GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light Review – [Strictly don’t buy before reading this]

Last updated on April 28th, 2020 at 06:36 pm

GoGrow G5 LED Grow LightWe are bringing you GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light Review as there are many things that you need to know about this grow light before you spend money on it. Many of you will not be that familiar with this company. Do not worry; we are always there to save you from investing bucks in the wrong item.

We will dispense deep knowledge about GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light, and make you feel 100% in deciding in the case to buy it or not. Must read entirely, as even if you skip a minor part, you might miss out something quite valuable. First, we will start on with the basic info, and then we will get deeper and deeper.

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GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light Review

GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light Review

GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light Review

GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light Review: Basic info about the product

If you talk about the specialty of this grow light, which makes it stand apart from others, then it is the PAR value. This grow light is built for commercial grow and has done outstandingly well. Although this grow light is not that famous, but if we talk about those, who have used it, are much happy with its performance.

If you are an indoor cannabis grower or a weed grower, then this grow light is such a suitable for you. The coverage area is also enough with that much money, and it has proved itself a big energy saver as well. If you want everything in numbers, then you will have to read the review, as just providing the numbers is not enough. Explanations are needed for proper guidance, and that is what we do.

GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light Result 1

GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light Result 1

GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light Result 2

GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light Result 2


No doubt, it is a feature-rich grow light. If you are getting that many benefits from a grow light, after paying just that much money, then you have a reason to feel cheerful! Here we explore the features of GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light.

Supreme quality LED used

A total of 320 LED chips are used in the construction of GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light. You might read some reviews against the durability in the consumer reviews of Amazon, but many of them were because of manufacturing defects. No need to worry about the longevity of these LED chips. If you see any bulbs not working, while you switch On this light, then do not worry, those are IR bulbs, which you cannot see with a naked eye.

Full spectrum of lights

GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light Wavelengths

GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light Wavelengths

Being a grower, if you are expecting a brilliant yield, then it is necessary for you to bring home such a grow light, which provides your plant with all essential lights, and that too in perfect quantity. GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light fulfills your this need. The spectrum of this grow light something like


Decent cooling system

The durability of a grow light heavenly depends upon the efficiency of its cooling system. Further, if we talk, the success of a grow light depends heavily upon the durability. Here, with this grow light, you are getting a brilliant cooling system. This cooling system can give a tough completion to the cooling systems, which we get in much expensive grow lights. It retains very right temperature in the grow tent, where your plants are thriving.

This cooling system is not going to bring you any trouble while working in the environment temperature of -4F to +104F. So, you are not supposed to operate this grow light in the environment, where the heat has crosses 40 degrees C.

Fabulous PAR value

The PAR value determines the light intensity and also what colors the light is emitting. We normally calculate the PAR value from the height of 24 inches, at it is the standard height of placing most of the grow lights during the veg stage. With GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light, you are getting 1113 umols as the PAR from 24”. With that much high PAR value, your cannabis and weed are going to thrive like a dream!

GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light Review : Specs

32 x 26 x 3.3 inches are the dimensions of this grow light, and the weight is 46.5 pounds. The working frequency is 50-60Hz. The beam angle is 90 degree. Continuous working time is 12-18 hours per day. If you go beyond that limit, it is going to affect the lifespan of this grow light. The output power is 650W. It will work in AC 100-277V.

In the package, you get a Power Cord, a couple of carabiners and a couple of rope hangers. Anything missing in our package? Return it and order a new one. You are getting a three years warranty and a 90 days money back guarantee with this grow light. Here we go to reveal a couple of other specifications of this grow light.

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Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

Although it is a 650 Watt model, that doesn’t mean that it is going to suck 650V from the wall. If it was that, then it would have been terrible! 140W is its actual power draw. Although the company has not provided with a proper number regarding HPS replacing capability, so we will provide you with the number, which we obtained by testing it. 1000W HPS/HID is what GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light is going to replace efficiently.

Coverage area

The coverage area is on the stronger side of this grow light. You get a 4′ x 4′ coverage area for the bloom stage and 5′ x 5′ area for the veg area. But remember, always the max coverage area is considered. This area of 5′ x 5′ is calculated from the 24 inches height. First of all, you need to understand why these grow areas vary.

Simply, because the grow area depends upon the height of grow light directly. You have to increase and decreases it as per the growth phase. Hence, the grow area also increases and decreases accordingly. Understood or not?

GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light Review : A quick FAQ round

You will not find much reviews about this grow light, so it becomes difficult for you to get answers to certain questions. These questions might be related to usage, functions, drawbacks, benefits, user’s experience, and much more. So, here, through these FAQs, we are going to clear all these questions. Read properly.

Is daisy chaining feature present?

Sorry, not with this grow light. Multi branches cable or sockets is what the makers of this grow light recommend you to use for connecting this grow light.

UV and IR included?

Yes, they are included, but in minor amounts. That is not going to affect the plant growth at all.

What are the recommended hours to veg/bloom?

For the veg stage, you can use this grow light for 12-14 hours, do not go beyond that, and during the bloom stage, max limit is 16 hours.

If 1 led goes out, do the other led’s continue to light up, or, does this make the entire light go out?

If one LED chip is off, then it might happen that a few pcs of led chips will be off with that. Then the light gets a bit dimmed. But normally, it happens only rarely after years of using it.

Can you explain how many years is this light going to serve?

In hours, it is 50,000. That is roughly 5 years if you use it for the given time. The warranty will support you for the first three years. Rest two years durability depends upon your usage and maintenance.

Expose the darker side of GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light.

No daisy chaining feature, and no Veg/bloom switches. Those are the two biggest deficiencies in this grow light. The manufacturing defect is possible with all the products, but with this one, the percentage is high, so the users have to waste time in replacements. In a few units delivered, the fans were making high noise. Again, that is a manufacturing defect.

Besides that, you get less UV and IR with this grow light, in comparison to most of the 650W grow lights out there. Rest all we found good in this grow light.

What about the users’s experience of GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light?

91 users have written reviews on Amazon, about this item, and it has received 4.1 stars out of five. That is satisfactory, not brilliant. First of all, it is not a high selling grow light, besides that, there are some deficiencies as well, due to which it wasn’t able to go above 82% satisfactory mark.

Most of the issue was raised regarding the power of this gro weight. Users have mentioned that although the company claims that it is capable of replacing a 1000w HPs, they say reality is a bit different. It is much less powerful in comparison to other grow lights, with the same HPS replacing abilities.

A few users didn’t get a good yield. They cursed this grow light. Well, we do not know whether this grow light didn’t perform well, or it was their own mistakes. Like, for example, placing the light at the wrong height. Or maybe not exposing the plants to the light for the time required. Sometimes, the fans failed to please.

As we mentioned earlier, that can happen due to a manufacturing defect. As, when we tested this grow light, we found nothing wrong with its cooling system.

  • Full spectrum.
  • Efficient cooling system.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Bigger coverage area.
  • Highly responsive customer service.
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • 90 days money back guarantee.
  • IR and UV are in less amount.
  • No daisy chaining feature.
  • No Veg/Bloom switches.
  • A bit higher percentage of manufacturing defect.

GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light Review : The final wrap-up

If a grow light has satisfied 82% of its users, then it is a worthy recommendation. You see, this grow light has been successful in providing a decent yield, that means this grow light is entirely capable. You just need to use it properly.

Although IR and UV are less, as we said, it is not going to make that huge difference. The warranty service is good, and so is durability. Besides that, you are not paying much either. So, we do recommend this grow light, but not highly recommend. By saying that, we mean there are few other grow lights, at the same price level, who have satisfied a bigger percentage of users than what GoGrow G5 has.

The main reason behind it is that we cannot ignore the inconveniences of the users, mentioned in the consumer reviews. This grow light is a good value for money, but it is certainly not the best one.

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