A Deep Dive into Lemon Walker Strain

Last updated on November 24th, 2020 at 07:07 pm

lemon walker

The Lemon Walker strain is very suitable for novice and experienced growers alike. This plant gives a great return on investment with her exuberant strong growth rate finishing within a relatively short flowering period of just eight to nine weeks. The final product you would expect to receive is powerful and very aromatic. Also, it has been reported by many medical users to be very beneficial for relaxing and stimulating appetite.

The genetics of the Lemon Walker strain is made by crossing the very potent Skywalker Kush strain with the famous multi-award-winning Lemon Skunk. The crossing of these particular strains results in a very potent bud that will please both novice and experienced growers. 

The terpene profile is very complex and rich. The bouquet is also very rich, with a sharp citrus terpene overtone. While the Kush genetics deliver a punchy undertone with high THC content.

This bud we definitely advise being savored with a vaporizer on the lower temperatures, between 175-185 degrees celsius.

When cranking up the temperature to 210 degrees celsius you achieve its definite sweet-spot, extracting its full medicinal power. Medical cannabis patients report enjoying the Lemon Walker for its strong relaxation effects and stimulation of the appetite. 

The Lemon Walker plant grows to become a strong and exuberant plant. She produces buds in almost any place she technically can, even in the lower branches. Therefore giving you not only a gorgeous plant to behold, but also relatively big yields. Her buds themselves are abundant too. Covered in rich resin, making for real delicacies!

From a genetic point of view, the Lemon Walker strain is considered to be an Indica dominant strain with an Indica percentage rating of 60%. Overall it has an average height no matter if it has been grown indoors or outdoors. For indoor growing you could expect an average yield of 400-500 g/m2, but for outdoor growing the yield is considered rather average.

You can expect to see matured buds in a relatively short span, with an average flowering period of just eight to nine weeks. So if you are the kind of grower who doesn’t have the patience to wait for more than ten weeks, as required with most plants, then this could be the perfect contender to bring down the cycle period of your grow houses.

Who’s It For?

lemon walker

With its pungent lemon terpenes, the Lemon Walker strain is a strong and uplifting mood booster. This makes it the ideal bud for day-consumption. For these qualities, Lemon Walker is often used to combat depression among patients. At the same time, the Kush genetics originating from the Skywalker Kush strain provides very relaxing undertones.

Is This Strain Sativa Or Indica?

The Lemon Walker strain is considered a hybrid of Indica and Sativa. Its percentage rating stands at a ratio of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. 

How Does The Lemon Walker Strain Make You Feel?

The Lemon Walker strain has a very uplifting effect and induces a happy, even euphoric feeling by many of its users. This strain has also been praised for its sedative, relaxing effects. But these strong lemon terpenes never make you too sleepy. On the contrary, many have reported added focus and productivity.

Flavor – What Does The Lemon Walker Strain Taste Like?

It has a very aromatic overtone with clear citrus hints but sweeter than lemon. Most describe that Lemon Walker smells like a delicious ripe orange. Especially when vaped at lower temperatures, these flavors become very apparent. 

Aroma – What Does The Lemon Walker Strain Smell Like?

When combusted the lemon terpenes of the Lemon Walker strain are apparent on the outset, while gradually the Kush undertones overtake. Vaping offers much more control over the experience, enabling considerably longer consumption of these uplifting terpenes.   

THC Content

The THC content of the Lemon Walker strain is above average with a rating of approximately 16-21% THC.

CBD Content 

The CBD content of the Lemon walker strain is on the other hand not too significant, with an average rating below the 1% CBD.

Medical Benefits?

lemon walker

Medical users report enjoying the Lemon Walker strain mainly for it’s relaxing properties while being uplifting and inducing happiness. Therefore it’s used by many patients fighting with depression. 

Possible Side Effects?

Another reason that the Lemon Walker strain is hugely popular, is that it doesn’t have many negative side effects, besides giving a dry mouth. This is easily remedied by drinking plentiful when consuming this herb.

The uplifting terpenes keep you focused and energized during the day without making you sleepy and lazy as some other strains do. On the flip-side, this means that this strain is better to be avoided during night time. Especially if you’re coping with insomnia.

Products That Are Produced From The Lemon Walker Strain

The Lemon Walker strain is also an excellent candidate for edibles, thanks to its high THC content.

Growing Information

  • Can be grown indoors as outdoors
  • Flowering time: above average, taking eight to nine weeks  
  • Yield: indoors, about 400 g/m2. Outdoors, about 500 g/plant
  • Growing difficulty: above average

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