King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Reviews in 2021

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King Plus 600W LED Grow LightToday, we are here with King plus 600W grow light reviews to discuss something very valuable regarding this product. By reading other reviews, you might get the basic info, or we can say the vital info, but here, through our review, you are going to get across some really deep and rare info.

Most importantly, we do not believe in just studying and writing reviews, we believe in testing the product ourselves, and making you familiar with our experience and results. Besides that, we also threw light on the fact that what do the users of this product feel about it. So, if any issues are there with the product, no matter how small, still you are going to know about them in our reviews.

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So, read the review until the very end, it is not going to take much time, but you will get perfect guidance.

King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Reviews


King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Reviews: Basic info about the product

This is one of the most successful and highest selling grow lights of today’s date. The perfect results have been obtained by the growers throughout the world, and as a result, the consumer reviews are stuffed with joy! When we read everything about this grow light, we feel that is there anything, that is missing, or not sufficient? Nothing! Guess what? You are getting this grow light below $100!

You talk about growing weed indoor, or cannabis, or marijuana, or aquatics, or whatever! This grow light is going to fulfill all those desires. But remember, the downstairs is essential to be exposed. Yes, no matter King Plus 600W LED Grow Light is on the heights of success, but you are going to come across a few issues as well.

We will not be mentioning anything here in the intro. We have explained every single point separately throughout the review. Here we proceed on with the features first.


When you look at the grow lights, which you can bring home without spending more than $100, you are not going to find any other, which can match its features with King Plus 600W LED Grow Light. We do not mention features points-wise, we explain them paragraph-wise. So, let us roll to the explanation of the features of this grow light. Shall we?

Top quality LED chips

The maker of this grow light have used 60 chips in the construction of this model, and each chip is of 10W(Double chips of 5W). Now, when we say these chips are of 10W, you can yourself figure out that they are much powerful and bright in contrast of most of the other grow lights, that come with 3W and 5W chips. These chips are Zener protected. That means that if any chip stops working, it is not going to affect the working of other chips.

Not a single percent doubt regarding the quality and durability of chips, as they are manufactured by Epistar. Yes, the name is enough!

Cooling system that has won many hearts

The cooling system of King Plus 600W LED Grow Light works exceptionally well in drawing the heat away from the electronics. The powerful fans fitted inside the panel move the air over the heat sinks, and hence, it adds on to heat dissipation. Makers have done much of experiment work, before construction this perfect cooling system, and they have built it double awesome!

PAR value

Although the PAR value that this grow light is providing is not the best, but the main thing that matters is the result, and this grow light has been successful in providing high results. Well, now let us get to the numbers. At 24 inches, you are getting 302 umols as PAR value, and from 18 inches, you are getting 430 umols. We have provided more info about the different PAR values at various heights, with the help of a diagram.

Full spectrum

With King Plus 600W LED Grow Light, you are getting a complete spectrum, that consists all the necessary lights, in the perfect proportion. 410nm, 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm, White, IR(730nm) are the wavelengths. The inclusion of IR is a big benefit, and you generally do not find IR in most of the grow lights, which are this much cheap.

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King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Reviews : Specs

In Dimension, it measures 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36 inches. The lifespan is estimated at more than 50,000 hours. The working frequency is 50-60Hz. It is built to work in worldwide voltage-AC 85v-265v. You are getting a free power cord, and a free-hanging hook with this grow light.

You are getting the return and money back policy within 30 days — a three years warranty, which ensures the shipping of free parts and free shipping to customers for a period within 180days after the purchase. The company will ship free parts, and the buyer will have to pay the shipping charges for more than 180 days.

For knowing about more specs, read the paragraphs below.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

You are going to be filled with joy after knowing that this grow light is going to suck no more than 120V from the wall, so you are not even going to notice any hike in your electricity bills. Not only that, the HPS replacing capabilities are also high. King Plus 600W LED Grow Light is capable of replacing a 600W HPS light system.

Coverage area

When you are paying that much less money for a grow light, you do not expect a bigger grow area. King Plus 600W LED Grow Light provides you with a coverage area of 3′ x 3.4′. We hardly find any other grow light that cost something near to this one, and matches its coverage area at the same time. With the coverage area of this grow light, you can grow upto 6 cannabis plants very easily.

King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Reviews : A quick FAQ about the product

Now comes the most important slice of the review! Till now you were getting the vital info, and playing with numbers, but here starts the real game. Here is the info, which you can only find after digging the product deep! Very deep! Don’t worry, we aren’t telling you to dig anything, we are telling you to just read the whole thing, as we have already done the digging work!

What if I run this grow light for 20 hours a day. Will it be able to cope up?

Although this grow light is built for an 18 hours work and 6 hours rest purpose, but we pushed the limits a bit while testing it. We kept this grow light ON for 20 hours a day, continuously for more than a month, and the tomatoes that w grew were full of juice! In our case, nothing wrong happened to the grow light, no heating issue.

Not just that, we read in customer reviews, that a few folks got their King Plus 600W LED Grow Light working 24 x 7, with no issue. However, if you want you a grow light to work as long as the period mentioned by the makers, then run it the way, that is suggested, as we cannot guarantee you how long will your grow light run if you keep it On for longer time than recommendations.

Switches for Veg/Bloom?

No, just an On/Off switch is there. For these stages, you can adjust the height of your grow light accordingly.

Why do the instructions suggest to turn off this grow light for 30 minutes after every 8 hours in use?

This recommendation is for adding on to the lifespan of your grow light. Although nothing happens to this light, even if you keep it running for 20 hours straight, but still, a small break can save you against any harm!

Daisy chaining feature available?

Yes! You get the daisy chaining option. You already get a very good coverage area, with less price, and this feature adds on to your comfort.

Expose the ugly side of King Plus 600W LED Grow Light.

Guys, seriously, our experts tried there best to find the cons. We experimented on this grow light for more than three months. We didn’t face a single piece on inconvenience. It supported every single growth stage. Tomatoes were awesome, and cannabis had a great aroma, weed, aquatics, all were good!

The only limitation is that you cannot use it outdoor. It is not waterproof. We do not take that as a con ever. Everything is perfect, and such perfection we didn’t find in five times expensive grow lights! Most importantly, public reviews are great! Want to get deeper? Read the paragraph right below, the same thing is explained.

What do the users of King Plus 600W LED Grow Light say?

On Amazon, 867 users have written reviews! That show how trendy this grow light is, as it has not been long since this model came in the market. 4.6 Stars out of five is what this grow light has received. Just imagine! A grow light, with below $100 price tag, satisfies 92% of its users. That is amazing!

Most importantly, the complainers do not have much to say. They gave one or two stars rating mostly because the manufacturers delivered broken units. However, the company did the replacements in time. No heavy complains because this light is simply awesome.

  • Low price.
  • Highly durable.
  • very bright and highly powerful.
  • Full spectrum for supporting your plant throughout the life cycle.
  • No overheating issue.
  • Decent for weed and cannabis.
  • Good coverage area in return of its price.
  • Daisy chaining feature.
  • Brilliant customer reviews.
  • Consumer only 120V.
  • 3 Years warranty and 30 days money back guarantee.
  • No Veg/Bloom switches.
  • A few units were delivered broken.

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King Plus 600W LED Grow Light reviews : The final wrap-up

We took you across every single fact that you wish to know about it, to feel fully sure in purchasing it. Now, when you already know that there are no cons in this grow light, then you hardly need any reason for not buying it. King Plus 600W LED Grow Light is the best choice for beginners. This grow light a confidence booster in itself.

Most importantly, the light is cheap and durable! Fully functional, and you get guaranteed results. What else are you looking for as a buyer? We highly recommend you to buy King Plus 600W LED Grow Light because of its par excellence and success.

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