Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light Reviews in 2021

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Growstar 1000W LED Grow LightHere we come with our Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light reviews to bring you most vital info. Before buying it, we want you to be fully familiar with the product. So, what you are supposed to do is, just read the review entirely, as even a small thing can affect your decision regarding the deal.

You get an additional thing, that is an interesting FAQ session, which you normally do not get with other reviews. We have ourselves constructed this FAQ part, and provided you with the knowledge, that we obtained by testing Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light. So, now it is the time to move towards the main review and start digging the product!

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Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light reviews

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light reviews

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light reviews

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light reviews: Basic info about the product

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light results

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light results

This company is not among the most dominating brands of today’s date, but its product has been triumphant in satisfying most of its users. This grow light is a power-packed one. It has much options to offer you in return of what it is asking for you to pay for it. Setting the grow light is not difficult at all. Marijuana and weed grower are loving this light.

It offers you full spectrum. Right from 380nm to 760nm is what you are getting in the spectrum. What we will be doing is, we will first of all play with the features and a bit of number game in the specs, and later on, we will move towards the facts, which force you to buy it, and the downstairs, that try to stop you from investing your money in Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light .


The features of this grow light are perfect for the weed growers. It seems as if this grow light is built especially for weed growers only. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to grow anything else. So, here we go to the features section.

BridgeLux LED used

When you talk about the most dominant LED manufacturers, then BridgeLux is counted among top two. Any other company highly provides you with such high durability. Here, in this grow light, the LEDs of the same company are used. There are 5W chips fitted, which are a total of 200 pieces in number.

These LED are Zener protected, which means that you are not going to face a whole LED failure if one or two chips go out. So, you can replace those chips easily, and things will roll the very same way. The lifespan is claimed to be of 100,000 working hours.

Decent cooling system

There are three huge size fans in the back side of this grow light. The structure is very much perfect, and the design itself supports the heat dissipation. The built-in aluminum heat sink is there, which combines with the fans, for more efficient heat dissipation. Most importantly, these fans are silent.

Full spectrum of lights

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light Spectrum of ligts and switches

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light Spectrum of lights and switches

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light Spectrum report

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light Spectrum report

You are getting a perfect band of lights of all colors in the spectrum of this grow light. A full 12 band spectrum means that you will not have to worry at all about the growth of your plants, as they will be supported no matter what growth phase they are passing by. in this spectrum, you get Red(650-660nm, 620-630nm), Orange(600-610nm), Blue(430-440nm, 450-460nm, 460-470nm), UV(380-400nm), IR(740-760nm), White(2700-3000K, 4200-4500K).

Decent PAR value

There is a confusion regarding the PAR output of this grow light. The numbers, which company has provided are 2265 umols from the height of 18 inches, and 1255 umols from the height of 24 inches. The diagram indicated on Amazon tells the same. But remember, the company always doesn’t provide the right numbers.

We have seen certain cases, where people bought the grow lights, and then found that certain numbers didn’t match as per mentioned by the companies, such as the PAR output, intensity of light, Watt output, power consumption, HPS replacing capabilities, and sometimes even the coverage area.

We have tested this grow light, and we do know the actual PAR value, we would not mention the numbers directly, as we do not want to fall in any controversies. What we are going to do is, we will provide the numbers to the company, and request them to provide you with those authentic numbers regarding the PAR value. We just say that the PAR value, which you are getting with Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light is deeply satisfying.

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Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light reviews : Specs

In dimensions, Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light measures 20.1 x 11.2 x 2.6 inches, and the weight is 13.6 pounds only. It is one of the lightest among the 1000W models. Frequency is 50-60Hz, and the viewing angle is 90 degree. AC100-240V is the input voltage. You get a power cord and hanging kits in the package.

You are enjoying a three years limited warranty after buying one. In addition to that, a 30 days money back guarantee also stands beside you. For more specs of this grow light, please read further.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

Buyers are very smart nowadays. The features do not seem enough to force them to buy the grow light. They look for long-term benefits as well. Now, what can be the long-term benefit of a grow light? One is durability, and the other thing is how much power it sucks from the wall. Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light consumes only 185 watts from the wall, and in return, it replaces a 1000 watt HPS/HID light system.

Those numbers are really outstanding. When you adjust both the actual power draw and HPS replacing capability in a ratio format, you will find that the ratio is much much better than most of the other 1000W models in the market.

Coverage area

This grow light doesn’t please you just by its power and brightness, but it also is capable of covering a very good area. 5.1′ x 4.7′ growing area at 24 inches height is what you are getting with this grow light. That is 24 square feet. At that price level, you hardly observe a 1000W model covering that much broad area. You can easily grow 8-10 plants (medium size) in that much coverage area.

Presence of Veg and Bloom switches

It is always beneficial to have these switches in any grow light. By having these, you do not have to, again and again, make adjustments regarding the height. Just press the button, and the light intensity and wavelengths get adjusted according to the need of that growth phase.

Press the Veg button, your grow light will support your plant through the veg stage the best way possible, and by pressing the bloom switch, your plant is going to get sufficient light to produce max size flowers with max resin. That is all the game of switching the intensity of the red and blue light.

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light reviews : A quick FAQ round

This one is the fascinating part of the review. Here, what you are going to find is some facts, some side knowledge, some inner info, and most importantly, the cons. Without even purchasing the item, you will be gaining the user’s experience! What can be better than that? So, are you excited?

Is Daisy chaining feature available?

No, not with this model. You get that feature in the dual chip models. This one is a single chip.

What is the safe distance from the plants?

See, it entirely depends upon your plant. What you are growing, and how much light intensity is that plant able to cope up with. But we recommend you, no matter what you are growing, keep the light at least a foot away from the plants.

It seems as if red light is included in more quantity than the blue light. Besides that, a few bulbs don’t seem working.

Yes, when you compare it with other grow lights, it is having a bigger proportion of the red light. But that doesn’t mean that it is going to support only a certain phase of growth. We already explained in the review that it supports all the growth stages.

Yes, a few bulbs might not look as if they are working, but they are actually working. They are emitting IR and UV, which you or I cannot see. Same is with all the grow lights, which include IR and UV.

Can I place this light vertical?

Yes, you can place it that way. No issues. No feature is going to be disturbed. But make sure that the way you are placing your lights, do not harm your plants by providing an extra amount of light. Like we say, if you place two such lights vertical on either side of your plants, maybe both lights 12-15 inches away from the plants, then you might face difficulties. Best way to use this grow light is as per the recommendation of the company.

Do not try anything too fancy unless you are accepting the consequences, without complaining about the light.

What is not that good in Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light ?

Generally, there are hardly any difficulties, that you are going to face with this grow light. The daisy chaining feature is not available with this model. Right PAR output numbers are not provided by the company. However, we didn’t find any complaint regarding that in the public reviews.

We tested this grow light on a number of vegetations, we found good results, except the aquatic plants. So, we concluded that although the light is a decent one, but it is not a very good aquatics supporter. Weed was great! Cactus was fantastic! Now you will be thinking like “who grows cactus you freaks!”Sorry, we do! After all, it is the question of testing.

What do the users of Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light  say?

On Amazon, 53 users have reviewed the item. That indicates that it is not that much in trend. It received a healthy 4.4 stars rating out of five. 89% users have given four stars and above, while just 5 percent are below five. Overall, the light has performed exceptionally well, and the results were better than some even higher quality and more expensive lights.

Now let us throw light on the complainers. In one case, the light started flickering within two weeks, we can call that a manufacturing issue. you can get the whole piece replaced. In other few cases, users were not happy with the yield.

We call that a human mistake. Other more than 80% of users are entirely happy with the yield, then why aren’t these four guys? Well, you can yourself understand. The light isn’t going to do everything itself. You will have to use it appropriately.

  • Low price.
  • Highly durable LED used.
  • Highly efficient cooling system, and not a single complain against that.
  • Low power consumption, and high output.
  • Veg/Bloom switches are present.
  • Full spectrum including IR and UV.
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.
  • No daisy chaining feature.
  • Wrong number of PAR value provided by the company.
  • The blue light and red light ratio isn’t perfectly balanced.

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light reviews : The final wrap-up

We took you across the experience of users in our Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light reviews, and now you would already be having an idea what all you are going to get being a user from this grow light. You are certainly going to be beneficial after buying this model, as hardly any feature is missing. Besides that, the cost is low.

If you are a weed grower, then there are less chances of finding other grow light, at the same price level, which is going to support your weed plants that much. Not only that, you can grow off-season veggies, fruits, pepper, cannabis, marijuana, underground plants, and much more. We highly recommend you to buy Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light. Come on, hurry up! Get one for yourself.

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