A Deep Dive Into The Lemon Venom Strain

Last updated on November 24th, 2020 at 07:07 pm

lemon venom strain

Not to be confused with the Venom Strain, which is a strain with a similar name and lemon flavors. Even belonging to the same Indica dominant strain family. But besides these similarities, there is no relation between these two strains at all.

The Lemon Venom strain is a cross between three cannabis strains: the Sensi Star strain, the Big Bud strain, and the Mega Lemon strain.

As you will probably expect, looking at its name, there is a distinct lemon scent to this bud. The lemon scent is very strong and almost smells chemically potent (while being a hundred percent natural, of course).

Besides the strong citrus zest, there are surprisingly other aromas to be discovered too in this complex bouquet. We could easily detect clear notes of pine and a freshness associated with menthol. While providing a solid base of earthy undertones.

The Lemon Venom strain contains a THC content of 18%. Which is pretty reasonable considering this is a pure Indica strain. This is proven to be more than sufficient to act fast as a pain reliever. This strain has been reported to be a great mood-booster too.

Since the Lemon Venom strain is a pure Indica at heart, you can expect it to put you in a relaxing state with a smile on your face. Usually, we do not recommend an Indica strain to be used during the day, since it could put you in a couch-lock with zero productivity. But an interesting aspect to note about this particular Indica strain is that it does not just fade out abruptly but instead leaves an uplifting buzz. 

This makes it perfect for patients who need an Indica strain for pain management while enabling them to be productive during the day.

If you are interested in growing the Lemon Venom strain, you should know that it might be more challenging to grow than other common strains. Since the Lemon Venom seed is a photoperiod seed. This means that you’ll have to manage the lightning cycles properly. And therefore you will have to invest in the right equipment. 

On the upside, the Lemon Venom strain seeds are commonly being sold in the feminized form. This should at least make your life a bit easier, so you won’t have to waste your time sexing the seeds.

Thanks to its Big Bud strain genetics, this Indica provides a more than average yield.

When growing indoors under the best conditions you can expect a nice medium-small plant with a yield of around 600 g/m2. When growing outdoors, its yield has been commonly reported to attain 1 kg per plant. 

The growing time for the Lemon Venom strain is fairly average when growing indoors. When growing indoors, you can expect this plant to take at least eight to nine weeks until it reaches full maturity.

When growing outdoors, the growing speed plungers even more, with a harvest date to be expected by the end of October. 

We rank the Lemon Venom strain as a moderately difficult strain to start growing with. Since you will have to overcome the more complex lighting conditions required and invest more upfront.

Who Is It For?

lemon venom strain

The Lemon Venom strain, as most pure Indica strains, is advised to be used during night time. It gives you full-body relaxation with a mood-boosting elevation. Medical cannabis patients have reported enjoying this bud to help remedy insomnia, anxiety, arthritis, and pain.

Is This Strain Sativa Or Indica?

The Lemon Venom strain is a pure Indica strain.

How Does Lemon Venom Strain Make You Feel?

You will be surprised how fast the Lemon Venom strain kicks in. Do not let the lower than average THC content foul you. Its aggressive genetics will put you in a euphoric pain-free state in no-time. After which you can enjoy a longer than usual buzz to be enjoyed during your activities. 

Flavor – What Does Lemon Venom Strain Taste Like?

The Lemon Venom strain has a peppery taste with clear citric high tones and earthy pine undertones. 

Aroma – What Does Lemon Venom Strain Smell Like?

The smell is very citric and powerful. Some even compared the scent to that of high-quality Lemon Dish soap!

THC Content

lemon venom strain

The Lemon Venom strain has THC content which is considered pretty average compared to today’s strains. It is commonly rated at 17-18% THC. On the other hand, its complex genetics make more than up for that. Giving you a hit-in-the-face effect just after a couple of puffs.

CBD Content 

The CBD content of the Lemon Venom strain could easily be ignored. Being a THC dominant strain, the CBD reaches far below the 1% threshold.

Medical Benefits?

  • Mood booster
  • Relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis

Possible Side Effects?

Because of its rather aggressive genetic make-up and being a pure Indica, the Lemon Venom could knock you down in no-time. Therefore we advise you to experiment with this strain a bit and slowly build up until you reach the right effect. A vaporizer with adjustable temperature settings can be an excellent tool to achieve this.

Products That Are Produced From the Lemon Venom Strain

As with most strains, the Lemon Venom strain is excellent to make edibles from.

Growing Information

  • Can be grown indoors as outdoors
  • Plant size: medium to small 
  • Flowering time: within 60 days
  • Yield: up to 600 g/m2 
  • Seed is photoperiod
  • Growing difficulty: advanced

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