Best soil for Weed 2020 – [Which one and How to prepare]

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best soil for weedDo you love cannabis?

COOL, we love it too!

Are you planning to grow marijuana at home?

Because if you are, then this post is very important for you to read.

Now that cannabis is getting legal in many places, it is really good if you can grow your own marijuana and not buy dodgy weed from those street dealers.

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If you are a beginner, then you might want to check out our HOW TO GROW MARIJUANA INDOORS post where we have laid out a FREE step by step guide of growing cannabis indoors. This guide includes preliminary things like germination, choosing seeds and using lighting systems and all the up to harvest and drying buds.

But there is one very important thing which you should know first before you go out to grow your own marijuana.

It’s knowing which Is the best soil for weed!

Do you know what kind of soil is the best soil for cannabis?


Do not worry! We are here to help you out with that…

We have prepared this complete guide about BEST SOIL FOR CANNABIS.

Best soil for Weed

Here are the top and best soil for marijuana growing, you can check out, and get these soil from Amazon.

Black Gold Coco blend Potting Soil

Roots organic potting soil

Fox farms happy frog potting soil

Growing cannabis in soil is one of the best and oldest ways to get your plants to grow big and healthy. Soil is also very forgiving when it comes to beginner mistakes. Your soil quality will matter a lot when it comes to the quality of marijuana buds. By pre-planning what kind of soil, you are going to use, you can get the right balance of factors and get professional results.

So, what does the best soil for marijuana do?

If you are into cannabis, then you might know about cannabinoids and terpenes.

Cannabinoids are the chemicals inside the marijuana plant which give it medical and recreational properties. The best examples of cannabinoids are THC and CBD, which are responsible for giving you that high effect when smoked.

Whereas, terpenes are the essential oils and other elements in the cannabis plants.

Both of these things are secondary metabolites which are responsible for attracting insects, pests and being communication agents to other plants.

Now to out point of what a great soil does for cannabis plant, the best soil for weed will give you a chance to develop these two things to their full potential. And having all elements of a plant in their full potential would give you the best version of that plant, right?

What are the different types of soil that you can get?

What are the different typesWhat are the different types of soil that you can get of soil that you can get

What are the different types of soil that you can get

weed soil

weed soil

Sandy Soil:

This kind of soil has large granules in it; it is very coarse in texture. The best thing about sandy soil is that the water drainage is really good at it. It does not hold water; instead, the water flows through it and exits from the bottom of your marijuana pot.

Generally, sandy soils have a low ph. Now if the water flushes through it quickly then obviously this kind of soil would not be the best choice if you want water to stay in the roots system of your plants. Also, the nutrients may also get washed away with sand, and your plants will not be able to absorb it.

Clay soil:

This kind of soil has very small granules and is packed together. Because it is packed together, it is a very heavy kind of soil. This clay soil has a higher pHthan others and is very hard to work with.

The upside of this soil is that it already has minerals in it, it can retain a lot of water and is very good to make your plants stable. Although, you might want to avoid this soil if you want to drain water very quickly, some plants do not like water and need it to get away asap.

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Silt soil:

This is somewhere in between the sandy and the clay soil in terms of granular size. It has medium size granules and is naturally fertile. It can help to stabilise the plant and can also retain a bit of water in it. The only downside to this soil is that it is easily compressed. And once it is compressed, you would have drainage problems.

A mixture of all three:

The best soil for weed is the mixture of all these 3 types of soil. It is called loam soil. As it is a mixture of high ph and low ph soils, it itself has near neutral ph levels. This best soil for plants is naturally fertile and has high oxygen levels in it, which we know is really good for plants. It can even drain water as well as retain a bit of it for the plants’ root system. Also, it is very easy to work with this soil, and it has a good nutrient retention ability.

How can you identify loam soil?

The easiest way to check if the soil is loam soil is to take it in your hands and make a fist. It will make a non-uniform loose ball of soil; if the soil does not stay there and starts to disintegrate, then it is loam soil. You will find loam soil in most readymade garden soils on the market. It is rich and diverse in composition, and it appears dark and hearty to the eye. You can also feel the freshness and richness if you smell it.

You can buy soil from the market or make it yourself at home. Let us tell you about these two types first.

The best soil for cannabis (purchased from the store)

If you are a beginner, then this is the best option for you. Making soil at home needs a lot of experiences, whereas store-bought soil is nearly ready to just start growing cannabis.

Most of the brands give you the freedom to just start growing cannabis with right out-of-the-bag soil. If you like, you can actually add other amendments products in it to make it even better, but we will discuss that later in this post.

The following are the ready-made best soil for weed that we would recommend everyone to buy.

Black Gold Coco blend Potting Soil

Black Gold potting soil consists of coco coir, peat moss, pumice and worm castings. It is a well-known brand in the marijuana growing community all over the world. Because it has coco coir and peat moss, it is able to retain a lot of moisture inside it. This best soil for weed has low nutrient density and water retaining qualities than other brands, so it would be very useful in cloning and seeding procedures.

Although the ingredients are organic, there is no organic certification of this best weed soil. There is a lot of information provided on its Amazon page, visit it now to know about it.

Roots organic potting soil

This potting soil is very good for marijuana growing, you can even use a liquid fertiliser with it. The ingredients of this soil are feather meal, greensand, humic acid, fish bone meal, worm castings, bat guano, mycorrhizae, glacial dust rock, soybean meal and much more. We love this best soil for weed because it is not dense and very rich in look. It also has a lush and fluffy feel to it.

You will not need a lot of fertilizer or nutrients as this is a nutrient-dense soil for marijuana plants. It is also very good at draining excess water and retaining the needed moisture. Although, this is not the best soil for seedlings and cloning processes.

Fox farms happy frog potting soil.

This soil is ready to use right out of the bag. It has also been adjusted for perfect pH so that your marijuana plants can uptake maximum amount of nutrients.

It is also good for root development as it has beneficial microbes and other mycorrhizalfungi in it which expand when given with a food source. It includes worm castings, bat guano and other nutrients rich products in it. Again, this soil is not the best for seedling; you can use this soil for bigger plants.

The best soil for cannabis (homemade)

We would advise you not go on this path as you will need to have a lot of knowledge about different things to make the best soil for weed. Although, we will still give out a bit of information about it.

The best soil for weed varies in many ways like drainage, nutrient makeup, texture, pH level and water retention capability. The following is a step by step guide on making your own best soil for marijuana.

Making the base soil

You will need to make a base first, this is done by combining three different factors equally. These three factors are compost, aeration and organic material. Different people have their own ratios, but a rule of thumb, make all three equals (33.333%).

Now there are many different combinations that people use for these three different things, but the most common combination is to use 1 part of compost, 1 part of perlite and 1 part od coco coir or peat moss. Remember, this Is just an example of the most basic combination, but there are a lot of other things that you can use as well. We will give you a list of great soil ingredients later in this post.

making base soil

making base soil

Fungal addition

Having a wide range of the fungal population in your best soil for weed will give you great results. Giving food sources to these fungal population will make then thrive and grow healthy. The roots of your marijuana plants will be best friends with this fungi population. It’s your job to provide the fungi with food and keep this beneficial relationship strong.

What can you add to the best soil for weed as the food source?

Endomycorrhiza powder or Mycorrhizal inoculant – about a quarter to a half teaspoon per gallon
Humic acid – quarter cup per 5 gallons
Kelp meal – quarter cup per 5 gallons

Bacteria addition

Do you know how your marijuana plant get all its micronutrients and macronutrients?

Well, the bacteria help in breaking down complex sugars and other elements to convert then into macro and micronutrients for the plants.

These bacteria are like an immune system of the plant, as they help the plant to fight off diseases and pest. They even give a helping hand in bad environmental circumstances.

So, if they are so good for the plants, we would definitely want to keep them healthy and thriving, right?

What can you add to your best soil for weed to make the bacteria population thrive?

Vermicompost or Worm castings – you can have this is as a substrate layer (up to 20% only)

Bat guano – you can use this as a substrate as well (up to 5% of the total substrate)

Micro and Macro nutrients addition

You will need to add other nutrients as well into the soil so they can break down at a later stage and keep feeding your plants. We will give you a list of popular best weed amendments to add in your soil mix later on in this post.


There are many different ways to keep the soil in good condition. Professional marijuana growers change their recipes everyday day according to the plants’ needs. If you be careful about what your plant’s needs, then you can use different things accordingly.

Remember, this is a trial and error way of doing things. If you want hassle-free best soil for weed then just buy the potting soil pack from the market. These are ready to grow soils and do not need anything else.

What can you add to the soil to make it the best soil for marijuana?

If you are buying ready-made soil or making it yourself at home, you would want to have enough knowledge about things that you can add to the soil to make it better. Here is a list of things that will give your plants nutrients (micro and macro) microorganism and other amendments:

Bone meal Glacier rock dust Peat moss Perlite Pumice Crab meal
Plant food Fish meal Coco Coir Worm castings Leonardite Forest humus
Manure Compost Biochar Bat Guano Mycorrhizae Vermiculture
Greensand Comfrey Leaf mold fertilisers Kelp Dolomite lime

If you need to add specific things to your plants then check out the list below:

Soil amendment Gives your plants?
Wood ash Potassium
Dolomite Lime pH balance and Magnesium
Epsom salt Magnesium
Bone meal Calcium and Phosphorous
Azomite Micronutrients
Crustacean meal Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorous and Nitrogen
Rock phosphate Phosphorous
Blood meal Nitrogen

Top & popular products to make the best soil for weed at home

Now that you have checked out the long list of amendments that you can add to your soil to make it better. Let us discuss some of the most common amendments in detail so that you can understand it better.

Epsom Salt:

Epsom salt is a very useful product when it comes to organic gardening. One of the nutrients that are essential for your marijuana plants is magnesium, which is present in high concentration in Epsom salts. You can add Epsom salt to your soil mix at the start, remember to use a little only.

How to spot if your plant needs magnesium?

Magnesium deficiency in marijuana plants can be identified with the leaves of the plants become yellowish and have brown rusty marks on them. If you spot this kind do symptoms, then it might be due to magnesium deficiency. Just adding one of two spoons of Epsom salt will solve this problem.

What do we recommend?

We would recommend you to buy this pack of Epsom salt by Epsoak company. It has been given 4.8-star ratings on Amazon by nearly 2,500 happy customers. Check out the Amazon link to know more information about this product.

Worm castings

Worm casting makes at the top when it comes to best things to add to your soil to make it the best soil for weed. You can add this in large quantity, and it works as a conditioner. It has been researched that your plants’ roots will prefer worm casting instead of soil, cool yeah?

Adding worm castings to your soil will give your marijuana plants with phosphates, nitrogen and potash. Beginners listen carefully, if you add worm castings in the initial soil mix then you would not need to add a lot of fertiliser or anything else to soil during the whole cannabis growth cycle (Although, a little bit of here there would be needed but nothing major).

What do we recommend?

We would advise everyone to try out this Unco Industries worm castings pack. It is very cheap and is completely organic as well. It contains a wide variety of minerals, nutrients and other elements in it. It will surely make your soil the best soil for marijuana.

Bat Guano

Cannabis plants just love Bat guano!

Most of the professional marijuana growers add bat guano to their soil mix to make it really good. Bat guano is a naturally occurring substance which has a balanced organic level of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium). And as we all know NPK is really good when It comes to growing cannabis.

The bacteria that give nutrients to your plants from various food sources love bat guano as it fortifies their microbial groups. Bat guano is organic so you would also be getting tastier buds!

What do we recommend?

This Hydrofarm bat guano is one of the best on the market right now. It comes in a 5 pounds and a 2 pounds packaging. You can use it with any kind of plants indoors or outdoors.


By adding azomite to your soil mix, you will give your plants a mixture of calcium, chlorine, sodium, magnesium and potash. All these things will come together and give you a healthier plant and flavored buds.

What do we recommend?

This 2-pound pack of Root Natural Azomite rock dust is perfect for your marijuana plants because it has 67 major nutrients and other trace elements in it. It will give your plants vital minerals and other elements to let them grow big and provide excellent harvests.

Humic Acid

Adding humic acid products to your soil will get you that rich looking and nutrient-dense soil. This product is like food for the microbes and fungus that live in soil. As we talked earlier, it is important to provide food to microbes and fungi, because they essentially give nutrient toy our plants. Along with balancing the pH of your soil, it will also add potassium to your soil. It is very helpful in holding moisture in the soil.

What do we recommend?

This TeraVita SP-90 Humic acid pack is 100% soluble in water so you can add it to the soil very easily. It comes in dry form as well, if you would like to mix it earlier in the soil when planning out the cannabis growing procedure. See Amazon page for more information on it.

Dolomite Lime

If your plants have low calcium and magnesium levels, then you can add this Dolomite lime in your soil to give your plants the much-needed nutrients. It will also help your plants to absorb the nutrients quickly. Make sure you are using a pH testing kit to keep an eye on the pH levels.

What do we recommend?

This Jobe’s organic Dolomite lime is very loved by all the customers. It is mainly used to make the soil alkaline and provide your plants with calcium and magnesium. This little bag will be your 2 years supply, so buy it now and start growing marijuana!

Blood meal

Blood meal is a very good source of nitrogen for your plants. This product is very beneficial if used in vegetative stages of cannabis plants as it provides the nutrients to get the plant a stronger growth. It will give your plants the extra boost when growing up.

What do we recommend?

This Miracle Grow organic blood meal is an excellent way to get true colour and bloom in your marijuana plants. It will give your plants with plenty of nitrogen. Check out the Amazon page to know more about it.

Bone meal

If your plants need phosphorous, then this product is the best to use. You can use this in the flowering growth stage of the cannabis plant to give a boost to your marijuana buds. This is a product that will stay in your soil and release itself slowly so your plants can get nutrients for a long period of time without needing to use it again.

What do we recommend?

Greenway Biotech makes some of the best plant products on the market. Their Bone meal pack is organic and will promote root growth and blooming process. It will also help in cell and seed formation along with cell division to give you a great harvest.

Now did you got the perfect soil for  your weed?

Now, do also check the best led grow lights and the best grow tents as well!


We hope we have cleared all your doubts regarding best soil for weed. All the information in this post is not complete; it is a mere starting level information for beginners. There are many other ways to prepare the soil and use amendments to make it better, but for getting started, all you need to know is provided in this post.

If you have more questions about anything related to marijuana, then we are 24/7 open for help. Drop us an email or a comment, and we will do our best to help you out.

Meanwhile, we welcome you to check our other reviews of essential marijuana growing equipment on our website.

Happy shopping!

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