G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light reviews in 2020

Last updated on April 28th, 2020 at 06:36 pm

G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow LightWe have brought you G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light review to take you across all essential points and various deep facts about this product.

This particular product is not that famous, as it has not been too long when it was launched. So, we took the responsibility to provide you with proper info about this grow light and explain to you how good it is for your dollars. This one is a heavy duty grow light, which is suitable for the intermediates, and advanced growers as well.

We tested G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light on various grounds to find out how capable this grow light is and is it going to fulfill the needs of the growers? We tried to grow six types of plants, and we are now fully familiar with the performance of this grow light.

So, we must not wait for more now, let us move towards the review.

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G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light review


G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light review: Basic info about the product

This grow light is built to provide you with everything in abundance. You take the PAR value, coverage area, HPS replacing capability, etc. But at the same time, the price is as high, due to which a big number of buyers hesitate in buying it, and hence, it didn’t get the proper attraction, when launched in the market.

This grow light was awarded as the best indoor grow light of your 2016 by High Times Magazine. That means a lot! This is one of the biggest energy savers, among the 900W models highly bright, and high durability. We will reveal info about this product one by one, and right now, let us start with the features.


Wikipedia called it the best indoor grow light of the year 2018, and one of the main reasons behind that is its abundant features. Let us see what all this grow light offers you regarding features.

3W LED used for better penetration

Makers of this grow light have concentrated hard on the penetration fact. That is a reason for which they have used 3W LED chips, instead of 5W or 10W, which are more powerful and bright. As a result, the penetration of this grow light is up to 60 inches from the canopy, and that is the factor responsible for making it one of the best grow light for thicker vegetation.

These LED are all manufactured by the top trending company, and you do not need to worry about its durability.

Spectrum with 8 bands of lights

The makers of this grow light claim that they would have made a 15-20 band light, but anything stretched above eight bands of light is entire wastage of light. You are getting a full spectrum with G8 LED 900W grow light, that consists of a perfect blend of red, blue, IR and UV. With this full spectrum, your weed and cannabis grow denser, better, and have a better aroma. But we cannot deny from the fact that with this grow light; you are not getting the full spectrum.

The makers claim that this grow light is capable of providing you with the highest yield per unit of energy consumed.

The perfect heat dissipation system

The success of a grow light heavily depends upon how efficiently the heat dissipation system that grow light works. Just a little bit of extra heat and your plants are gone! When we have a look at the working of the heat dissipation system of G8 LED 900W Mega grow light, we feel as if the makers have taken more time for the construction of this system, in comparison to the whole grow light. It is perfect.

The fans, as well as the heat sinks, work cent percent perfectly, to perpetuate the right temperature inside the grow tent. They never let the temperature cross a certain limit, and keep the grow tent cool.

Decent PAR value

It seems as if it is the only grow light in the market, that gives a tough competition to the advance platinum series grow lights, regarding the PAR value. At 16 inches, the PAR value you get is 1540 umols. That is the second best PAR value when we talk about the 900W models in the market.

One of the biggest advantages of high canopy penetration and high PAR value is that you can grow comparatively more plants in less space, as the density is not going to stop this light from providing equal light to all parts of your plants.

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G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light review: Specs

The weight of this grow light 23 pounds, and in dimensions, it measures 20.5 x 14 x 3 inches. The viewing angle is 90 degrees, as generally, you get with most of the models of G8LED. The frequency you take 50-60Hz. The lifespan is 50,000 hours as an average.

You get a six feet long power cord, a guiding manual, and hanging kit with this item. Read further to know about some bigger specs of G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

This grow light deeply satisfies you with the actual power draw. 540W is what it is going to suck from the wall, and it also remains just half, if you are running your grow light on the Veg mode. So, you are not going to notice a significant hike in your electricity bills.

While the actual power draw is just 540W, G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light is capable of replacing a 1000W-1200W traditional HPS light system. That impressed really much. Remember, your yield very much depends upon the power of a grow light, and this power is determined by two major factors. One is the PAR value, and the other thing is HPS replacing capability. Both the things are too good in this grow light!

Wide coverage area

G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light in 5' x 5' grow tent

G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light in 5′ x 5′ grow tent

The wide coverage area that it provides you is a big reason for which this grow light is high in recommendations for the advanced level and large-scale growers. Want the numbers? Well, 24 square feet is what you are covering maximum with this grow light. It is a decent choice for a 5′ x 5′ grow tent. This grow light is among a very few, which offer you such big coverage area.

90W red Flower boosters

These switches play a vital role in the process of providing you with the best yield possible. But these are not present in this grow light. 90W Red Flower Boosters are added to boost up the total ratio of red wavelengths, and besides that, more wattage is added to the growing area to receive the max yield possible.

The company says that by using veg/bloom switches, you turn certain lights off, and that is not the best way to grow! They say you must provide all lights, without cutting any of them off.

The warranty

Honestly, we do not get much satisfied with the warranty period. You are getting just a couple of years of warranty. Usually, you get a 3 years warranty, from the dominating grow light manufacturing companies and some like advanced LED provide with a 5 years warranty. But the thing that matters is how responsive the warranty service is. With G8LED, the users are very happy with the customer service and short process of the warranty claim.

You are getting a triple period of money back guarantee. Normally you get 30 days, but with this grow light, you get 90 days.

G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light review: A quick FAQ round

Although this FAQ round is not too long, you will get much vital info regarding the benefits, cons, essential points, user tips, and much more. The main reason for adding this FAQ round to our G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light review was to provide with so much knowledge, that you hardly feel the need of knowing anything else before deciding about its purchase.

The price seems high than normal. Does this grow light do justice with its price tag?

Yes, it does. When you compare G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light with the competitor, it is a bit expensive. In return, it provides you with sufficient. You are going to receive the best yield of weed, cannabis, and marijuana, for a very long time. No issue with its price.

If I hang it at a distance of 20 inches, is there any harm to the plants?

It depends upon the growth stage and what plant you are growing. Most importantly, this Grow light very bright and powerful, so do not hang it too close. Normally, hang it somewhere between 26-42 inches. 42 inches is for taller plants.

Daisy chaining feature is available?

Sorry, you do not get that option with this grow light. You are getting extra wide grow area though, but no daisy chaining feature. Pretty unexpected!

Heat management required?

Not normally. If you are living at a place, where the temperature is anything above 40 degrees C, then you need heat management.

Are these lights capable of running 18 hours a day?

Yes, during the bloom stage, it can sun for 18 hours. During the veg stage, it is capable of running for 24 hours even!

What is the input voltage?

It runs on AC110V-240V. There is a small thing of concern. If you are living in USA or Canada (Where the standard Voltage is 110V), this grow light will stop working even if the voltage is dropped just a bit. The power cord comes according to the voltage of the country, from where you have ordered it.

What are the things to concern?

It doesn’t provide you with a full spectrum. Although the company claims that an eight-band light is perfect, still our experts feel that a twelve band light would have been better. Heat management is required. Not capable of working in +40 degrees C conditions. daisy chaining feature is absent, which is the biggest thing to concern.

Veg/Bloom switches are not present. But that has not brought inconvenience to any of the users, as no complaints regarding that in the consumer reviews. Rest all is fine.

What do the users of G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light say?

There are not so many customers of this grow light. If they are, they certainly are not writing reviews. On Amazon, just 30 reviews are there although the stars rating(4.4/5 stars) is healthy. The biggest thing that impresses is that 93% of the users have given perfect five stars rating.

The 3% users, do not have anything big to complain either. Just the durability issue, bulbs went out before time. That is an exceptional case, and the warranty is there to help. So, nothing much for the users out complain. 93% completely satisfied users mean a lot.

  • A perfect blend of red light, blue light, IR and UV.
  • Brilliant heat dissipation system.
  • Very bright and highly durable.
  • Brilliant PAR value and large coverage area.
  • 60 Inches canopy penetration.
  • Excellent customer reviews and ratings.
  • 90 days money back guarantee.
  • No Veg/Bloom stages.
  • Not full spectrum.
  • No Daisy chaining feature.
  • A smaller warranty period of 2 years.

G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light review: The final wrap-up

This Grow light is capable of providing you with the best yield of weed and cannabis at that price level. Growers across the world love this grow light. Although the reviews are less of Amazon, we cannot judge a product by having a look at just 30 reviews. So, we tested it ourselves and came across brilliant results.

No daisy chaining feature and Veg/Bloom switches, but no one felt problems regarding that. A proper guiding manual is provided, so you get proper guidance regarding the tasks. This light will amaze you with its power.  Overall, you are getting a perfect grow light for your money. As a result, we highly recommend you to buy G8LED-900W MEGA LED Grow Light.

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