How to Clone Cannabis Plants? – A Complete GUIDE 2021

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how to clone cannabis plantAlmost all of us wonder how our marijuana plants are going to turn out when they grow up and start providing buds, right?

What if we told you that there is a Full-Proof way to know exactly what you are going to end up with?

Exciting, yeah?

Well read on then…

Plant cloning is really growing right now all around the world, people are cloning their plants to get various kinds of advantages, we will discuss those in a moment.

To a complete beginner, cloning a plant will sound like something very scientific which happens only in the movies. But it is easier than you might think.

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To help everyone out, we have come up with this post!

How to Clone Cannabis Plants

How to Clone Cannabis GUIDE 2018

Cannabis Clones

We are going to lay out step by step guide of doing it the correct way, you will surely be ready to clone your cannabis plants after you read this tutorial post.

First things first, let us explain all the beginners what cloning is.

There are two types of procedures by which you can breed cannabis plants, one is sexual reproduction in which you do pollination and create seeds and the other one is asexual reproduction which is cloning the marijuana plant.

Cloning simply means you got to take a sample of the marijuana plant (mind that you have to select the perfect piece, more on that later) and give it nutrients and proper environment in order for it to grow into a full-fledged cannabis plant.

You just have to take a small sample and wait for it to grow its own roots and grow into a plant that will be 100% copy of the mother plant from where you took the sample.

Cloning is very popular with both the amateur’s growers and the commercial large-scale growers, mainly because it gives you a lot of advantages.

What are the advantaged associated with cloning cannabis?

  • It is a cost-effective method of growing new marijuana plants.
  • Cloning will allow you to make many plants for free and in no time.
  • You will get a higher level of sustainability in your weed plants.
  • As you know the characteristics of the mother plant, you will know how to care for the clone because it will be the same exact copy of the mother plant.
  • You can create the exact replicas of your best performing cannabis plants.
  • Achieve more stability in the new marijuana plants.
  • You will get a guarantee of getting a female plant.
  • Cloning can be done at almost all the stages of cannabis plants life time.
  • The new plants will have the same characteristics as the old one along with the same effects when smoked.
  • Clones will grow faster compared to seeds.
  • You can maintain the same flavour, taste. aroma or cannabinoid profile in your plants by cloning.
  • You will get hereditarily indistinguishable cannabis plants.
  • Cloning can shorten the period of growing which is normally about 100 days for seed plant to a considerable 10 to 15 days.
  • You can create lot of clone from a single marijuana plant.

So, we talked about the pros of cloning, but there are a few cons as well which you should keep in mind before heading out on the path of cloning.

Disadvantages of cannabis cloning?

  • Cloning is not for everyone, some people want to grow different kinds of strain in their grow room, for which they should buy different seeds as seeds have the ability of providing many different strains.
  • As the clones will be exact same as the mother plant, they all will be affected by the same diseases. You have to take extra care that that no epidemic should attack your plants or all of your plants will die out together.
  • We would not go into the topic of the effects of cloned plants on human body as it is very debatable topic, you can surf around the internet and make decision yourself on this one.
  • If you do mistake in choosing the mother plant, then the clone will have the same lacking as the mother plant as they are genetically same.
  • The clone which are not healthy may die quickly.
  • You have to be careful that you are taking clone from mother plants only. Taking clones from a clone plant will result in bas growth characteristics and genetic drift.
  • Clones are very sensitive to nutrients and sunlight, you need to give them enough time to establish or they will go into a shock and could take weeks to recover or worse – they might die.

So, now you know about the good and the bad, ready to start cloning?

Well, before you head out, let us tell you about the things that you are going to need when cloning marijuana plants.

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Equipment Needed

  • The first and foremost thing that you need is a healthy mother plant which you love with all your heart.
  • You will need some starter cubes for you to put the clones in, you can also use compressed peat pellets, rockwool cubes or rapid rooters.
  • Sharp razor or sharp scissors are needed to successfully cut a sample from the mother plant.
  • You will need cloning gel/powder.
  • A mild and not too strong light (if you want to checkout the best grow lights reviews then please click HERE, it includes all the best lights on the market chosen by us).
  • A heating mat for the clones or a humidity dome.
  • Cloning tray.
  • Plastic containers or buckets.
  • Water sprayer/mister.

Alright, That’s it!

Now you have everything that you are going to need to start cloning your marijuana plant. Let us lay out a step by step procedure now so even the beginners can fully understand the process.

STEP 1: Choosing the right mother plant

The first thing you should do is to clean and disinfect all the things that you are going to use in this process. We don’t want any infections of contaminations to affect the clone.

You also need to know which plant is ready to be cloned. Look for plants which are very healthy, strong and are about 2 months into the VEG growth stage.

Check the leaves of the marijuana plant are not connecting at the same spot on the stem and are alternating then it’s a good sign that the plant is ready for cloning procedure. Checkout the picture below to see an example of a plant which is ready to be cloned.

How to Clone Cannabis

Example of a marijuana plant ready for cloning

STEP 2: Cutting

Now that you have identified your best plant, its time to cut a sample.

But wait!

Before that, we would like to give out some precautionary tips:

  • Before you actually go out and cut a sample, make sure that you are not fertilizing the mother plants. You need to stop giving the cannabis plant fertilizer before a few days. This is done to give the nitrogen time to go out from the leaves and stems. We want the clones to focus on root development and excess nitrogen will trick the clone into trying to go into VEG growth stage.
  • As soon as you cut the sample, make sure you place them in water in order to stop the air bubbles forming on the stem.
  • You need to cut as close to the stem as possible in a 45-degree angle to get the maximum amount of area for rooting purpose.
  • Checkout the lower branches and scope out an area which is very strong and has thick and healthy stems.
  • Make sure the environment is sterilised as to not disturb the plant or the clone sample.

When you are ready, cut the stem in a 45-degree slit and place the clone inside water. If you think there are too many leaves then you can remove some of them, but make sure you leave enough for the photosynthesis process. Reducing the leaves on the plant helps the plant to get nutrition to other demanding parts.

The length of the sample should be about 5 to 8 inches in length. Taking clones from the lower part of your mother plant is good as it has more hormones in it and the roots of the clone will also grow at a faster rate.

STEP 3: Choose medium

Your newly cut samples of marijuana plant will need a lot of humidity and light (mild light) for about 18 hours. You have to choose from a wide variety of rooting mediums, the most used methods are as follows:

  • Water – in this procedure, you have to place the clone in water until the roots break out. You will not need any kind of rooting hormones or other medium for this method.
  • Soil – this is probably the most used method in horticulture. You just have to place your clone sample in a soil which does not have a lot of nutrients in it. Keep adding water to the soil in order to keep the humidity intact.
  • Rockwool – you can find rockwool cubes online very easily and for cheap prices. These are really good because they retain a lot of moisture and have a very good flow of air.

Although there is no rule of which medium is the best, it depends on the environment you have around you. So, try a few and play around until your find the one that is best suited for your environment. It is good if you use rooting solutions on the clone before moving it into the medium, this will increase its probability of survival.

TIP – As soon as you cut the stem, make sure you dip it in gel or some other powder so as to seal of all the airways.

STEP 4: Transplanting

Once your clone roots have grown, it is time to transplant them in your chosen medium. Once you see there is some VEG growth on the clone, that means its ready to be transplanted. Make sure you have a clean a sterilized environment as to not disturb the cannabis plant.

Most people use big container as the transplant mediums. Choose a container big enough for the plant so it can row inside it. If you have the clone inside water, make sure the roots are not exposed to air at all, take the whole thing and transplant it very carefully.

If you planted the Clone in Rockwool then it would look something like what is shown in the picture below.

How to Clone Cannabis

Root development in Rockwool medium

STEP 5: Taking care

Now that your clone is all set in its final planting medium, you can relax a little. You have to start to care of the clone as it is still new and fragile. Use a water sprayer few times a day on your clone, this is done to give enough humidity to the leaves of the plant.

Right now, the roots have not developed a lot and the cannabis plant is taking in water through the leaves, so it is imperative to keep thing humid around the plant.

Clones like warm places so make sure you have the temperature around 72 to 77 Degree F.

Talking about the lighting now, some growers do not provide light to the clone for one or two days but we would suggest you to give it a light source right away. Make sure that the light is mild and not too strong or you can risk damage to the clone. Use something like a CFL bulb.

If you are using Full spectrum LED grow light, then you might want to keep the lights at least 30 inches away from the plant. The clones are fragile and won’t tolerate strong light.

Use 18 hours ON time and 6 hours OFF time for lighting schedule, because darkness is associated with root growth.

When you spray them with water, you can use a VERY mild nutrient solution for added benefits, make sure you don’t overdo it.

Checkout this Video for a Step-by-Step Video Guide of Cloning Process

TIP – if you are experimenting with a couple of different clone sample, then you should make an organized diary about what kind of treatment you are giving to which clone sample. This way you will know which environment setting worked the best for your marijuana plant.

That’s it!

Cloning is a fun process and its really good for your pocket. You can continuous make the same type of cannabis plant with the exact same taste, smell and other characteristic all year round. We hope we have helped you in understanding the cloning process in detail. If you have any other questions regarding marijuana, then feel free to write it in the comment section.

If you would like to read more about cloning then check this WiKi page out.

In the meantime, we welcome you to checkout our COMPLETE GUIDE on How To Grow Marijuana Indoors on our website. It’s A to Z go to guide for every beginner.


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