King Plus 1000W LED grow light Review in 2021

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King Plus 1000W LED grow light such a high trending and popular grow light. Thousands of units have been sold, and most of them found it decent. We are writing King Plus 1000W LED grow light reviews to explain to you how good it is to invest money in this grow light.

Although the public reviews of King Plus 1000W LED grow light are excellent, but what all is there to complain about it? What is the other side of the coin? That is the main reason for us to write this review.

You will know every single thing about King Plus 1000W LED grow light before buying it, and you will not get this much sufficient knowledge in any other review.

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So, spend some minutes here, and be knowledgeable!

King Plus 1000W LED grow light reviews

King Plus 1000W LED grow light reviews

King Plus 1000W LED grow light reviews

King Plus 1000W LED grow light reviews : Basic info about the product

This light is such a popular one among the new growers. This energy efficient light brings a decent growing experience to you, most importantly at a very inexpensive price. However, the name of this LED has brought a lot of confusion to all.

It is high in trend, especially from last one year, but somehow, the success of 1000W models of other dominant companies have overshadowed King Plus 1000W LED grow light. But this grow light is equally efficient.

Let us leave this topic and learn something knowledgeable instead of comparing it. Shall we proceed towards the features?

King Plus 1000W LED grow light reviews : Features

If we talk about the features, then yes, this grow light is countable among the feature-rich 400W grow lights. Remember, the number of features does not always matter. The efficiency of those features matters. What all features are included in King Plus 1000W LED grow light and how efficient are they? That is what we are going to read further.

Long lasting LED bulbs used

A total of 90 LED bulbs are used in constructing King Plus 1000W LED grow light, which is of 10W each. These bulbs are much powerful in comparison to those 3W, and 5W bulbs used in most of the low price LED grow lights. These are durable for 100,000 hours. Avoid overusing this light. Otherwise, it will decrease the lifespan of the LED. Maximum per day usage that we recommend is 16 hours.

Powerful cooling system

The makers of this grow light have made some holes on the led board (Which is 3 mm thicker while other are just 1.6mm). This led board, fans and multiple heat sinks together form a perfect heat dissipation unit. Every single led has got a resistance, so they can keep working separately. The noise of this cooling system is hardly noticeable, which is a prominent advantage.

Affordable price

Although this grow light is giving a tough competition to 1000W models of other companies, but it has failed to dominate. That is a thing to fell surprised. If we compare the price, then this one is much cheaper in comparison to those 1000W, while the features and efficiency are almost the same.

Full spectrum

King Plus 1000W LED grow light reviews. Spectrum

King Plus 1000W LED grow light reviews. Spectrum

This LED grow light is capable of emitting yellow, red, blue, IR, UV and white light in perfect proportion. It is perfect for all types of indoor plants veg and flower for all stages of growth. Its full spectrum is very much similar to natural sunlight. A big advantage for sure, as with that much perfect light, you cannot just grow wee, cannabis, or marijuana, but also a very wide range of other plants.

Following is the info about various wavelengths included in the spectrum:

King Plus 1000W LED grow light reviews : Specs

Let us start on with primary specs. The dimensions of King Plus 1000W LED grow light is 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36 inches. The weight is 6.4 pounds. The viewing angles 90 degrees and 120 degrees and frequency is 50-60Hz. This grow light works efficiently in worldwide voltage AC85v-265v. You do not need an extra ballast, as it is controllable by a timer. Let us go deeper into specs now.

Actual power dray and HPS replacing capibility

Although it is a 1000W model (As per name), but that does not indicate its actual power draw. The actual power draw is just 185W. If you spend some seconds in calculating, then you will come to know how much low costing grow light is regarding power consumption. King Plus 1000W LED grow light is capable of replacing a 400W HPS/MH lamp.

Maximum coverage area

Want to know how much growing area is King Plus 1000W LED grow light going to cover? 3.4 x 3.8 ft area from a height of two feet. It will increase or decrease whenever you change the height of the placement. If your grow area is bigger than that, you are going to require more than one unit.


This grow light comes with a 3 year limited warranty. Concentrate on the word “limited.” That means that period is not meant for all kinds of repairs and replacements.

Although free repair is done for the full period as per mentioned, but the free parts are shipped to you for 180 days only. After 180 days, the parts will be provided free of cost, but you will have to pay the shipping charges. If you want to know something more about this warranty, then you can visit the company’s website.

You also get a 30 days money back guarantee, and there are no twists and turns with this one. It rolls the same way it is mentioned.

King Plus 1000W LED grow light reviews : A quick FAQ round

We are here for providing you with answers for some common questions that a buyer wants to ask. Not just that, even those, who have already purchased it, also have certain questions to ask. We will write a question, and a perfectly explained answer below that. Not a direct chat for sure, but this one is a better way to clear doubts we guess. So, let us move towards a few solutions, recommendation, etc.

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What are the recommendations regarding height?

You can hang it 24 inches height, but you certainly need to test out before directly hanging it as per recommendation, because we do not know what you are growing. So, first place it at 30 inches height and check whether your plant has adapted itself properly or not. Then you can get it down to 24 inches. While the blooming stage, the sweet spot is between 17-19 inches.

For how many hours/day do i need to keep this grow light ON for various stages?

Usually, the plants require more light during the veg stage. You are recommended to use this light for 12-14 hours in a day. When your plant further moves towards the flowering stage, reduce the time to 9-12 hours. Then for fruiting stage, keep this light ON for not more than 7-8 hours.

Be smart with the ON/OFF process, because if your plant is exposed to this light for more than recommended hours, then it is definitely going to affect the health.

Does it really emit the light of a 1000W HID?

Well, that created a bit of confusion as well. Although the name is 1000W, but this light is capable of emitting light equivalent to a 400 watt HID lamp.

What all must be included in my package?

 The package involves a 6 feet power cord and a hanging hook along with the main product. If you find anything absent, then do not hesitate in returning the package, getting a refund, and buying another one.

Are the complaints regarding to durability valid?

When you visit consumer reviews, you will find some complaints regarding the durability of the LED. A lifespan of 100,000 hours is claimed by the company, but if we honestly say, then YES, the complains are valid, and the durability of this particular LED is less in comparison to the others in competition.

The price is quite low! Am i getting a top quality product?

Guys, the more you pay, the better you get. This LED grow light is a high quality, but definitely not top quality. It is a bit less powerful, less durable, and honestly, a bit less efficient to other 400W models in the market. In short, King Plus 1000W LED grow light justifies its price tag, but if you have a bit bigger budget, then there are better 400W models out there to buy.

 I am living in a region where, the temperature rises above 40 degree centigrade sometimes. So, is this grow light going to work for me? If not, then what are the solutions?

The simplest and suitable answer is NO. It is simply not built to cope up with +40 degrees C. The cooling system will fail to dissipate the heat, and hence will collapse. If that happens, then it is understood that your plants will die.

When you ask about the solution, then there are a few of them, but until those solutions are not 100% perfect in solving this issue, we cannot recommend any of them. Sorry for that.

Not waterproof, I know that, but can i use it in a shed sort of formation outside?

Absolutely not. Regarding water, King Plus 1000W LED grow light is very sensitive. Even few droplets of water can cause harm. The warranty will also not help so you will be entirely responsible. Strictly and strictly indoor use only, no experimenting!

What the users of King Plus 1000W LED grow light have to say?

In Amazon, it looks very handsome! 4.5 stars rating our of five, that too from 855 customers who have reviewed. Achieving that success percentage is not easy, especially for a low price LED grow light. That means at that price level, 90% of people are happy with its performance.

Now, what do complainers have to say? The most common complaint was regarding less durability of LED bulbs. In certain case (5%), certain bulbs stopped working after a few months. Some of them just after a few days.

Guys, why has the company provided with 3 years warranty? Bulbs gone? Utilize the warranty, and get the item replaced, or either repaired for free. These are electronic appliances guys, so such issue does occur a few times. Read at the percentage of possibility, just 5%!

  • Much better quality in comparison to its price.
  • Energy efficient, with an average power draw of 185V.
  • Less operational cost.
  • Brilliant cooling system for heat dissipation.
  • Excellent customer reviews.
  • A healthy 3 Years warranty.
  • Decent choice for beginners.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Confusion: It is just a 400W, not 1000W.
  • Not for large-scale growing.
  • In a few cases, diode burnouts took place.
  • Not waterproof.

King Plus 1000W LED grow light reviews : The final wrap-up

King Plus 1000W LED grow light is surely not the best 400W model, but it is one of the best at its price level. If you are having a small budget, and want to start on growing on a small scale, then buy King Plus 1000W LED grow light. It will surely satisfy you with its efficiency and capability of providing you with a better yield than what you expect from it.

By using King Plus 1000W LED grow light, we found positive results, and not only us, but the 90% or its users are satisfied. This light is not going to trouble you at all. It is a silent performer. So, we highly recommend this grow light.

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