G8 LED 240V Grow Lights Reviews in 2021 [Read Complete Review]

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There are so many LED grow lights, which have flooded the market. Such heavy confusions are there among buyers, about which product to buy and which brand to trust. Very overwhelming! Don’t worry, we are here, with our G8 240V LED Reviews to help you out.

Now, how many of you know about this company? Surely very less! When you are already not having info about the company, then how will you be knowing about the product?

Yes, we are going to make you familiar with this company and product as well.

G8 is a new company, involved in the manufacturing of LED grow lights, and giving a high competition to the leading grow light companies of today’s date. You can rely on G8 LED for sure.

Our info about G8 LED 240V grow light is authentic and deeper than others. Our team of experts has invested a huge time studying this grow light and tested it to its best. Want to whether this grow light is worth your money or not?

Then go ahead and cherish the review till the end!

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G8 LED 240V Review 2021

G8 LED 240V Review

G8 LED 240V Review

G8 LED 240V Review : Basic info about the product

This grow light solidly claims that it provides perfect wavelengths for promoting and influencing veg growth and flower blooming. It supplies a full spectrum. Yes, the claim is true! A full spectrum is a very crucial element needed by the plant for growth, and it is built to provide that only.

Many people have found this grow light extremely helpful as it brings out the best plant out of your seed, and later on, the best flowers and fruits from that plant! That is the way it rolls.

However, when we tested G8 240V grow light, we found that it supports veg stage more than the bloom stage. There is much more than we need to explain about this grow light. Let us move towards the features first of all.


This one is undoubtedly a very powerful choice for the indoor growers, especially cannabis growers, but the strength isn’t the only thing that matters. Features must be there. So, we will be knowing the features of G8 LED 240V and we will explain how essential these features and functions are. If anything is weak or missing, we will surely mention.

Strong LED bulbs used:

What you get in this grow light is 80 bulbs, of 3W each. Sounds less and weak? Are you wrong totally? You get 5W, or 10W bulbs with most of the grow lights nowadays, but here, this grow light provides you with 3W bulbs. Never under-estimate that!

These bulbs are extremely powerful. This grow light is capable of replacing many powerful lights while consuming much low power in comparison — no need to feel scared about the overheating. This LED grow light works cool and quiet.

Full spectrum:

That is one of the most important things to notice. Your plant growth totally depends upon what kind of spectrum is your grow light providing. Here we are talking about Spectrum of G8 LED 240V. This grow light provides with 8 bands of the color spectrum right from 380nm to 780 nm. Nm stands for nanometer, which is the measuring unit for light wavelengths.

Shorter wavelengths are used by your plants during the early growth stage, better called as the veg stage by your plant. Similarly, the longer wavelengths are used by the plants during the bloom stage. So, if a grow light wants to support the plant during both these stages, it has to provide with wavelengths of various frequencies. So does G8 LED 240V.

Most importantly, the spectrum provided by G8 LED 240V, the UV, IR and white light are in tremendous proportions.

Decent cooling system:

Usually, grow lights of this price level come with a couple of ventilation fans, but this grow light comes with 3! They all together cool the heat in the bottom of the panel. So, even you are growing in a very small place, and then also you are not going to suffer any overheating issues.

We went throughout the consumer reviews section, and hardly found anyone complaining anything regarding the cooling system of this grow light. That means it is perfect in itself.

PAR value and Penetration:

PAR value is nothing but the potency of light in a given unit area. PAR value is a very big thing to concern when you are talking about buying a LED grow light. More the PAR value, more intense the light is, more it is going to support your plant growth.

In G8 LED 240V grow light, 890 umol is what you get as PAR value from a height of 12 inches. That is so impressive. By the way, this is strong light, so do not place it as close an as 12 inches, it might harm your plants. When you increase the height to 18 inches, the PAR value will decrease, and again, when you increase the height further, PAR value will continue to decrease. Penetration up to 60 inches past your plant canopy.

G8 LED 240V Review : Specs

In dimensions, this grow light is 16 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches. The weight is 8 pounds. It can be used I worldwide voltage. 110V to 240V is the range. The frequency is 50-60Hz. The working temperature is -68~104℉ and lifespan is 50,000 hours. Power cord and a hanging kit come in the package. We are now going to drag ourselves deeper into the specs of G8 LED 240V.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

This grow light brings a smile at your face, when you come to know about its actual power draw. Just 140W it is! It is going to save tons of your electricity. We read in consumer reviews, and users mentioned that they have got a couple of these grow lights at home, and the changes in their electricity bill are hardly noticeable.

This grow light is strong enough to replace a 300-400W HID system. We mentioned two digits there because of two reasons. One is that the company itself has not provided with a fixed number. Secondly, we tested this grow light two times, and the results were different both the times regarding HID replacement measurements.

Coverage area

The coverage area always increases and decreases with the height. So, the coverage area of every grow light is measures from a uniform height of 24 inches. With he grow light, 3′ x 2′ is what you are getting as your coverage area.

Now, the coverage area is a thing to worry about, as most of other LED grow lights of its price level provide with 9 square feet as coverage area, while this is offering only 6 square feet. Besides that, you are not getting the daisy chaining feature. So, you are not able to expand the grow area either.

The warranty

The warranty of this grow light has a plus point and a minus point. The plus point is that the company is very active in hearing the issue, and does your repair, refund, and replacement strictly in no time. You are always heard!

Now, the minus point is that you are getting only two years of warranty with his product, which is comparatively a year less than what you normally get with the grow lights that have similar price level. You get 90 days money back guarantee by the way, which is triple than the normal! That is a big advantage.

G8 LED 240V Review : A quick FAQ round

Here comes your additional package with the G8 LED 240V Review and here, you are going to get some side info. This info can be helpful to you no matter you are going to buy it, or have already bought it. So, shall we proceed on?

Better  veg support than bloom! Is that going to affect the health of my plant?

No, not at all. See, this grow light is providing a full spectrum, means support all stages of growth. In this grow light, you are getting proper support of bloom stage, just the fact is that it is providing you with a bit extra in the veg department.

How many cannabis plants to grow under this grow light?

You are not getting a square coverage area, and you are getting a rectangular one. So, three is the max limit. You can grow four also, but then we do not assure a guarantee that you will get your desired yield.

50,000 hours is mentioned a s lifespan, what is the inside news?

Guys, the inside news is a bit ugly. Although 50,000 hours are less than 100,000 hours, which you normally get with other grow lights of its level, certain situations arose, where the lifespan didn’t stand anyway near to that 50,000 hours mark. But in only a few cases. Our study says in 7% occasions; Your G8 LED 240V quits before the given time.

What is the ugly side of this grow light?

The worst factor is that the bulbs do not work separately. If any bulb goes out, the whole LED stops working. Then you need to replace the whole thing. That is a big thing to concern. We do not find it this way in other grow lights. With those lights, it keeps on working, no matter a few of the bulbs get fused or burnt out.

This particular issue has brought inconveniences to a few users. Besides that, the bulb life is lower than the normal. You also get a smaller warranty period: no Daisy chaining feature, and a bit higher price. That is it.

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What do the users ofG8 LED 240V say?

There are just 83 reviews on Amazon, which indicates that this grow light has not achieved that fame yet. 4.4 is its star ratings out of 5. That is very good. We read a few consumers, who mentioned that they are enjoying their fifth and sixth yields. While a few were not happy with its durability.

The bulb fusing issue that we mentioned in the paragraph above is the biggest cause of dissatisfaction. If that part was correct, then this grow light would have been successful in achieving a success rate of 92%-94%.

  • Powerful and compact
  • Excellent PAR value and HID replacement capability.
  • Less power draw.
  • Brilliant and quiet cooling system.
  • 90 days money back guarantee.
  • You cannot change bulbs.
  • Stronger veg support, than bloom.
  • Absence of daisy chaining feature.
  • The bulb life is less than expectations.

G8 LED 240V Review : The final wrap-up

This grow light is entirely capable of pleasing you with the fantastic yield, no matter you talk about the quality or quantity. UV, IR, and 6000K White light promote healthy promotion to the best. Although there are a few inconveniences, especially due to the bulb replacements issue, when you look upon the performance of G8 LED 240V, it is brilliant.

Customer reviews are also very pleasing. If you are having a small place, and want to grow cannabis or weed, then this grow light is very suitable for you. Not just that, you can grow much more. Besides that, the cooling system of G8 LED 240V never gives you a chance to complain.

So, we recommend you to buy G8 LED 240V, but if you are among those growers, who carry on bigger size growing projects, then sorry, this isn’t the one, that is going to fulfill your demands.

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