How to Grow Marijuana Indoors – Complete Guide of 2021

Last updated on January 30th, 2020 at 08:15 am

how to grow marijuanaWhen it comes to how to grow marijuana, then your thought may be surrounded with myth


Growing cannabis is very hard and only professional and experienced people can do it!

But, it’s not like that.

Let me tell you a secretIt’s very easy to grow weed Indoors.

One more confirmation, Do you love the feeling and smell of marijuana? Surely, you are a Marijuana lover!!

It could be costly for you to just buy marijuana every time from people or shops, why not try a better and cheaper option??

Why not grow marijuana indoor yourself at home? Growing weed by self is a better option than buying it from someone. Be your cannabis grower.

Now, if you are wondering how to grow marijuana? Then here I have come up with a complete growing marijuana guide.

This might be a really good post for you!

How To Grow Marijuana at home?

Best Go-To Guide for Indoor Marijuana Growing

Image from weed grower’s instagram feed.

You just need a perfect “how to grow weed” guide.

Almost anyone can grow cannabis indoors at home with just a bit of right knowledge.

We are here to provide you that basic knowledge which will help you start growing your cannabis in no time.

It takes only about 4 months for you to sow the seed and start smoking that good stuff!

In this post, we are going to lay out step by step process for you to read and follow to grow marijuana indoors at your home by yourself.

This post will give you the latest information on growing marijuana Indoors of 2021.

We will also give you our the suggestion about what equipment to buy. We will always recommend you the very best things available on the market and you can trust us that we will give you the honest information there is on about indoor marijuana growing.

First things first let us tell you a little about the uses of marijuana currently…

  • The first and most important use of cannabis is to smoke it out and chill, which all of us love!
  • You can use pipes, blunts, spliffs, bongs, water pipes and many other things to smoke and enjoy marijuana.
  • You can use marijuana as an ingredient in many other medicines and procedures.
  • You can make painkilling creams and lotions with it.
  • Can also be used as massaging oil.
  • You can even make your cannabis oil for treatment of various kinds of problems.
uses of marijuana

uses of marijuana

Now you know there are many other uses of marijuana other than just smoking it recreationally.

You can grow marijuana indoors and outdoors both. But in this post, we are focusing on providing information on the indoor growing of marijuana.

Let us show you some advantages and disadvantage of indoor marijuana growing.


  • You can control all the environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and other things.
  • Marijuana has a sophisticated growing cycle which needs to be monitored, by growing it indoors you can save the plant from outside ever-changing weather.
  • The people who smoke marijuana regularly say that indoor grown marijuana is of better quality than outdoor ones.
  • You have total control over the flowering of your marijuana plants.
  • You can adjust the lighting as per your and plants liking.
  • With the help of a grow tent you can keep the pests and bugs out.
  • No chance of huge environmental changes indoors which can affect the plant’s health.
  • You can grow marijuana no matter if you live in the cold weather of a very hot one.


  • Photosynthesis in plants works best in sunlight, so you may have to tweak the lighting system more to get it near the efficiency of natural sunlight.
  • The biggest con of growing cannabis indoors is the ventilation problem (although you can solve this by setting up a ventilation system).
    You need to know about controlling the light, humidity, temperature and other environmental factors.
  • Space is also a big factor when it comes to indoor marijuana growing. You have limited space whereas you can grow as many plants as you want outside.
  • If you do not pay attention, the marijuana plants may grow very tall for your indoor space.

So, this was all the basic information about indoor marijuana growing.

General information on indoor marijuana growing equipment and supplies.

If you are going to grow marijuana indoors, then you might need equipment and tools.

For example: if you live in the very hot area then you would need a fan or air conditioning system to keep your indoors at a suitable temperature for the marijuana plants.

Also, if you are growing marijuana indoors, then you might face a problem of the cannabis odor, which you can easily solve by putting up proper ventilation systems.

This section will shed light on the things which you might need to start your own indoor marijuana growing operation.

What environmental factors do you have to keep in check?

If you want the best indoor marijuana setup that provides with the best marijuana buds, then you have to make sure that the environment around your cannabis plants is optimum for their growth.

You have to control the following things to get the best results:


The best temperature that marijuana plants grow in is between 70 to 85 degree Fahrenheit. Once the plants are older, and in flowering or budding stages then you need to provide them a bit cooler weather of about 65 to 80 degree Fahrenheit.

Now if you live in a colder region, then you might have to get heaters to get to this temperature range and maintain it for your marijuana plants.

Although if your lighting system makes enough heat for the temperature to be in the given range, then you won’t be needing the heater.

Checkout our post of the Best Temperature and Humidity controllers to know more about it.

But if you live in very cold or very hot region, then you will need to buy the appropriate equipment. The following are our recommendations:

Heater – Apollo Horticulture Heating Mat

Cooler – Frigidaire FFRE0533Q1 Air conditioner


You will need to monitor and change the humidity to make your marijuana plants grow better and healthy. The best humidity range for marijuana plants is between 40% to 70%.

If you live in a region which has humidity somewhere between this range then no worries you don’t need to buy any additional equipment.

Whereas if the humidity levels are too high or too low then we would recommend you to buy the following products:

Humidifier – Holmes HWM6008-NUM Humidifier

Dehumidifier – Frigidaire FAD504DWD Dehumidifier


Everyone might not like the marijuana odor that comes out from your grow area. In most cases, people want to mask the odor 100% to grow the marijuana stealthy.

Now to accomplish that you would need a proper ventilation and odor elimination setup. We have already written an in a detailed post about the Best In line fans and odor eliminators HERE.

If you are short on time and just want the best odor eliminator recommendation, then we would say iPower 6 Inch odor Eliminator is the best choice.


Same as humans, the plants also need fresh air all the time. You have to set up some ventilation system to remove the excess air and get in clean air inside your grow area. Removing excess hot air also makes the temperature go down inside your grow space.

Check out this best ventilation system for your grow area: AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6

Carbon Dioxide:

A lot of research has been done on how the marijuana plants produce bigger and better bud when the percentage of carbon dioxide in the air is high around the grow space.

We have also written an in-depth post of the Best CO2 generators in the market which you can access by going HERE.

We would recommend you the AutoPilot APCG4LP 4 Burner Co2 Generator.


If you want to keep the health and yield of the marijuana plant to the maximum, then you have to monitor every aspect of the environmental factors all the time.

The best way to go around monitoring things is to get a few equipments that will help you out in the process.

Best Temperature and Humidity monitor – Ambient weather WS-07-C Thermo/Hygro meter

Best CO2 monitor – CO2Meter Digital Co2 controller

Choose a suitable place to grow marijuana inside your home or garage.

Now that you have decided that you are going to grow marijuana indoors, it’s time to think about a suitable space where you can start your operations.

Indoor marijuana growing needs a lot of care and responsibility. You have to provide your plants with everything they need. Choose a place which is very easily accessible for you and which is easy to monitor.

Everyone would have a different idea in mind for the suitable places, so we cannot give you a standard word here. Although the following are some ideas on which you can think about:

  • You might have a spare room which no one uses. Go on and start the operation there.
  • If you want to go stealthy, then a closet might be an excellent idea.
  • Some people grow their marijuana in an unused extra bathroom.
  • You can buy a grow tent and place it anywhere you like indoors (recommended).
  • We have also seen people growing marijuana inside a PC cabinet.
  • Or you might want to get a grow box (recommended).

If you ask us, then we would say that if you are confused then go for a grow tent or a grow box. Grow tents are the ideal choice for most people who grow marijuana inside their homes.

Grow tents:

best grow tent

best grow tent

The enclosed environment of a grow tent helps you a lot to control the factors like lighting, ventilation, etc. check out how much space you have inside the house so you can decide what size of grow tent you want to buy.

Most of the grow tents are cheap and very effective at maintaining the environmental factor that you chose.

The best grow tents are light proof, waterproof, and tear proof. You can even buy stealth grow tents which look like cabinets and closets, so no one will know what you have in your room.

All the grow tent come with good quality fabric and have holes for you to attach other equipment like fans and heaters.

It would be way less costly to buy a grow tent then to prepare a room for marijuana growing. We have a vast Beginners guide for choosing the Best Grow Tents Reviews HERE. We have reviews of various sizes of grow tents from smaller ones to large grow tents which can accommodate many plants inside it.

Stealth Grow Box:

Stealth Grow Box

Stealth Grow Box

We also recommend people to buy grow boxes which are super stealthy. They look like a mini fridge or small drawers.

If you are into stealth indoor marijuana growing, then you should opt for these. If you want to hide your growing operation, then these cabinets are best. Here is the best stealth grow boxes reviews and recommendations.

What are the Growing methods of weed?

You want to grow marijuana indoors,


What method are you going to use to grow marijuana?

You have a variety to choose from!

What the main two methods people out there are using is soil and hydroponics.

Hydroponic method:

Hydroponic method

Hydroponic method

Let’s talk about the hydroponic methods first. If you are planning to grow the plants without soil, then it is called hydroponic growing.

In this method instead of using the soil as the growing medium, various things like gravel, clay, pebbles, Rockwool, perlite, peat moss or vermiculture are used.

We have already made a Beginner’s guide of a Hydroponic system.

The complete beginner’s guide to hydroponics include the advantages, disadvantages, and reviews of the very best hydroponic systems on the market.

Although if you are in a hurry and want to get the best hydroponic system them, we would love to recommend the Autopot 4 Watering System.

There are different types of hydroponics systems; we have also reviewed deep water culture systems.

Soil method:

The other method of growing marijuana indoor is the good old soil method.

For this method, you would need excellent quality soil from a good source. You should go out in the town and buy the very best garden soil you can get from hardware stores and garden centers.

This soil is the heart of your indoor marijuana operation so you must get the very best out there.

If you bought very good soil, then you won’t be needing any kind of nutrients for about 3 weeks, because the soil itself would have all the things necessary for the marijuana plants to grow. After that, you might want to start adding fertilizers and nutrient, but we will talk about that later in the post.

Growing cannabis in the soil will make the buds have better taste than grown in hydroponics. But on the other hand, if you grow marijuana with hydroponics method, then the plants will grow faster and will give higher yields.

Growing marijuana in soil is better for a beginner because hydroponic require a lot of monitoring and there are many things that can go wrong with it. With soil, you can rest assured that there are not many things you can mess up.

You should go with the method that you are more comfortable with. And after gaining some experience, you can try out other methods as well.

The best soil may contain the following things:

  • Peat moss
  • Coco fiber
  • Perlite
  • Earthworm castings
  • Compost
  • Fish, crab, bone, blood, kelp meals
  • Pumice
  • Composted leaf
  • Sand
  • Rock Dust
  • Mycorrhizae fungi
  • Humic acid
  • And many other things

Nutrients and Fertilizers:

Your soil is going to support and give nutrients for the plants only for a few weeks, after that there will be no nutrients left in the soil at all.

To keep the health and yield of marijuana at the top at all times, you will need to provide your plants with proper nutrients.

In hydroponics this can be done by buying nutrient formulas that are soluble in water, this solution then is circulated through the plant roots.

To provide the nutrient to your plants, all you have to do is simple research. Regardless of the growing medium, your plants will take up its nutrients from the roots. Therefore, the nutrients should be made available to the roots.

Typical nutrients and fertilizers packs will have dosage labels on them, read them and give your plants the nutrients accordingly.

With time, you will get good at reading the plants health by looking at it. For example: if your marijuana plant leaves turn brown and crispy then it means you are providing too many nutrients to it, you should reduce the concentration in this case.

So how often should you provide fertilizer to your plants?

You can follow the 3 to 1 procedure. Give out fertilizer mixed water 3 times to your plants and then provide them with pure water the 4th time to flush out all excess stuff from the soil.

The most common and excellent fertilizer out there are the General Hydroponics Floranova series. You can mix them up with water and feed your plants easily.


While watering, you need to take care of the amount that you provide your plants. Young plants will need water once a few days whereas older one’s tent to need water once a day.

There is no fixed general rule to it, water your plants when the topmost layer of the soil feels dry.

An indication of low water is that the leave of the plants will hang down and will look unhappy, you must water it then more frequently.

The excess water should always drain out from the bottom of the pot or any other thing that you are using to place the soil.

Plants don’t like soggy roots as humans don’t like wet feet!

YELLOW LEAVEs = Plant need more fertilizer
UGLY SPOTTY LEAVES = Turn down the fertilizer

Role and types of lighting systems:

As we all know plants need natural sunlight to live. But if you are growing the plants inside your house, then you need to provide it some kind of alternative to the natural sunlight.

Having a good grow lighting system will make sure that your plants stay healthy and provide the best yield. You will need to invest a bit of money if you want an excellent light.

We would recommend you to check out our Beginners LED Grow Lights Buyers Guide. We have included information about LED lights and their pros and cons. We have also compiled a list of detailed reviews of the very best grow light on the market.

The most famous types of lights are the High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights, CFL lights and the LED grow lights.

We would recommend you to buy an LED grow light because they do not get very hot, they have a long service life and relatively cheap and in cost and maintenance.

Which LED grow lights do we recommend?

The best LED grow light out there which would be suitable for most people is VIPARSPECTRA PAR450 Full Spectrum Led grow light.

Start Growing Your Own Cannabis Indoors:

So now you have all the basic knowledge that you would need to start out with growing your marijuana indoors.

In this section, we will give you information about how to grow the marijuana plants and how to handle and care for them.

Choosing the best seeds:

best cannabis seeds

best cannabis seeds

To grow the best quality of marijuana, you will need good quality seeds. You can get seeds from many different sources.

You can buy them online from good sources or get it from a good seed shop that you might have around your town.

There is another way of growing marijuana without the seeds which are called cloning, but we will post another detailed post about that later.

An indication of a very healthy seed is the vivid tiger marble color. All healthy seeds are tear drop in shape and are very hard.

If you see the seeds are hollow, then they are probably dead and not good for growing marijuana. Avoid pale, soft, damaged or green seeds.

Types of seeds:


When you grow out marijuana plants, they can either turn out to be male or female. The female plants have to bud that we all love and desire. Therefore, you might be better off buying feminized seeds which will have a 95% chance of growing a female plant.

These seeds will grow vegetative for first few weeks. You will need to provide light from 18 to 24 hours a day. After a few weeks, you can reduce the light to 12 hours a day and then they will start to bloom. It will take about 8 to 9 weeks for them to bloom properly.


These are the easiest and fastest seeds to grow. For a beginner, this might be the most convenient way to grow cannabis at home. If you provide the plant with 20 hours of light daily, then they will grow and will be ready to harvest in only 75 days!

CBD rich

These CBD rich cannabis seeds are preferred by medical marijuana growers as it has 4%< CBD in their dry buds. But be careful these CBD seeds may not have the same “high” as the normal ones.

What to look for when purchasing seeds?

  • The different varieties and their traits.
  • The duration the seeds will take to grow into a full plant and start flowering.
  • The environmental condition that the seeds need.

How to germinate the seeds?



There many different ways with which you can germinate your marijuana seeds. Check out this Dutch Passion seed germination guide to see a long list of ways.

The seeds will need a warm and wet place to start growing.

Some people sow their marijuana seeds in growing mediums, and when they germinate, they transplant it into the final container. But for beginners, we would advise to directly sow the seeds in the final container. This way you do not have to transplant the seedling and risk damaging it.

Sometimes if the final container is slightly different then the initial growing medium then the seedling can get shocked and they may damage.

One of the most used and simplest methods to germinate seeds is to sow the seeds under 1 centimeter of soil. Now cover the soil up with plastic wrap so that the moisture is retained inside it. In a few days, you will see that the seeds have germinated and seedling have grown.

Once the seedlings have formed the plants are said to go into a vegetative stage.

Stages of marijuana growth

There are two different stages in marijuana plant growth.


Once the seedling has come out, the plant will go into a vegetative stage. During this stage, the marijuana plant will focus on growing a strong stem and lush shrubbery. During this stage, the plant will grow good roots, branches and lots of leaves. Notice you will not get any buds during this period. You can maintain this stage for as long as you like by providing the marijuana plant with 18 to 24 hours of light a day.

The longer you keep the marijuana plant in the vegetative stage the bigger it will get and the more yield it will provide during flowering. Typically, people let their plants be in the vegetative stage for about 4-5 weeks before changing them into blooming stage.

You can use lighting timers that will automatically turn the light on and off on its own making your life a bit easier.

Checkout this Automatic timer: Autopilot master digital timer.


  • Your plant will need more blue and green spectrum lighting.
  • The temperature right now in this stage should be between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The humidity level should be between 45% and 55%.

You will need to take care of your plant when it’s in vegetation period. Check out the following list of things you should take care of:


Make sure that you water the plants when the top layer of soil feels dry. You should have a hole at the bottom of the container to remove excess water.


Use a timer to give your plants scheduled lighting. Any changing in the lighting and you will confuse your plant.


Invest in a temperature control unit to make sure that you give the right temperature environment to your plants.


Start out with a lower amount of nutrient and then change depending on the reaction from a plant. Make sure you have the right pH levels in case of liquid nutrients.


Your plants need CO2 to grow, make sure you are giving your plants constant fresh air for them to perform efficiently.


Avoid low humidity environment during the vegetative stage. Keep an eye on the humidity levels with a monitor.


Once your plant has grown up and is ready to step out of the vegetative growth stage, you can change the lighting period to around 12 hours a day (12 on and 12 off). This will turn the plant into producing flowering and buds.

This stage requires about 8 to 10 weeks of time. During this time the flowers and buds are formed. You need to properly give the plant its nutrients and light to get the maximum yield.

At the end of the given period, your buds will be ready to be harvested.

Note: Your plants during bloom period may grow up to 2 to 3 times the height of the original plant in the vegetative stage.


  • Your plant will need more of red spectrum light.
  • You can also add a red flowering supplement light.
  • In early stages of flowering the plant will need lots of nitrogen gas.
  • You might want to turn down the humidity a little during this stage.
  • As the plant goes into the middle stage of flowering, the need for nitrogen will lower, and the need for phosphorous will increase

The amount of nutrient you give to the plant during the flowering stage will vary upon the variety of plant. Makes sure you adhere to the label dosage and change according to the plant’s reaction.


weed Harvesting

weed Harvesting

Now that your marijuana plants have bloomed and are ready to be harvested, you might want to know a little more about harvesting.

You need to be certain of harvesting time though, if you harvest too early then you risk of missing the resinous THC crystals that develop towards the end of the flowering cycle.

The best way to is to look at the trichomes color with a magnifying glass to see how ready are your plants to be harvested. If they look brown then your, buds are ready.

Generally, it would take 2 to 3 months for the plants to be ready.

The indication that they are ripe is that their white hairs will start to turn brown. Harvest when 60% to 80% of them have turned brown.

The buds will feel hard, and they will be heavy. Also, they will be smelling a lot, so you will know they are ready.

The buds that are harvested early would have to activate the high efficiency of the user, whereas the buds which are harvested late will have a little sleepy effect when smoked.

Overall you will have a window of 2 weeks to harvest the marijuana buds.

How are you going to harvest though?

You need to cut the whole plant just above soil level. Make sure you don’t touch the buds, they are sticky, and you will lose that much stuff.

Tip: Some people stop giving the plant with nutrient before two weeks of harvesting. This is done so that the plant will flush out extra salts and other stuff and the buds will taste better.


Pruning cannabis

Pruning cannabis

Pruning is a method by which you can increase the number of buds that you get in your marijuana plant. If you cut or pinch branches just above the node, then there will two new shoots emerging. If you keep doing this often and early then you will have a plant which would have low stretching and many branches and stems.

Once you have many branches and stems, you would have lots of budding sites. Increase in budding sites will promote more buds, and you will get a bigger yield.

Note: by pruning, you will increase the vegetative period of the plant so plan accordingly. Avoid pruning when flowering has started.

Trimming and Drying:

Trimming and Drying weed

Trimming and Drying weed

Now that you have the plant on your table, it’s time to trim the beautiful buds!

You have to do it the right way to get the best tasting and smooth buds.

Use scissors or bud trimmers to remove the leaves from the bud. We already have written the in-depth reviews of the Best bud trimmers. You can check them out here.

The big leaves are being trashed as they have no real use. The smaller leaves near the buds are precious, trim and collect them in a container. You can use these small leaves to smoke, or you can make butter or hash out of it. There are other uses of these leaves as well for example: making canna caps and edibles.

You need to trim them clear and cut so that they look good and are nicer to smoke.

grow weed indoor

grow weed indoor

Now talking about drying, some people trim the buds before drying, and some do vice versa. It is up to you to decide how you want to go around it. Trimming your buds after drying is a bit difficult though.

To dry the buds, hang the branches or buds upside down anywhere you like. Slow drying is always preferred compared to the fast ones. You can even use humidifiers or dehumidifiers to enhance the drying process.

Make sure there is no much humidity or moisture in the air when drying the buds or else you risk molding.

With a 60% humidity level, it will take about 4 to 8 days for the buds to get dry. If you live in lower humidity area, then it will be much quicker. Make sure you don’t over dry them. They are dry when the branches make crack sounds when you snap them.

Best Bud Trimmer?

We recommend you to buy this Clean cut M9000S 19-inch marijuana trimmer. It will make your life much easier when trimming the precious buds.


curing Marijuana

curing Marijuana

You have now dried and trimmed your marijuana buds.

BUT wait it’s not over yet!

You have to cure the buds to make sure that all the natural plant processes occur to give you the best potency and quality. Cured marijuana buds will give out the better flavor and will be smoother.

What does curing do?

  • Reduce the risk of mold or bacteria in your marijuana.
  • Increases the smoothness.
  • Increases the potency of your buds.
  • Curing improves the taste of the buds by breaking down the chlorophyll.
  • Gives out the better odor.
  • Reduce the possibility of negative side effects like nausea and headaches.

FUN FACT – Good curing makes up of 50% of your marijuana quality.

Curing can be done by storing the marijuana buds in quart sized mason jars. These jars should be airtight and should be kept in a cool dark place. In about two weeks the bud will be cured and ready to be smoked.

You might feel that the buds are little wet after 12 hours in the jars, but it is completely normal. Once to thrice a day you need to open the jar for a few seconds to let fresh air in and let the excess moisture out.

Once you see that even after 2 3 weeks the buds don’t feel wet, that is the time they are ready.

Curing is a process of maintaining enough moisture to keep the curing process on without having a lot of moisture to allow mold to grow.

Buy a hygrometer to keep the 60% humidity levels in the jar. The Best hygrometer on the market right now is Ambient weather WS-07-C Thermo/Hygro meter.

Storing marijuana after its ready.

Now that your buds are all cured and dried, it’s time to store them for later you. But how do you do that?

People have been successful in storing marijuana buds properly for years. Just make sure you use glass jar which is airtight and is kept in the dark and cool place.

The following is the list of things you need to consider when storing marijuana buds for the long-term:

  • Store it away from direct sunlight.
  • Use Hygrometer to monitor the humidity.
  • Save it from meddling temperatures.
  • Use a vacuum sealed jar.
  • Give the buds minimal oxygen exposure.
  • Use neutral charge containers like glass jars.
  • Keep checking forums and another website to get new ways to store marijuana.
  • Don’t store it in a freezer.
  • Don’t store in a plastic container as they will pick up the smell and flavor.
  • Don’t store it around equipment that gives off heat.

How to deal with the pests and bugs?

Although if you are growing marijuana indoors, there are fewer chances of bugs infestation but just in case if you face bugs them use a non-toxic pesticide spray to eliminate them.

You can use Neem oil which will kill the buds and pest and is not harmful to humans at all. Mix Neem oil with water and then spray the whole plant from bottom to the tom. You need to wet the whole marijuana plant and pay extra attention to damaged leaves and its underside.

After spraying the pesticide, turn the lights off and let it do its work. Spray Neem oil every other day and increase or decrease the dosage as per your plant’s health reaction.

Other tips:

Strange coloring or spots on the leaves:

If is normal if some leaves turn bad and fall off, it is meant to happen as the plant is growing new leaves and stems. At the end of a flowering stage, your plant’s leaf will turn yellowish, which is again normal. Other than these two things all the leaf in the plants should always be green and healthy during the whole period.

A rate of shedding:

Keep an eye out for leaves turning brown and falling. A few leaves every few days is completely normal. If you see a lot of leaf shedding, then there might be a problem.

Bad smell:

Rotten or bad smell indicated that there are bacteria and mold happening to your plants. Checkout if you can find the source of the smell. Your plants will smell very skunky in the last few days of flowering stage, which is normal.


Lookout for molds on your plant’s leaf. If you see white powder like thing on the leaf, then your plant might be affected with the powdery White Mildew Mold.

Ever-growing height:

If your plant does not get enough light, then it will stretch itself upwards and will look very tall with fewer stems. Your plant should be very bushy and thick with leaves.

The End:

We have written this post for the absolute beginners who do not have enough knowledge about an indoor marijuana growing.

We hope we have helped you understand every aspect of indoor marijuana growing and have encouraged you to grow your marijuana from now on. As you get the experience, you will find that there is much more information available on the internet which is a little complex for a beginner.

This is a starters guide, and as you gain experience in indoor marijuana growing we are sure you will go into far more complex ways of growing marijuana and getting more significant than ever yields!

Keep experimenting and learning from the online marijuana community.

Have fun growing marijuana!

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