MarsHydro 1600w Led Grow Light Review – How good or bad to buy?

Last updated on April 9th, 2020 at 03:02 pm

MarsHydro is no stranger to you. We know that. This company has got such a high reputation in the LED grow lights market. You can heavily rely on this company. But we brought you our MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light Review to explain to you how reliable this particular grow light model is and is it going to fulfill your needs or not.

This model was launched recently, so you will find fewer reviews about this one. Now, when you are not having bigger clues, which can help you in deciding as a buyer, we are here with a bucket full of clues for you. A big bucket! We have brought you so much info, that after reading this review, you will be able to make a decision in just a couple of seconds.

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MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light Review

MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light Review

MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light Review

MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light details

MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light details

MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light Review : Basic info about the product

MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light Result 1

MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light Result 1


This grow light is for intermediates, who have already learned how to grow, and want to shift themselves on a comparatively bigger growing project than going on with just two or three plants. With this grow light’s coverage area, we grew a dozen cannabis plants, and all were good. The number we are going to provide you later on in the specs part.

This 1600W model satisfied our expert testers, but not fully. There are a few things, which are not that pleasing in this grow light. We have not hidden anything from you and will discuss the negative part very well with you. If you care much about certification and trust only certified products, then let us tell you, this grow light is certified by ETL,CE, and ROHS and is cent percent safe to use.


Features of this 1600W model are balanced. They do not displease you and do not full you with joy either. You are going to come across a few issues here in the features only. So, have a keen go through.

Good qaulity LED used

320 LED chips are used in this model, and each one of them is 5W. However these chips are manufactured by a leading brand, but still, the reviews are divided when we talk about the durability. Some are happy, while some are furious and complaining that the durability of the LED chips of this grow light is the only thing to complain about this grow light. We tested it. Everything was fine. But that is not making any point.

For checking the durability, one has to use that grow light for years and years. we are not going to do that. So, you will have to decide after reading the customer reviews only. We can just give you a hint, that we have tested many grow lights, where exact same LED chips were used, and they all were highly successful with durability. The durability of these chips might be harmed due to inappropriate use also.

Full spectrum of lights

You were already expecting this, right? Yeah, this model does provide you with a full spectrum. The balance of various lights is very good in this spectrum. It is something like: 400-410nm,440-450nm,450-460nm,630-635nm,650-660nm,730-740nm and 2700K-3000K. IR and white light are present, but UV is absent. But don’t worry, the light has been successful when it comes to the yield.

Decent cooling system

You get five fans in this model, that run all together. There is a huge aluminum heat sink as well. See, do not follow the advertisers, who say that LED grow lights don’t produce heat. They do produce, but in very less amount in comparison to HID/HD/HPS lights. For cutting off this heat, the cooling system must be perfect.

Although this cooling system is highly efficient, but there is an issue as well. The high noise issue. It is not going to bursts your eardrums, but when we tested it, we found that the noise level was 20% more than the other four similar kinds grow lights that we were testing together.

Daisy chaining

This feature is a very advantageous one. An absolute beginner might not know about it may be, but intermediates and advanced level growers enjoy this feature a lot. If you are a beginner, then let us explain. With this feature, you can link many grow lights together and form a huge growing area. For example, if you have brought this one, plus a couple of more, you can attach all three of them using certain settings, and get a 3X grow area.

Decent PAR value

MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light PAR value

MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light PAR value

This model pleases you with its PAR output. At 18 inches height, you get 1732 umols, and from 24 inches, 1299 umols. You might be comparing it with other models, which are close to its Watt value but also focus on the price difference. We conclude that with that much money, you are getting great PAR value. Not only that, even if we keep the price factor aside, then also there are very few grow lights, which provide with a bigger PAR output.

MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light Review : Specs

MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light Specs.jpg

MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light Specs.jpg

In dimensions, it measures 20 x 20 x 4 inches, and the weight is 33.06 pounds. The max yield is 1.8g/watt. The Input Voltage is AC100-240V, and the frequency range is 56-60Hz. The lifespan Life Rating is 50000-100000 hours. The working temperature is -20 to 40 degrees C. Viewing angle of LED is mixed 90 degree and 120d degree.

You get a 200cm long power cord, hanging kit, and instructions manual with the main LED. You get the Veg, and Bloom switches with this model, the same way you get with most of the other MarsHydro models.

You get 3 years warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. The service center works for 8 hours on working days so that you will get the reply of your message within those 8 hours. Below we have explained the actual power draw, HPS replacing capability, and also the coverage area.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

The actual power draw of this model is 755-775W. Those numbers are acceptable. They might a bit higher than a few other such models, but the true thing is that it is a big energy saver, and your electricity bills will not rise much. The model is left a bit behind in the race with its competitors regarding the HPS replacing capability as well. It is capable of replacing an 800W HPS light system.

Coverage area

The coverage area is another thing with which this grow light makes you joyful. As you will be knowing that the coverage area hinges on the height and we calculate max area from 24 inches height. 6.5 x 6.5 feet is what you are going to cover from that height with this model. The core coverage area is 4.5 x 4.5 feet. Core means the bloom coverage that we calculate from 18 inches height. That is a vast area plus you are free to increase it with daisy chaining.

MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light Review : A quick FAQ round

Providing all info in a paragraph wise format becomes boring to read sometimes. So, to kill than boredom, we created this FAQ part, which is much more interesting. We have rapped the cons in this FAQ part. Besides that, you are also getting some useful info here, which we call side-info, which is tough to gain from other reviews. So, let us begin!

Can I daisy chain this model with a lower voltage models of the same series and company?

Yes, you can do that, but we recommend you not to daisy chain more than three LEDs that way, as there are certain side effects, as different models have different intensity of light. It is better to daisy chain similar models, that is more safe and beneficial.

What is the proper blue and red light ratio in this model?

Not only this, you are not going to find out the ratio with any of the models of this series, as the company says that it is their secret, and they do not want to reveal it. Our experts tried to find out. 58% Red, 40% green and blue, and a bit of IR was what they told us. But that is a rough estimation. The values can go up or down a bit.

If I buy two light, then will company provide me with a daisy chaining cord?

Actually, that is not needed. If you are buying two lights, you will get two power cord with them. One, you can connect to the main outlet, and with the second cord, you can connect the second light with this one.

I want to grow cannabis plants. What are the height recommendations?

Seeding stage is good at 24-30 inches. The vegging stage is good at 18-24 inches, and for the flowering stage, we recommend you 12-18 inches.

What are the drawbacks of his model?

The biggest drawback is the poor customer service. First of all, they are working just eight hours a day. When the buyers come across any difficulties regarding the functioning of their grow light and contact the warranty service, they do not respond well. Such an inconvenience.

Now, when we talk about the LED, the durability has been an issue. Although they are Zener protected and work individually and independently, but still is a few of them goes out, it disturbs the whole spectrum. Besides that, the fans also are a bit louder than what they must be. Certain complains were there, where the fans started making even more high noise after a few months.

  • Low price.
  • Huge coverage area.
  • Daisy chaining feature available.
  • Veg and Bloom switches are present.
  • decent PAR value.
  • Power saver.
  • 3 Years limited warranty.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Warranty service doesn’t respond well.
  • The LED chips are less durable than the competitors.
  • The fans make a bit higher noise.

MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light Review : The final wrap-up

At this price level, this grow light is a very good choice. You can rely upon the quality. A few durability issues are there, but that happens with most of the grow lights out there. The PAR value and actual power draw please you. Till now, we were putting the features, specs, etc. in two baskets: The positive, and the negative.

The positive basket is much more heavy, and the customer reviews also say the same. Although, there are just 43 reviews there on Amazon, but the rating is healthy. 4.4/5 stars is what it is. So, after over-all testing, we concluded that this 1600W model is worth purchase, and we highly recommend it.

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