King Plus 2000W LED grow light Reviews in 2020

Last updated on April 9th, 2020 at 03:20 pm

King Plus 2000W LED grow lightHere we bring you our King Plus 2000W LED grow light reviews to fetch you out of darkness, and showing you some fascinating facts about this grow light. We will explore this 2000W model to the deepest, and will make you familiar with what all our experts said after testing this grow light.

We test the product on the various ground, to bring you the authentic info always. Not just the outer knowledge, but you are certainly going to get some useful inner knowledge as well. What all do we have? Well, for that, you need to read the review.

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King Plus 2000W LED grow light reviews

King Plus 2000W LED grow light reviews

King Plus 2000W LED grow light reviews

King Plus 2000W LED grow light reviews: Basic info about the product

We will start up by saying that King Plus 2000W LED grow light is one of the best grow lights available in the market today! Hardly any other LED grow light can match the excellence of this one at its price level. We have tested many 2000W grow light models, but if we are asked to point out the best one, we would have selected none other than this one.

You are getting abundant grow area, great PAR value, the perfect spectrum of light, plus a very limited number of cons. First of all, let us make you familiar with the features. Shall we?


You are getting all the features in King Plus 2000W LED grow light, that a professional, or an advanced level grower looks for in a grow light. Just mentioning the features won’t do, we need to explain each one of them. Following are the features of King Plus 2000W LED grow light.

Strong 10W LED chips

King Plus 2000W LED grow light LED chips

King Plus 2000W LED grow light LED chips

Remember, more the strength of the LED chips, the better it is going to support the growth of your plant, and better you get the yield. LEDs with 3W and 5W chips cannot match the power of 10W chips. This is what we have concluded after testing more than a hundred different grow lights till now. Total 200 such LED chips are used in making this grow light.

When you go through the customer reviews of this item, you will find hardly 1% of people have complained regarding durability. As you would be knowing, that the biggest issue with any grow light, is the durability, as no one can test the durability, one can just experience it. Companies do claim this much hours and that many hours, but do the words stand?

Joyfully, we say that you do not need to worry about the lifespan of this grow light, as what the company has claimed regarding the durability seems almost true. Yes, if used properly, this grow light will run for 100,000 hours.

Full spectrum of lights

King Plus 2000W LED grow light spectum report

King Plus 2000W LED grow light spectrum report

It is very simple, the results that plants provide you directly depend upon what quality and intensity of light it received from the grow light. Light is like the vitamin, protein, carbs, this, that of the plant. If anything is cut off, the deficiency is going to be there in growth.

With this grow light, you get full spectrum for both vegetative and flowering stage. The spectrum is like- 410nm, 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm, White, IR(730nm). Yes, a terrible balance of red, blue and white light. So, your plants are not going to be in a deficiency of anything.

Decent cooling system

King Plus 2000W LED grow light cooling system

King Plus 2000W LED grow light cooling system

The cooling system of a grow light determines the overall success of that grow light. If the cooling system is unable to cut off the heat, then your plants get burnt out, and you finish up writing a negative review about the grow light. No need to worry at all, the cooling system of King Plus 2000W LED grow light is one of the finest.

There are four fans, fitted right up on the exhaust outlet. This cooling system is unbeatable, and we kept this grow light ON for continuously 6 days (Just 10 minutes break after every 10 hours). Still there wasn’t any kind of heat issue.

Pleasing PAR value

You are getting 876 umols as PAR value from 18 inches height, while when you increase the height to 24 inches, 660 umols. First of all, when you visit the company’s site, you will find that the numbers mentioned there regarding the PAR value from 18 inches is wrong. Yes, companies do make a mistake sometimes. After all, we are all humans, and humans are born to make mistakes.

So, we tested the grow light and got the PAR value results. The number which we have provided here is the result of that testing done by our experts. (They are humans as well, but haven’t made a mistake while testing).

King Plus 2000W LED grow light reviews : Specs

In measurements, this grow light is 20.9 x 8.3 x 2.4 inches. The weight is 9.7 pounds. The working frequency is 50-60Hz. It is capable of working, where the temperature is -20-40 degrees C. It works in voltage 85V-265V. Lifespan estimation is 100,000 hours. You get a 3 years warranty after buying King plus 2000W LED grow lights. You can return the product within 30 days, and your full payment will be returned.

The item is not waterproof. When you open your package, you get a free power cord, and free hanging hooks with the main King Plus 2000W LED. For knowing about the coverage area, actual power draw, HPS replacing capability, etc. you will have to read the paragraphs further.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

We ask you, how many 2000W LED grow lights models do you know, which consume less than 400W from the wall? Yeah we know, very less. This grow light consumes 375W only. So, even after using such a heavy duty grow light, you are not going to face any hikes in the electricity bills.

The HPS replacing capabilities of this grow light are also impressive. It can easily replace a 1300W HPS/HID light system. Now, when you calculate the ratio of the actual power draw: HPS replacing capability, you will yourself come to know how beneficial you are going to be by using this grow light.

Massive Coverage area

You are getting a massive coverage area, that calculates 4.5′ x 8′. That is 36 square feet you are getting. That coverage area is for the veg stage when we place the grow light right 24 inches above. Now, when you bring the light down to 18 inches, the coverage area is going to shrink accordingly. 3.3′ x 6′ is what you will have then. So, you are not just winning with the quality of the yield, but the quantity as well.

King Plus 2000W LED grow light reviews : A Quick FAQ round

Now you are going to fetch out some real crazy info here. No other review will demonstrate you the darker side of this grow light the way we have. We know much more cons than others know. So, instead of listing the cons, why not to explain them fully, so that you come to understand how convenient or inconvenient you are going to feel after bringing home King Plus 2000W LED grow light.

Don’t go too negative. We are not just going to spend all the time only on the negative things. We are going to give you some tips also. So, read carefully.

I think i have received a power cord, which is only half the size of normal

No, you have received the right cord. Actually, it was out of sense, that why the company has provided with just a three feet long cord with this grow light. Whereas you normally get a 6 feet long cord with almost all the modern day grow lights!

Can I use a dimmer with this 2000W model?

We didn’t test to use a dimmer with this grow light, as that was not going to make any sense. Dimming light just decreases your yield. More light means more yield. That is a very basic thing.

What if my light blows out before the time?

First of all, there are quite less chances for that to happen. Now, if you really come across such situation, you can take a picture of serial# on the item, then contact the warranty service through Amazon. They will tell you what to do further.

How responsive is the warranty service?

Very Responsive! You car read in the consumer reviews, where people have mentioned that they got their item replaced without facing much of inconvenience. The warranty service is ready to respond you 24 x 7.

What all is worth complaining in King Plus 2000W LED grow light?

Firstly, you are not getting the Veg, and Bloom switches with King Plus 2000W LED grow light. No daisy chaining feature that is the second one. Although the cooling system is decent in this grow light, but you are not supposed to use this grow light in a very small tent. Otherwise, heat issue will be there. The fans can be noisier than the other higher quality grow lights.

Now comes the inner news. Although this grow light is decent for cannabis, marijuana, weed, certain fruits, flowers, etc. but we didn’t find satisfying results with the potatoes and Ginger. So, we concluded that if you are thinking of growing something underground, then you can get better light at the same price. That was the tip of the day!

What do the users of King Plus 2000W LED grow light say?

On Amazon, 232 users have written reviews about what they feel about this grow light. 4.6 stars out of five is its overall rating. We have seen that most, bigger size grow lights have failed to achieve a higher success rate in comparison to regular small size grow lights, which are usually for beginners. But this grow light has touch 92% success rate.

80% users are fully happy and given five-star ratings. That heavily forces you to buy this grow light. The unsatisfied users had just one thing to complain about. That was the burning up of LED before time. Such cases might happen with all grow lights, no matter you are spending $300 or $3000. That is an occasional thing, and the warranty is there for supporting you in such circumstances.

  • Low price.
  • Highly durable.
  • Large coverage area.
  • One of the best for cannabis and marijuana.
  • Full spectrum.
  • No over heating issue.
  • Excellent customer reviews.
  • 3 years limited warranty.
  • No daisy chaining feature.
  • No Veg/Bloom switches.
  • Not good for small size tents.
  • Not that good for supporting underground vegetation.
  • fans are a bit noisier.

King Plus 2000W LED grow light reviews : The final wrap-up

Seriously, there is hardly anything that can stop you from spending money on this grow light. It returns every single penny that you have spent on it. If you are smart enough with your height setting, tracking, and timing, then you will hardly come across a single issue throughout the period you use this grow light.

Most importantly, neither you are paying much for buying this 2000W model, nor it troubles you with high power consumption. There are just a few minor drawbacks that are acceptable. So, we highly recommend you to buy King Plus 2000W LED grow light.

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