that much money into your indoor cannabis grow tent, then you should go with Quictent 96”X96”X78”, which is award winning verified environmental friendly grow tent. You cannot go wrong by buying this grow tent as you will get 2 years warranty and free damaged part replacement.

What more can you ask for a grow tent! So go ahead and make a choice depending on your budget. We hope we have helped you choosing the right grow tent for you.

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Happy harvesting!

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