10 Best Stealth Marijuana Grow Box Cabinet Reviews 2021

Last updated on March 12th, 2020 at 06:48 am

Do you like to keep things private?

Ever wondered about ways you can hide your marijuana plants from your friends and family that visit your home often?

Well, there are these interesting little things called the stealth grow box.

These are boxes made for growing weed indoors, but most importantly they are made to look like cabinets and drawers.

So, it doesn’t look like you have something suspicious in your room.

Some people are not ok with growing cannabis at home, so it is best to hide your plants from them.

Be it family members, friends or nosy neighbors, best grow stealth box will make sure that your indoor cannabis growing operation stays in a fold and well hidden.

With a stealth box, you can reduce the noise, heat, and odor that marijuana produces. Furthermore, you can even save money by using it in many cases.

There are so many options available on the market right now for these stealth boxes, so to help you out we have made this post of Best stealth grow boxes and cabinets on the market in 2020.

In this post, we have included seven best stealth grow boxes that are on top when it comes to stealth growing.

Check out this table to see the basic comparison between them:

Best Stealth Grow box for cannabis in 2021

Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0 Lifetime Check Price
Lowryder Hydroponic grow box Lifetime Check Price
SuperCloset Superbox Stealth Grow Box 3 Years Check Price
Dealzer Grandmas secret 4 Lifetime Check Price
Unique Hydroponics Yield machine Max 4 - Check Price
Hellgrower Stealth grow box - Check Price
Dealzer Cash Crop 5.0 stealth grow box Lifetime Check Price

Stealth Grow Box Cabinet Reviews 2021

So, let us start with the reviews now.

Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0 – Best stealth grow box with a lifetime warranty

Dealzer Grandma's Secret Garden 3.0 - Hydroponics Grow Box review

Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0 – Hydroponics Grow Box Review

This is a 49 pounds stealth grow box for growing marijuana indoors. The total dimension of this stealth cabinet is 36 X 20 X 16.5 inches.

This is one of the best stealth Grow box under $1000.

Dealzer takes the manufacturing of stealth boxes very seriously. All their products are designed with perfection and with good quality materials.

Best part?

You get a free lifetime warranty with this best stealth grow box.

The box is built with strong MDF which is half-inch thick. This makes the product very durable as well. You will be able to place nine plants inside this grow box simultaneously.

This is an ideal grow box for auto-flowering strains and will enable you to produce 7 pounds of the dry stuff every year.

You will also get a 3.5 gallons reservoir DWC tank hydroponic system in this stealth grow box.

The secure lockable doors will make sure no one opens the door without your permission.

During the vegetative stage of your plant’s growth, 6500K six 60W CFL bulbs will make sure that your plants get enough light.

And during the blooming stage, 2700K temperature six 60W bulbs will provide the light to your plants.

Thanks to the CFL bulbs, your stealth grow box will not turn very hot.

They will also provide you with heavy-duty 24 hours timers so that you can set the lights to turn on and off automatically.

Using the military technology found in gas masks, the stealth Grow box eliminated all the air through carbon filters and helped you keep things odorless.

You will also get a free supply of 2 years’ worth of moon dust grow flower nutrients and flavoring with the purchase.

With powerful fans, stealth hydroponic air flowing system and ease of use, this makes one of the best stealth grow box on market in 2021.

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Made with high-quality material.
  • Hydroponic included.
  • Veg and bloom lights included.
  • Odor elimination carbon filter included.
  • Total indoor marijuana growing setup.
  • Free moon dust and flower nutrients for 2 years.
  • It can grow 9 plants.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Can be costly for some buyers.
  • It lacks a doorknob which depending on your choice can be a con or a pro.

This is complete stealth grow box. You get the best hydroponics system for your plants along with proper air circulations.

You also get a carbon filter to eliminate all the odour from the air. With it lifetime warranty and good CFL bulbs this product is one of our favorites. Go and buy it now to start growing marijuana secretly at home.


Lowryder Hydroponic grow box – Best stealth grow box under $300

Lowryder Hydroponic Grow Box review

Lowryder Hydroponic Grow Box review

This is one of the most popular stealth grow boxes on the market, the reason for that it is very affordable.

This stealth grow box is perfect for cloning marijuana and the vegetative growth of your plants. You will be impressed with the quality of this stealth grow box after the purchase.

You will be able to find a lot of information on their website, and you can even email and phone them to get help when setting it up or while using it.

You will get a free supply of super to grow and flower nutrients with the purchase. This is a 6-month supply.

The total number of plants you can grow in this stealth grow box 6, and it features three 10,000 hours lifetime DWC hydroponic systems inside it.

This hydroponic system includes an air pump, oxygenator bubbler, tubing, and net posts. They have even incorporated intake, and exhaust fans for good ventilation inside the stealth grow box.

The air that goes through the exhaust is passed through carbon filters which traps all the odor and you will get air that will not smell like marijuana around your stealth grow box.

Best part?

This product has a lifetime warranty as well, so it is a risk-free purchase. They will provide 6-month CO2 enhancing tablets with the purchase as well, and we all know how high levels of CO2 are good for the plants.

The super-tight door is held in its place by good latches, and they have added a weather-strip to make the stealth grow

box truly airtight.

The dimensions of this grow box are 24 X 16 X 9.5 inches.

  • Free CO2 enhancing tablets
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good and reputed manufacturer
  • Can eliminate marijuana odour
  • All that you need for setting it up is included
  • Free nutrient worth 6 months
  • No weight is mentioned

If you want an affordable stealth grow box then you should go for this. It is made by a reputed manufacture and has been in market from 2008, which speaks volumes of its quality.

You will a lot of free stuff with it as well. this is a no risk purchase as you have a lifetime warranty option. Go on amazon to check the latest price now.

SuperCloset Superbox Stealth Grow Box – Fully automated marijuana grow box

Supercloset Superbox 200watt Fully Automated Turnkey Growbox review

Supercloset Superbox 200watt Fully Automated Turnkey Growbox review

This is a high-end stealth grow box. The higher price tag is because it provides you with lots of things which you won’t find on any cheap ones.

For starter, it will allow you to grow ten plants at a time inside the stealth grow box.

Isn’t that awesome? More weed!

The out construction on this stealth grows box is made out of 16-gauge steel which makes it very strong as well as very durable.

You will get an option to lock the door as well for safety. The material used to make this grow box is all fireproof as well.

Cool right?

If you look at this grow box first time, then it will look like a file cabinet. So full points for being stealthy.

You will get accessories like fans, filters, hydroton rocks. Rockwool cubes and TDS meter with the purchase.

This is one of the most recommended stealth grows boxes on the market right now. It is also our favorite!

It is very easy to set up and very easy to maintain. It will take less than 90 minutes to set up and you will get on your way to grow marijuana indoor without anyone knowing.

One more good thing about it is that you get a free pH tester as well. Along with that, you will get free nutrients for your plants as well.

It weighs 45 pounds and has a dimension of 18 X 24 X 30 inches. The LED light which you will get with it is a red full spectrum 200 Watt CFL light.

What more?

You will get a 3 year warranty with 24/7 customer support after the purchase.

  • 3 year warranty
  • Free accessories
  • Free pH tester kit
  • Free nutrients pack for plants
  • Fully automatic
  • Strong steel structure
  • Fir and air proof
  • Durable door with locking feature
  • The light which is provided with it is only used for blooming purpose

This is one of our favourite stealth grow boxes because it is made by a food manufacturer with good materials.

It is light, air and fireproof which will play a major role in growing marijuana indoors. With 3 years of warranty, you can rest assured if anything goes wrong.

Use their customers support anytime you want after the purchase with your growing problems.


Dealzer Grandmas secret 4 – Best stealth grow to box under $800 (Editor’s choice)

9 Plant LED Grow Box - Grandma's Secret Garden 4.0 review

9 Plant LED Grow Box – Grandma’s Secret Garden 4.0 review

This is another one of Dealzer cool stealth grow boxes. We love the quality and finish provided by the company in all their products.

They make some of the stealthiest looking grow boxes out there. They just look like regular cabinets at first sight.

Ok, so what the best thing about this stealth grow box?

LIFETIME warranty!

Isn’t is the best when the manufacturers provide you with a lifetime warranty? The company has complete confidence in their products!

This is one of the most selling stealth grows boxes in the USA. The dimension of the grow box is 36 X 20 X 16.5 inches and the weight is 65 pounds.

You will get a 40 GPM water pump with it; it will make sure that your hydroponic system has enough water all the time. The tank capacity of this hydroponic system is 3 gallons.

The total number of plants that you will be able to grow in this cool stealth grow box is 9.

You will get about 3 feet of height inside the grow box so you can grow tall plants as well.

We all know oxygen is good for plant roots, right?

Therefore, the manufacturer has provided an inbuilt air pump which will continuously provide oxygen to your plant’s roots. This, in turn, will improve the yield a lot.

You will get things like RX green nutrients, Ozium scent equalizer, dual outlet ground timer, carbon filters and starter plug with the purchase. You will have everything to start setting the stealth grow box up right after you get it.

  • Free nutrients pack
  • Free ozium scent equalizer
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Timer provided
  • Has mars hydro lighting system
  • DWC hydroponic system
  • Can grow up to 9 plants simultaneously
  • none

This is our most favorite product when it comes to stealth growing of marijuana. We will recommend this to anyone who want to grow marijuana at home without alerting other people.

It has pretty much everything you will need in order to successfully grow marijuana. With a lifetime warranty, you do not have anything to worry about.

Unique Hydroponics Yield machine Max 4 – Best stealth grow box under $700

Yield Machine Max 4 Foot LED Grow Box review

Yield Machine Max 4 Foot LED Grow Box review

This is nice-looking stealth grow box for tall plants. The dimensions of this grow box is 48 X 18 X 13 inches. Being tall helps you to grow high marijuana plants which will provide you with more yield.

You will be able to grow 9 big marijuana plants simultaneously inside this grow cabinet.

One thing that everyone should have in the stealth grow box is the masking kit. This Yield machine max 4 comes with a carbon filtration kit which will filter all the air that goes through the exhaust.

So, you will no more have marijuana odor inside the room where you have placed this stealth grow box. You will also get an ONA block pro odor elimination kit with it.

You get the following free accessories with the purchase: bubbler, timer, water pumps, grow cubes, net posts, and CO2 enhancing tablets.

Love free stuff?

You will be getting free nutrients made by general hydroponics with the purchase. These nutrients include Floraboom, Flora micro and Flora go nutrients for the marijuana plants.

Talking about the lighting system, you have an option of 150 watts UFO LED light which is vertically movable to place it where it affects the most.

The other option includes a 300 Watt LED grow light if you like to have more lighting power.

  • 150W and 300W lighting variants available
  • Tall height for larger plants
  • Free 3 pack of nutrients
  • ONA odour eliminator
  • Carbon filtration included
  • Free CO2 enhancing tablets
  • Reputed manufacturer
  • No weight or warranty of this grow box is mentioned

This is a decent purchase if you want to grow tall plants. unlike other stealth grow boxes, this one is very tall and will accommodate 9 large plants in it.

Same as most good stealth grow boxes, you get carbon odour elimination along with various free accessories. You also get free nutrient for your plants, why not buy it now then?

Hellgrower Stealth grow box – Best stealth grow box under $400

Stealth 150 Watt LED Grow Box With Hydroponic System By Hellogrower review

Stealth 150 Watt LED Grow Box With Hydroponic System By Hellogrower review

This is complete stealth grow box from Hill grower.

It will come with everything that you will need to grow marijuana at home. You just have to get the seeds, and you can start the indoor marijuana growing operations.

You will be able to grow 2 marijuana plants with a hydroponic system. There are two fans one for exhaust, and another one for the intake of fresh air inside this stealth grow box.

You will be getting a 150 Watt LED grow light inside the packaging. This is a low power consuming LED grow light so it will save you electricity as well.

Like automation?

You will love the timer given with the stealth grow box; it will automatically control the lighting system once you set the readings.

It also features a carbon filtration system at the exhaust to mask all the marijuana odor before releasing the air into your growing area.

The dimension of this stealth grows box under $400 are 30 X 15 X 1 5inches.

Simple and easy to use hydroponic sites have their air bubble tub to spread out the air to the roots. It will

provide nutrient-rich water directly to the root and will make the plants healthier and stronger.

The hydroponic system pack will include: one 2 site lid, 1.5 gallon tank, two 3 inch net posts, air pump, rockwool plug, various connectors, tubing and bubbler stones.

  • Lots of free accessories
  • Everything included with the pack, you just need the marijuana seeds.
  • Affordable and cheap
  • Carbon filtration eliminated marijuana odour
  • 100% mylar lined interior
  • 150 W low power consuming LED grow light
  • DWC system
  • Discreet shipping available
  • No warranty
  • No weight mentioned

If you want a cheap marijuana stealth grower then this is a good choice. It features everything that you will find in any other stealth grow box.

Odour elimination, oxygenators, hydroponic system and inbuilt LED grow light makes this a good product. Check it out on amazon now to see the latest price and availability.

Dealzer Cash Crop 5.0 stealth grow box – Best Stealth Grow box under $500

Cash Crop 5.0 - 6 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box (3 Foot) review

Cash Crop 5.0 – 6 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box (3 Foot) review

By now, you must know that we love Dealzer products!

They make high-quality stealth grow boxes which al the customers love.

This grow box is handmade in the USA. They will give you an LED grow light inside the grow box to get enough light for your plants even when it is closed and sealed.

The perfect spectrum of the LED grows light gives out no heat when an operation which makes it highly desirable.

What more?

LIFETIME warranty. With all the dealer products, one thing that is most outstanding is their lifetime warranty. You don’t have to worry at all if anything is breaking or stops working!

The dimensions of this stealth grow box is 27.75 X 16.5 X 11.25 inches and the weight is 43.2 pounds.

This is one of the hottest stealth grow boxes on the market right now in 2021.

It has internal Infrared blocking technology to reflect the light and keep it inside the grow box. Also, it acts as an insulator when it comes to leakages.

The powerful Qasar LED lighting system has both veg and bloom modes for your plant to thrive and provide the best yields.

You won’t face any heat issues thanks to the fans which provide much need ventilation.

The exhaust is connected to a carbon filtration system which will eliminate marijuana odor before releasing the air outside the stealth grow box.

The DWC hydroponic system will provide all the nutrients to your plants from its 1.5-gallon reservoir.

You will also get accessories for the hydroponic system which include things like: air pump, rubber feet to suppress vibrations, air hose, air stone, lids, net pots, and starter plugs.

With the unlimited lifetime technical support, you can ask them about any difficulties you face when growing marijuana indoors.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Carbon odour elimination
  • Air bubbler to provide oxygen to the plant roots
  • Reputed manufacturer
  • Peoples favourite
  • Veg and bloom lighting system
  • Free RX Green nutrients
  • Lockable door
  • Manual included
  • Hand made in USA
  • none

This is one of the best stealth grow boxes under $500. You will so many things with the purchase like free nutrients, carbon odour elimination kits, LED lightings and DWC accessories.

You wont need anything other than marijuana seeds to start growing it at your home! Go and buy it now, we are sure you will just love it.

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We hope that we have helped you choose the best stealth to grow box on the market.

However, if you are still confused, then we would like to recommend you the Dealzer Grandma Secret 4.0 Stealth grow box.

You will free nutrients for your plants along with a lifetime warranty. Who doesn’t love free stuff and assurance right?

Also, you will be able to get support from their customer service 24/7 through phone and email. You can ask them anything related to marijuana growing, and they will help you sort out your problems if you face any.

So, go ahead and buy it from Amazon now to start growing your marijuana at home without letting anyone know about it.

Once you have your marijuana plant then you will need Bud trimmer to trim your precious buds.

Please check out our other reviews to find more awesome marijuana growing equipment.

Happy stealthy growing!

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