BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light Review – is it worth the Money?

Last updated on April 28th, 2020 at 06:43 pm

Yo buds! Here we come with our BESTVA LED 1000w Grow Light Review to provide you with comprehensive knowledge.

Abundant of 1000W models of LED grow lights out there in the market! Which one to buy? Which is the best from the rest? What about BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light?

We know many such questions will be arising in your mind. So, we are here to make you knowledgeable about everything related to this particular LED grow light. After reading this review, you will feel sure in deciding whether this product is going to fulfill your needs and greed or not.

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We are always there to help you out in investing in the right product and save you from falling with the wrong ones. Ok, no need to say thanks right now, save those words, as you will need them after reading the review until the end.

BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light Review

BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light Review

BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light Review

BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light Review : Basic info about the product

This grow light is high in power, high in efficiency, high in durability and high in success rate as well. High does not always mean drunk : ) here we are talking about the performance. Usually, low rate LED grow light come with 3W and 5W light segments, but in Bestva LED grow lights, 10W dual chips are used.

It is much brighter in contrast to its competitors, and here, we are talking about LED grow lights, so, more bright means more powerful.

Now which growers group is going to be most beneficial with this light? Definitely the mid-level growers, who want to gather multiple grow lights, in their large grow room. Most importantly, without spending a big amount.

BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light Review high scale growing

BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light Review high scale growing


Bestva 1000W LED grow light is a highly featured one and has got everything to satisfy you. The main feature is perfect and full spectrum for supporting the growth of your plants, vegetables, fruits, throughout the various stages of growth. Following are the features of Bestva 1000W.

Extraordinary cooling system

The cooling system of this grow light consists of perfectly designed fans, that do not make much noise, and heat sink. Besides that, there are certain holes on the aluminum panel and glass, which play a vital role in heat dissipation. The company claims that this grow light runs at 50-60 degree F less temperature than any other grow light of its price level.

Pocket friendly price tag

Nowadays, the competition is so heavy that the success of a LED grow light depends much upon the price tag. Due to heavy competition, the manufacturers have started keeping a less profit margin. So now, if any new LED light comes in the market, it becomes essential to keep the price tag pocket-friendly to achieve success.

Now let us try to justify the price tag of Bestva 1000W LED grow light. If you have time, then just visit the consumer reviews of this item. You will definitely not find a single complaint regarding its price. All are happy with its price tag, as it offers much more than the bucks you pay for it.

In short, there are many things, that only this grow light provides you at that price, no other grow light does.

PAR value

BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light Review PAR value

BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light Review PAR value

Now let us use a bit of scientific language. Scared? Ok, let us not get scientific, and keep it simple. PAR value is the intensity of light, per unit of area. That was the simplest way we could explain it. With this grow light, you get 447 umols at 24 inches height.

Remember, the PAR value is directly proportional to the height at which you place your grow light. More you bring it down, more the PAR value will decrease. The PAR value, which this grow light is offering can be called good, but not decent.

Full spectrum

No matter you are growing weed, marijuana, cannabis, fruits, vegetables, citrus plants, hydroponics, etc. your plants are going to receive a full spectrum of lights throughout their growing juncture.

Most importantly, IR and UV are also in inclusion. Its tremendously balanced Red: Blue light ratio and presence of other lights as well make this grow light full life cycle supporter and a true buddy of your plants.

BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light Review : Specs

In dimensions, this item measures 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36 inches, and in weight, it is not more than 7 pounds. That is probably the lightest one among the 1000V models in the market today. The viewing angle is 90d degrees, and the Frequency is 50-60Hz. Lifespan is 100,000 hours as per the claim of the makers.

The working temperature is -68~104℉ and Input Voltage is AC85-265V. A 6 feet popwer cord and a hanging kit you will receive with the main product only.

Want to dive deeper into specs? Read further.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

When you know about both the things, you will be surprised for sure. The input voltage is no more than 185W, while it is capable of replacing a 600-watt HPS/MH light system. So energy saving and so powerful at the same time! If you have knowledge about other 1000W LED grow lights, then you can compare and feel the difference.

At that Watt range, if grow lights are having that much-replacing capability, then they consume more power, and if they consume somewhere near to 185W like Bestva LED 1000W, then there replacing capability decreases. So, in this department, this grow light clearly dominates.

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Coverage area

Definitely, a very big point to notice before buying any LED grow light. Bestva LED 1000W grow light is capable of covering an area of 5.1 feet x 4.7 feet at 24″ Height. We have tested and reviewed many grow lights, but at that price level, we hardly found any other grow light, which was able to provide with such a humongous grow area.

That area was for the veg stage. When the plant which you are growing moves towards the bloom stage, you need to decrease the height of grow light and bring it down something near to 18 inches. Then the coverage area will decrease, and PAR value will increase.

The warranty

3 Years warranty is what the company provides you with, for your convenience in circumferences, when your LED gets damaged, or malfunctions. Free repair and replacement will be done. By the way for the deeper info, you will have to visit the company’s website, where terms and conditions are indicated.

Whenever you make a purchase, keep the receipt at a safe place, from where you can easily find it when you need to claim the warranty. Remember, do not lose the receipt at all! Never!

You also get money back guarantee for 30 days. Again the purchase receipt is important.

BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light Review : A quick FAQ round

Now it is the time to clear your doubts. Read carefully, the info is very critical, and for finding such deep info, you might have to spend a lot of time searching on google. So, pay attention here for just a few minutes, and you will get even more close to this product. It is all additional info.

How many plants must i grow with BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light ?

As you are getting a huge area of 5.1 feet x 4.7 feet, you can easily grow six plants of marijuana at a time. You can definitely grow a dozen of those plants by attaching one more such light. But with just one, you are recommended not to grow over 6 plants, as during bloom stage, all parts of the plant will not be able to receive even light. Hence, the growth will be affected.

Can i continuously keep it ON for 24 hours?

You do not have that luxury with most of the grow lights, but with this one, you surely have. You can use it 24 hours per day for two months maximum. (We cannot guarantee you further than that, as we tried this thing for two months only)

By placing at what height, is it not going to burn the plants?

Basically, it depends upon the fact that which plant you are going. We recommend you to place this light at least 12 inches away, not closer than that, to avoid your plants from burning.

I read a complaint about the plant burning issue, at 22 inches height. Valid complaint?

Yes, that can be a valid complain. You might be thinking that we recommended 12 inches as minimum height, then how can a plant burn at 22″? Guys, you need to hang this grow light at 30 inches for a trial. If your plant adapts it, then decrease the height. It is a very powerful grow light.

So, if you directly decrease the height in the early stages of plant growth, then it can definitely lead to a plant burning issue. So try out first, then proceed slowly.

Is it daisy chainable?

Now that is one of the most fascinating features. Unfortunately, Bestva LED 1000W does not come with daisy cahining feature, and that is a thing to upset. Especially because most of the other 1000W LED grow, lights do have this feature. Not only that, we have reviewed some 300W grow lights, which were under $100 mark, which were having this feature.

But the absence of daisy chaining feature in Bestva LED 1000W really upsets and surprises as well.

What is the ugly side of BESTVA LED 1000W?

Daisy chaining feature is not provided in this product. There are no Veg or Bloom switches, so the only way to increase or decrease the intensity is changing the height of the hanging. It is not waterproof, means indoor use only. Never a big issue, other LED grow lights are no different.

Now comes the biggest thing to concern. That is poor customer service. Many people had addressed that when they tried to contact the customer care regarding the claim of the warranty, they were not responded well. That we count as a major issue.

What do users of Bestva LED 1000W have to say?

On Amazon, It has received 4.5 stars rating out of five, and 382 consumers have reviewed. 90% success rate is worthy of applause! 3/4 people have given 5-star ratings, that is again worth of applause! Complaint rate is quite meager. We mentioned that the customer service is that good, still, if these many users are satisfied, then it clearly indicates how perfectly this grow light functions.

There were very less complains. Around 95% of complaints were regarding durability only. No other major thing to complain about let us come back to the lifespan of LED. As per claim of the company, it is 100,000 hours, but that heavily depends upon your usage.

  • Extra large cover area.
  • High PAR output.
  • Full spectrum for all growth stages of plants.
  • A big energy saver (185W only).
  • IR and UV included.
  • Daisy-chainable.
  • Decent cooling system.
  • Durability of 100,000 hours.
  • Great HPS replacing capabilities (600W)
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Veg and Bloom switches are absent.
  • Customer service is not that good.
  • Not waterproof.

BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light Review : The final wrap-up

We mentioned at the beginning of the review that for whom this LED grow light is suitable. If honestly said, then this grow light is perfectly functional. Users had great experiences, and it successfully provided with larger and better yield in a wide range of plants. Cannabis stood the tallest!

If you have a bit higher budget, then you can upgrade to the reflector series of the same company, to enjoy the daisy chaining feature. But we cannot ignore that this grow light is providing with such a huge grow area. We highly recommend BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light.

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