Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light Reviews in 2020

Last updated on April 28th, 2020 at 06:20 pm

Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000WHowdy! Here we are with our Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light reviews to get you informal about this grow light. Although this one is an immensely trending one, but you do need to fully know about the thing that you are going to buy. You will not have to turn a lot of pages on Amazon or spend time finding info through various review.

We have provided you with a review, which is the best one, will all info that you need. Besides that, it is an authentic review, and an honest one also, as we write only what is true. So, read thoroughly, and get knowledgeable.

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Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light reviews


Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light reviews: Basic info about the product

This 1000W model has broken heads of some of the 1000w models of most dominating brands. Breaking head doesn’t mean that this grow light is violent, we wanted to say that it has beaten many of them in the race of success. Besides that, it is one of the lightest as well.

When you read the customer reviews, of this, grow light, you will feel quite secure in investing it. Same thing you will feel after reading the features. But remember, every single product has some drawbacks. So is this grow light. Now, first of all, read the basic info, in which we have described the coverage area, durability, PAR output, HPS replacing ability, and some number game in the specs section.

You might come across the benefits within these paragraphs displaying the basic knowledge only, but you will come to know about the downstairs in the FAQ section of our review.


Features are highly responsible for attracting you to buy a grow light. When you read the features and the specs, you already make a 50% decision in your mind. Here, we are discussing the features of Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light. Read carefully what all this grow light offers you.

Top quality LED used

The quality of the LED is no different than what most of the high quality grow lights have. Yes, Epileds/BridgeLux LEDs are used. 200 pieces of 5Watt each. We know that these 5W chips are not as good as the dual chips 10W. But remember, this grow light is not going to give you even a single chance regarding brightness. The complain percentage against the durability is also meager. 50,000 hours is the time, for which this grow light is going to serve you.

Full spectrum

Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light Spectrum report

Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light Spectrum report

Whenever you read the words “Full spectrum” under the heading “features” of any grow light, it means that the LED is capable enough to provide all necessary lights to your plant and will brace all the growth stages of your plant.

Here, the full spectrum, which you are getting with this grow light is something like: Red(650-660nm, 620-630nm), Orange(610-615nm), Yellow(580-590nm), Green(520-530nm), Blue(430-440nm, 450-460nm, 460-470nm), UV(380-400nm), IR(740-760nm), White(2700-3000K, 4200-4500K).

Did you notice, UV and IR are in terrible proportion and even the white light. So, there is nothing else, that your plant is going to need regarding light, for growing healthy.

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Decent cooling system

The cooling system of a grow light, isn’t meant just for dissipating the heat properly, but it must work quite at the same time as no one likes a continuous high noise. The heat dissipation system of Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light is entirely brilliant. Most importantly, if you use this grow light in a comparatively smaller grow tent, still your plants are not going to be affected by the heat. You see such thing in very less grow lights.

PAR value

Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light PAR value

Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light PAR value

The PAR value that you are getting with this model might be less than the competing models. At 24 inches, you are getting 765 lumens, which is satisfactory, but not brilliant. You decrease the height to 18 inches. The PAR value will be 574 lumens.

However, the light is powerful and bright, no doubt about that. But still, we feel that for supporting the underground vegetation and aquatic as well, the PAR value must have been more than what it is offering you being a 1000W model.

Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light reviews : Specs

The Dimensions are 20.1×11.2×2.6 inches, and the weight is 13.6 pounds. Input Voltage is AC100-240V. Frequency is 50-60Hz as normal. The lifespan is estimated to be above 50,000 hours. The lens angle is 90 degrees. You are getting a power cord and hanging kits together with this item. The power cord that comes along with is shorter than normal. so, if you are not comfortable with that, contact the sellers, they are going to help you.

As usually you get with the Higrow grow lights, you are getting a 3 years warranty with a 30 days money back grantee. For more specs, keep reading further.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

The actual power draw is never the number written in the title of a LED grow light. That number is obtained by multiplying the number of chips, to their Watt. Like in this grow light, 200 pieces LED chips x 5W each = 1000W. But the actual power draw is something else. The actual power draw of Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light is 400W.

While the number of HPS replacing capability is the same that is mentioned in the name of this grow light. Yes, 1000W HPS/HID is what it can replace, but a few users complain that they are misguided here. We will discuss that later in the FAQ section.

Coverage area

At that price level, the coverage area, that Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light is providing you is a thing to feel joyous! At 24 inches, this light efficiently covers 5x4ft, and from 18 inches, 4x3ft is what it is going to cover. Now, that might look limited to a few readers, as we are talking about the 1000W model here, and many of the other 1000W models are providing a bit more than that, then let us explain you, that look at the difference at the price level as well.

Presence of Veg and Bloom switches

Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light Veg and Bloom phases

Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light Veg and Bloom phases

You see this features in top quality grow lights only. It is a sort of luxury. Instead of making changes manually according to the requirement of your plants during various growth stages, you just need to turn ON a button. When you turn on either of the switches, this 1000W model is going to adjust itself properly and emit the required light in the right proportion.

Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light reviews : A quick FAQ round

Now, this is the part, that you need to read very carefully, if you really want to get fully aware of the drawbacks of Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light, or want to get some vital info regarding the usage. So, shall we proceed?

Is this grow light really capable of replacing a 1000W HPS system? After reading the PAR values, I don’t think so.

We have tested this 1000W model in our lab and found it fully efficient in replacing the HPS system as mentioned. However, if you are a grower, who rolls on with the underground veg mostly, then yes, you are not going to get the best yield. Find out a more powerful LED.

Can I replace the bulbs individually?

Yes, you can surely replace the lights. These are zener protected, so while one is not working, it is not going to influence the other bulbs. You can replace them, but we recommend you do not carry on the process yourself. Take the help of a professional tool soldering iron for doing that, and take the help of someone, who knows how to do that.

I am living outside USA. How can I receive the product?

The goods of this grow light are in the US, and deliveries are made only on US addresses. You will not get a delivery outside the USA. However, through certain selling websites, sending overseas is possible. You can contact the company for further info.

I want to claim my warranty. How should I contact?

You can contact the company via e-mail. Share your issue on higrowsupport@163.com.

Why is the coverage area of the 600W and 1000W model so similar? It must have provided a larger one comparatively.

Yes, there is no major difference between the coverage area of the 600W model and this model. But in this model, the light intensity is much higher than the 600W model, that is the difference. You can grow medical plants with this one.

Can you suggest me a dimmer cord, with which this light works efficiently?

Sorry, you are not having the option of attaching a dimmer cord with this model. The light doesn’t support dimmer.

What are the facts to concern about this grow light?

Lenses used in this grow light are not fixed to the LEDs and move much during shipment and placement in the grow tent. Difficult to reposition these lenses and besides that, the design does not prevent further shifting if the light is positioned again. We ordered this light for testing, and this is what we experienced.

Besides that, the coverage is a thing, that has not satisfied us that deep. In a few cases, the product was not delivered well, and buyers received it broken. But that is not the con of the light, that is some other issue. Daisy chaining feature is not present. It is not going to support your underground plants that good. That’s it.

What do the users of Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light say?

There are 151 reviews on Amazon, and it received 4.5 stars out of five. There are 82% users, who all gave five stars ratings! After paying such a low price for a 1000W model, people are entirely happy with the performance. Complainers were mostly angry with the bad deliveries, where they received their units broken. In one case, the fan broke, in the other two cases, a few bubs died before time.

That was all that we read under the complaints! Rest all was entirely fine.

  • Low price.
  • 12 Band full spectrum with IR, UV and white light included.
  • No over-heating issues.
  • Delighting durability.
  • Excellent customer reviews.
  • 3 Years limited warranty.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.
  • Lenses are not fitted that well on the LED chips.
  • The Coverage area is a bit less.
  • daisy chaining feature is absent.
  • Not powerful enough to fully support underground vegetation.

Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light reviews : The final wrap-up

When we said that 82% of users had given it full ratings, that was enough for deciding that this particular grow light is worth investment. There are no major complaints. Mostly, complaints are regarding bad deliveries. Nothing wrong with the functioning and effectiveness of the grow light. Lifespan is always the biggest thing to concern before buying any grow light. This one is highly durable. Many growers have received top quality yield.

Everything sounds good. It is making you beneficial from all four directions, so, what are the factors for which one can step back from the deal? No such factor! If you are an indoor grower, this grow light is going to fulfill all your wants. We highly recommend Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W grow light to all.

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