BESTVA DC Series 2000w Reviews 2021 – Is it best?

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Today, we are writing BESTVA DC Series 2000w reviews to provide you with cent percent and in-depth knowledge about this particular grow light. You will know every single thing about this product, without spending much time either.

Our experts have tested this grow light to the deepest, and we will make you familiar with the results and explain you how does this grow light perform. Besides that, we will be putting light on the negative parts as well, and make you familiar with the difficulties and inconvenience, that you might experience after purchasing it.

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This review is far more interesting and knowledge boosting in comparison to other reviews, where you receive incomplete knowledge. So, are you ready to proceed?

BESTVA DC Series 2000w reviews

BESTVA DC Series 2000w reviews

BESTVA DC Series 2000w reviews

BESTVA DC Series 2000w reviews : Basic info about the product

This LED grow light is not fit just for beginners and intermediates, but it has pleased many advanced level growers, and even professional as well. Most importantly, it comes your home at such a reasonable price. Don’t go on its price, to figure out its performance. It is giving a healthy competition too much expensive LED grow lights out there.

You can use this grow light throughout the growing cycle, as it provides your plants with full spectrum. Most imprtantly, it is capable of delivering a perfect proportion of light for various growth stages. The results have been very pleasing.

Setting up this light is also very easy — no complexity in functions. We will be covering every single piece of knowledge related to its specs, functions, durability, power consumption, etc.


At a very less price, BESTVA DC series 2000W provides you with an abundance of features. There is hardly any dissatisfaction among its users regarding the absence of any feature. If you want some other LED grow light, which matches its features with Bestva DC series 2000W, then you will have to spend much more dollars.

In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned the features and explained the same. Have a look.

Outstanding durability

100,000 hours of life is never a joke. It is not just a claim, it actually is true. When we went through the public reviews section, we hardly found any dissatisfaction regarding durability, LED burning, fuse issues, etc. High durability is a very big factor behind the success of BESTVA DC series 2000W LED grow light.

200pcs Dual-Chip 10 watt LEDs are used in the construction of this grow light. These LEDs are manufactured by highly trustable brands, Bridgelux and Epileds. These names are so big that they highly need an intro!

Perfect cooling system

The excellent functioning of the cooling system of BESTVA DC series 2000W is a big factor that supports its durability. This cooling system works silently, and protects against overheat issue, so the LED lights are capable of surviving for long. Makers of this grow light have spent a lot of time experimenting before designing its aluminum sink and fans. They have taken the construction to the limit of perfection.

These multiple cooling fans along with scientifically upgraded aluminum heat sink for such a decent cooling system together, that one wants such cooling system in every single LED grow light out there.

Great PAR value

When you are raising your weed, marijuana, or cannabis indoor, this grow light saves a lot of electricity. From the wall, it fetches only 390W power and then also it provides you with excellent PAR value. It delivers 760uMol from 18 inches height, and that is quite impressive.

Focus angle

Focus angle is a very “left behind” kind of thing. Most of the buyers do not feel it necessary to know about the focus angle of the LED. The focus angle is a major thing to focus upon, as it is a big factor, that determines the growth of your plant. With this grow light, you get a focus angle of 120 degrees.

BESTVA DC Series 2000w reviews : Specs

When we talk about the dimensions, BESTVA DC Series 2000W measures 20.66×8.46×2.36 inches. The weight is not more than 10.36 pounds. Now let us give you info about specs in-depth. Read carefully, as specs of the product mater a lot before buying anything.

PAR value and actual power draw

A big number of its users say that it provides with 20,000 lux output. It is capable of replacing a 1400W HPS system easily. That has impressed very well. We know that a few out of you must be new in this department, so for you, let us explain that there is no need to worry after reading “2000W” in front of the name of the model. Actual power draw is a different thing.

The actual power draw is another thing, which has not just impressed our experts, but a huge percentage of users as well. Its actual power draw is 390W. Hence, it saves much energy in comparison to most of the other 2000W models. It works on the voltage AC85-265V, that means you can use it in any part of the world. The working temperature is -68~104℉.

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Coverage area

You get an extra wide coverage area with this grow light. It is capable of covering 7.8′ x 7.5′ when you place it at the height of 24 inches. Our experts tested it by placing it at different heights, to find out that what is the sweet spot regarding coverage area, for getting the best results. We found the results were best found with the coverage area of 7′ x 6.5′. We received max yield.

When we compare it worth the grow lights of reflector series, we find that the growing area that this grow light is providing is almost double in comparison to those reflector panels.


The warranty

You get a healthy 3 years warranty with BESTVA DC series 2000w LED grow lights. Your refunds, replacements, and repairs will be done by the company in very less time. The customer service is decent, that is a major benefit. Any malfunctioning in your product/ Just contact the customer service and feel relieved.

In case, if the product arrives your home, and you are not happy with the quality, performance, etc. whatever, you can return it, and your bucks will be returned without any deductions, as a 30 days money back guarantee comes together with this product.

BESTVA DC Series 2000w reviews : A quick FAQ about the product

Here comes one of the most crucial parts of the BESTVA DC Series 2000w reviews and you must not skip anything. Even after buying this grow light, you might be having come unsolved question in your mind. No need to spend hours in finding answers from here and there, our review is the one-stop destination. All questions are solved here.

What all must be included in my package?

Well, accessories do not differ much when we talk about grow light. You will get the same accessories (Quality might be different) whether you talk about a $200 grow light or a $1200! Following are the accessories, which are included in your package:

  • BESTVA 2000W LED grow light
  • One hanging kit
  • 6 feet long power cord

How good is it for cannabis?

Well, in short, if we say, this LED grow light is built to suit the most for cannabis plants only. People have received the great yield of weed and marijuana as well. This LED grow light provides a perfect proportion of UV and Infrared lights during both the vegetative and flowering stages.

If you have a plan on growing cannabis, weed, or marijuana, then definitely buy this grow light, we guarantee you, you will get a decent yield regarding quantity as well as quantity.

What all basic precautions do I need to follow?

The very first thing that we want to add to your knowledge is that this grow light is meant for indoor use only. Don’t try it out in your outdoor gardens. This grow light is not waterproof, that clearly means that if it comes in contact of water, it is surely going to damage your light.

Then don’t think of taking advantage of warranty for replacements, as it is clearly indicated in the terms and conditions of the warranty that the company is not responsible for any harm caused due to water contact.

Besides that, the second thing to concern is that the light is too bright, so if you try to look at it with a naked eye, it might affect your visibility. So, we highly recommend you to wear a protective eye ware whenever you go near it.

Is daisy-chaining feature present?

Sorry, you cannot do daisy chaining with this LED grow light. We were also surprised after knowing that. At that price level, most of the LED grow lights of leading brands do feature daisy chaining. But, unfortunately, BESTVA DC series 2000W doesn’t have that.

The main purpose of daisy chaining feature is to let you connect your light with other LED’s to increase the growing area. No need to worry, because this grow light is already providing you with an extra wide growing area, so you will feel the need of attaching extra lights.

What are the deficiencies in this grow light?

Our experts didn’t just tested it on various grounds but also went through the public complaint section. Honestly, the absence of daisy chaining feature is the only deficiency. Rest, we have nothing to mention under the heading ‘deficiency”.

What about user’s experiences?

On Amazon, 252 customers found it important to write a review. There, they collectively gave a healthy 4.6 stars ratings out of five to BESTVA 2000W LED grow light. Reviews are full of joy and appreciation. Most importantly, it is not a regular thing to receive 4.6 stars ratings there on Amazon, where people do not miss a single chance to complain.

Now, when we talk about the complaints, we found nothing serious there as well. The issues, which appeared there, were results of human mistakes, like just, for example, plants burning due to placing it at the wrong height. can we blame the machine for that? No, not at all.

  • Easily affordable.
  • Perfect and full spectrum.
  • Energy saving.
  • Dual chip technology.
  • Controllable by using a timer.
  • Perfectly balanced ratio of UV and Infrared lights.
  • Extra-wide coverage area.
  • Perfect cooling system.plants burning
  • Extra-ordinary consumer reviews.
  • One of the best for growing cannabis, weed and marijuana.
  • Absence of daisy chaining feature.
  • Only for indoor use.
  • Not waterproof.

BESTVA DC Series 2000W : The final wrap-up

BESTVA DC Series 2000W LED grow light hardly gives you any chance to complaint. It is so much in trend because it has been highly successful in providing with definite positive results. hardly any other LED grow light is this much promising at its price level.

Most importantly, no issue regarding durability, functioning, heating, etc. If we ignore the absence of daisy chaining feature, then this grow light is perfect in itself. The biggest benefit is that it provides you with such a humongous growing area, that no other grow light provides anyway near to its price level.

So we recommend you not to waste time, and grab a BESTVA DC Series 2000W LED grow light, as it is undoubtedly the most pleasing one, and provides with guaranteed results.

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