Bestva 800W LED Grow Light Reviews – {Must read before spending money}

Last updated on April 9th, 2020 at 03:20 pm

Bestva 800W LED Grow LightToday, we are here with our Bestva 800W LED grow light reviews to help you out in knowing this product the better way. Bestva is a company with a huge name and fame, and their products have always been reliable. We are here to fully explain to you how good or bad it is to invest money in Bestva 800W.

As we know, the requirement is the mother of all inventions, and here we felt the need to grow indoors, in the absence of the sun. So what we did? We made our sun! Yes, we mean grow light. But there are so many grow lights in the market, which one to buy?

Yeah, that is a big confusion. But there is no need to rub your head; we are here to assist you in selecting the best one for you. Today, we have caught the neck of Bestva 800W LED grow light and will explain in detail is it going to fit well according to your need or not.

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Interesting yeah? So, shall we move on?

Bestva 800W LED grow light reviews

Bestva 800W LED grow light reviews

Bestva 800W LED grow light reviews

Bestva 800W LED grow light reviews: Basic info about the product

This particular grow light is undoubtedly a fine creation. This grow light has pleased people on a large scale. This grow light came in the market after a long research of 5 years, that means the company believes in perfection. The PAR output, brightness, durability, coverage, everything is fine and fantastic.

By reading its features and specs, you will not come to know about its cons. For that, one has to take the advice from those, who have already used it, as most of the reviews about this grow light had shown you only the bright side. But we are here to flip the coin to the other side. Yes, exposing the cons is what we mean. Let us get on to the features first, then the numbers came, and then will come the bang-bang FAQ part, where we will point out the negatives. Ok, the intro is done, let’s move on.

Bestva 800W LED grow light Result 1

Bestva 800W LED grow light Result 1

Bestva 800W LED grow light Result 2

Bestva 800W LED grow light Result 2

Highly powerful and durable LED used

Bestva believes in building their grow lights with dual chips, which count 5W each. So, it is 10 Watt per chip. Almost all grow lights of this company are built the same way. 80 such chips are used in this grow light, so 80 x 10W, we get 800W, right? These LEDs are manufactured by Epileds, which is a company with a high reputation. Durability has never been any issue.

12 Bands Full spectrum

Bestva 800W LED grow light Full Spectrum

Bestva 800W LED grow light Full Spectrum

You cannot point out any deficiency in the spectrum of this grow light. A complete dozen band spectrum is what you get. It is one of the most capable spectrum for growing various plants. This spectrum had to pass out several tests before this grow light came in the market. The chips emit a perfect quantity of light, as per the need of your plant. Hence, it supports all stages of the plant growth. 380-780nm is what your plants will get.

New improved cooling system

The cooling system is the biggest supporter of the lifespan of the grow light, and besides that, it also supports the stability of the spectrum. The fans are ultra quiet. If you bring it home and find that the fans are making even a bit loud noise, then return the product and order a new one. The Warranty is going to help. The heat management system is very active, and we tested it at 42 degrees even, everything was cool.

PAR value

Bestva 800W LED grow light reviews PAR Value

Bestva 800W LED grow light reviews PAR Value

The PAR value is never a stable thing, and it changes according to the height of placement. We generally measure the PAR from 24 inches height. Although what you are getting with this grow light as the PAR value looks much less in contrast to what other 800W grow lights are providing you.

From 24 inches, you are getting 388 umols, and from 18 inches, it increases to 494 umols. But the fact is this grow light is doing perfect work, and providing decent results. That shows the numbers do not always matter (Maths lovers might not agree). See the diagram above, to know about PAR values form various heights.

Bestva 800W LED grow light reviews : Specs

In Dimensions, Bestva 800W LED grow light measures 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36 inches. The weight is 6.65 pounds. Input voltage is -AC85V-265V. The LED’s angle is 120 degree. 50-60Hz is the frequency. The lifespan estimation of this 800W model is 100,000 hours. In the package of this LED grow light, you get a power cord measuring 6 feet, a guiding manual and a hanging kit along with.

You get a three years standard warranty with this grow light, plus, if you are unsatisfied with the product, the company provides you with a 30 days money back guarantee.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

Now we are going to determine how powerful this grow light is. The actual power draw is no more than 200W, and here we are talking about an 800 Watt model. So, that is deeply impressive. Besides that, this grow light is extremely powerful as well. Bestva 800W LED grow light successfully replaces a 400W HPS/MH light system. That is impressive as well.

Coverage area

When you know about the coverage area of Bestva 800W grow light, you are going to feel beneficial after paying the money for it. from 24 inches height, and it is capable of covering an area measuring 4.5ft x 4ft. You can easily grow a dozen cannabis plants with that much grow area. At 18 inches, the coverage area remains 3.4ft x 3ft.

Bestva 800W LED grow light reviews : A quick FAQ round

Till now, what we were providing you was just the surface knowledge. Now it is the time to dive deeper. This FAQ part envelops such vital knowledge, and by reading this fully, you will hardly need anyone to advise you whether to buy this 800W model or not. Most importantly, the user’s experience is also brought into the light.

Are Veg and Bloom switches available?

No, the company says that it is better to provide all colors of light to all the stages of growth of your plant. If you use veg/bloom switches, you are cutting off the supply of certain lights, which is not that good.

Only On/Off switches are present. What must i do to bring changes in the light intensity during the veg and bloom phases?

You can simply increase the height when your plant is going through the veg stage, and for increasing the intensity during the bloom stage, reverse the process. The height recommendations are there on the company’s website.

A few bulbs do not look as if they are emitting nay light. How to determine whether they are working or not?

This grow light consists of some white light bulbs, so you are normally not able to see. To determine, you can use a device named spectrometer. With the help of it, you can easily see the spectra of light.

Can I grow tomatoes, or undergrounds like potatoes and carrots?

This grow light is powerful enough to fulfill the desires that you mentioned. When we test the light in our lab, we test it on various plants, which include tomatoes and undergrounds. We came across fine results.

What are ‘not too good’ things about Bestva 800W LED?

No daisy chaining and no Veg/Bloom switches are the first to things to notice. Besides that, when your plants are going to enter the bloom stage, you need to be perfect in the height placement of this grow light. If you are even a few inches wrong, your flowers are not going to bloom fully. So, be up with the tracking. If you find things are not rolling good, then change the height, and see how it proceeds.

The company led to confusion. The company provided the wrong numbers in the specs. So, a few people purchased it, as per the calculations of their grow tents, which actually went wrong due to the company’s mistake. In customer reviews, this thing is mentioned by seven users. It isn’t waterproof, so do not try to use it outdoor.

 What do the users of Bestva 800W LED grow light say?

On Amazon, 141 people wave written reviews. 4.3 stars out of five are its total rating till now. 86% success is good. The light has brought great results to cannabis, weed, and marijuana growers. No one complaint regarding the heat dissipation system, no complains against the warranty system either. So, the item is working quiet and calm.

Now comes the complaint section. We already mentioned above that a few users had a bad experience due to misinformation provided by the company regarding specs. Besides that, a few users didn’t get their flowers perfect. The height of the plant was also an issue for a couple of users. But both of those things happened due to lack of tracking and calculation.

we already explained before that you need to be perfect in the height settings, especially during the bloom stage.

  • 12 band full spectrum.
  • Satisfying grow area.
  • Saves energy.
  • Supports underground vegetation very well.
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • No Veg/Bloom switches.
  • No Daisy chaining feature.
  • PAR value is a bit less.
  • Needs to be placed at very perfect height during the bloom stage.
  • Misinformation provided by the company regarding specs.

Bestva 800W LED grow light reviews : The final wrap-up

This grow light doesn’t look good on the paper only, it is an absolute performer as well. If you use this grow light properly, then you are definitely going to get brilliant results. There is no step downstairs. Although the Veg/Bloom switches aren’t present, that has made no difference. The construction of this grow light is done to perfection.

No matter you are a fresh beginner or an intermediate, or you want to grow weed, marijuana, cannabis, undergrounds, etc. this light is going to serve you very well. The price is also comfortable. So, do you think still anything is there to stop you from making a purchase.

We highly recommend Bestva 800W LED grow light to you, but if you are an advanced level grower or a professional, then there are better choices available in the market, for which you need to pay higher than this.

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