Mars Hydro 600w LED Review – [A Detailed Review & Guide]

Last updated on April 28th, 2020 at 06:43 pm

There is a healthy competition between the 600W LED grow lights of various companies. We are writing Mars Hydro 600w LED review to let you know how tall does this grow light stand in the competition.

We want you to invest your valuable money in the product, which is the best. So, we will be digging this grow light deep and fetch out some very valuable info for you so that you can decide whether to buy this one or look for any other 600W model.

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It is going to be interesting! Wait, why is our review better than others?

It is so because we have covered the disadvantage portion so well, that you will not get that much info related to disadvantages in any other review.

That you can take as a guarantee from our side. Must read till the end!

Mars Hydro 600w LED Review


Mars Hydro 600w LED Review : Basic info about the product

Mars Hydro 600w LED grow light is such an ideal choice for beginners. It is one of the best of its kind. Besides that, buying this grow light is not going to lighten your pocket much — no advanced functions, no extraordinary features and nothing that fancy. But, it is a straightforward grow light, that has nailed its job!

Most importantly, you are getting a full spectrum for the plants that you are growing.

Although if you have got plans of blooming up big gardens, then do not buy this grow light, as it is for primary Growing, not for large-scale growers. Let us now justify the success of this grow light with the help of facts, not just words. Let us proceed.

Mars Hydro 600w LED Review : Features

As we mentioned earlier, there is nothing fancy in the features of this grow light because it is an entry level one. Most importantly, all primary features are present, which a beginner looks for in his first LED grow light. What all features? For knowing that, read the paragraphs below.

Reflective frame design

The frame design of Mars Hydro 600w LED is perfectly reflective. It ensures that the light is distributed uniformly and the right intensity for your plants to grow and absorb the maximum amount of chlorophyll which has a deep impact on plant photosynthesis.

In the construction of this grow light, the traditional vitreous board is replaced by newest PC material, so the weight of this grow light is much less when we compare it to traditional grow lights. Full marks to the designers!

Perfect cooling system

The cooling system of Mars Hydro 600w LED grow light consists of multiple fans, which do the work of intake and exhaust as well. Most importantly, no high noise issue with these fans, as when we tested them in our lab, we found it hard to notice the noise standing just 25 feet away. 56 Decibels was the noise level.

The cooling system also consists of a massive pin cushion heat sink, that does the job of maintaining the perfect cool temperature inside your grow tent.

Decent PAR value

PAR value is counted among deep knowledge. Especially beginners do not know much about what PAR value is and how much PAR value is good. In the simplest was, it is the intensity of light, on a specific unit of area. PAR value is never stable. It changes according to the height.

With Mars Hydro 600w LED grow light, you are getting excellent PAR value. From a height of 18 inches, you are getting 980 umol of PAR value. Can you believe that! If you raise the height to 24 inches, then you get 662 umol as PAR value. That defines how powerful this grow light is.

Comfortable price

When we talk about the beginners, they do not like to start on their growing journey with very high-quality lights of high budgets. They have a bit of “experimenting bug” in their mind. Hence, they look for a cheap and simple grow light to kick off. Mars Hydro 600w LED fulfills that desire, and that is the main reason, for which, this grow light is trending so high among beginners.

We mentioned the PAR value, and later on, are going to mention the coverage area as well. With that price level, it is quite challenging to find a grow light, that matches its PAR value and coverage area.

Full spectrum

That is definitely the most important thing to look before buying! Whether the LED grow light is the perfect enough to support your plant throughout all stages of growth or not?

Mars Hydro 600w LED grow light is entirely capable of doing that. The manufacturers have stated spectrum as 430-440nm, 450-475nm, 620-630nm, 650-670nm, along with white spectrum. For veg and bloom stages, you need different proportion of lights. Red light supports blooming, and blue light supports vegetative growth.

The makers of this grow light have concentrated much on providing a perfect full spectrum, and they have very well succeeded.

Capable of growing hydroponics

You cannot just grow cannabis or weed with Mars Hydro 600w LED grow light, but you can also grow hydroponics such as potatoes, pepper, lettuce, etc. We checked the intensity of light inside the soil with the help of a pH soil tester and found that this grow light is powerful enough to provide adequate light to hydroponics.

Not just that, we tried growing potatoes, and the results were very pleasing.

Mars Hydro 600w LED Review : Specs

This grow light measures 18 x 11 x 3 inches, and the weight is 9.85 pounds. 50-60HZ is the frequency, and AC100-240V is the input voltage. 120 pieces of 5W LED chips are used in this grow light. The focusing angle is 90 degrees as well as 120 degrees. A 6 feet cord and a hanging kit are what you will receive with the main unit. 100,000 hours is the lifespan.

Now here come more specs with a brief explanation.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

That is a very big thing to concentrate upon before you go to buy any LED grow light. The grow light itself might be cheaper, but if it sucks high power, then it is going to provide you with long-term tension. So, better look at what is the actual power draw, then calculate whether it is comfortable or not, then you buy.

Here we are talking about Mars Hydro 600w LED grow light. Its actual power draw is 132watt±10%. That is brilliant. It is capable of replacing a 150W traditional HID grow light.

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Coverage area

One of the best thing about this LED grow light is its coverage area. We will have to accept that we are getting a bit more of coverage area in comparison to other grow light of similar price level. At the height of 24 inches, 3′ x 2.5′ is what you are getting as coverage area. If you decrease the height at bringing it down to 18 inches, you get 2.5′ x 2′ as the coverage area. Yes, you got it right, it keeps son decreasing with the height.

The warranty

With this grow light, you get a satisfaction guarantee of 3 years limited warranty. The service center is in California, so support will come from there. If the light has failed to satisfy you, then you can return it and enjoy 100% refund, as you get a 30 days money back guarantee as well.

Now let us talk about customer service. Guys, when you open the public reviews, you will find a lot of people (Especially those who have given 3 stars and 4 stars ratings) that enjoyed quick repair and replacement of their product and also mentioned that they are fully satisfied with the support of customer service.

Mars Hydro 600w LED Review : A quick FAQ round

Now here comes the fascinating part of the review. You are going to know many valuable things from here, and we are sure that we will be successful in solving issues and getting you out of confusions. Here we go!

Neither the output is 600W, nor it can replace a 600W HID system, then why the name is 600W?

Even we spent a lot of time in finding the solution. Our experts were also confused with the same thing. We are sure that not only our team but many other also tried to contact the company, to ask the same thing. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive a proper answer.

So we tried to apply some logic and add some mathematical spices to that logic. Makers have used 120LED lights of 5W each, right? So, when we do 120 x 5, then the result is 600. Yes, maybe that is why 600W is written there. We didn’t justify the fact. We just tried to apply logic, that’s it.

The other fact that supports the logic is that when we checked the wavelength of this grow light, it was equivalent to a 600W model.

UV and IR included in this grow light or not?

That is undoubtedly the biggest this missing in this grow light. Both IR and UV are absent. Although this grow light provides with full spectrum, but it would have been much much better if IR and UV were included. The absence of these features drags this LED grow light and make it stand in the line of old-fashioned ones.

But don’t worry, it is not going to affect the growth of your marijuana, cannabis, weed, etc. yields.

What all can stop me from buying Mars hydro 600W?

OK, the confusion regarding its name (600W) is certainly not a big issue, you can buy it if the features and specs please you. Most importantly, the absence of UV and IR is a major thing to concern. Besides that, you will need an extra ballast, as there are no times. And the final issue is that it is for indoor use only, as it is not a waterproof model.

If any of the facts mentioned above are adding on to your headache, then do not buy Mars Hydro 600W.

What the users of Mars Hydro 600W have to say?

On Amazon, it has received 4.4 stars rating out of five. 1007 customers have reviewed! A big number! That show how trendy this LED grow light is. 6% of users have given the one-star rating. Why? One common reason, that was less durability. Some said that their unit stopped working in 18 months, some said 13 months, and so on.

We wonder why Warranty is provided to you? It is supposed to be used in such cases only. We have ourselves tried out the warranty just to check how responsive and responsible they are, even though our product was not malfunctioning, we just pretended that.

Guys, customer service, is brilliant, please contact for replacements if your unit goes out of functioning, although there are very fewer chances for that to happen.

  • Easily affordable.
  • Excellent PAR output.
  • Provides with full spectrum.
  • Dual focusing angles.
  • Extra-wide coverage area.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Powerful cooling system.
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • No IR and UV.
  • Confusion regarding its 600W label
  • Absence of a timer.
  • Not waterproof.
  • NOt suitable for bigger growing areas

Mars Hydro 600w LED Review : The final wrap-up

Guys, this LED grow light is designed keeping a specific group of growers in mind. It is for beginner growers, who want to start on with 3-4 plants, without spending many bucks.

Our recommendations are divided. Most importantly, if you are a beginner, then surely you can bring one Mars Hydro 600w LED home. But if you are not a learner, and want to go with a bigger and better yield, then you must buy something fancier, and most importantly, something, that includes IR and UV.

The other reason is that the daisy chaining feature is also absent, so if you are thinking of increasing the grow area, then sorry, not possible with Mars Hydro 600w LED grow light. We will wrap up the whole topic by saying that this grow light is performing decently at that price level and offers you a bit more than what you expect.

We recommend it only to basic level growers. Rest, the decision is yours.


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