MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Reviews 2021

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Hello, buds once again! This time we are presenting you our MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Review to guide you through the pros, cons, specs, features of this product, and not only that, we are going to give you additional information as well.

We will be helping you in deciding how to fit this product is for you to buy. We will also clarify that is it really worth price, that it is asking or not. We have covered the consumer reviews as well. So we have got every single piece of info that you need as a buyer, right before buying it.

Now, after reading the whole review, you will be so filled with knowledge about this product, that you are going to thanks us! Ok, let us don’t waste much time in just smelling the dish, let us consume it now!

MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Review

MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Review

MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Review



MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Review : Basic info about the product

This model is one of the highest selling, and highest loved one among all the grow light models of MarsHydro reflector series. MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light is a high value for money. Hence, the consumers highly love this grow light.

It is capable of providing you with a 10 band full spectrum of light, and stays in support of your plants, no matter through which growth phase they are passing by. Besides that, you are having a perfect heat dissipation system fitted in it, that never lets you worry about the over warming. A thing to appreciate!

But there are certain issues regarding the fact that the PAR value of this light is a bit less, then what normally, it should be in a 480W grow light. We will focus on that later on. It is not the only drawbacks. We have a few others as well.

Full spectrum of light

You are getting an all-embracing full spectrum with your MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light. The other benefit is that this spectrum includes IR and white light as well. So, this spectrum supports each stage of growth of the plants, and with this much complete spectrum, you can grow aquatics as well.

Highly durable LED used

96 Pieces of LED chips are used in this grow light, which is manufactured by Epistar. As we know, durability has never been an issue with any of the MarsHydro grow lights. A big reason behind this fact is that they always use top class and quality LEDs in the construction of grow lights. As a result, their products satisfy the users with durability more than most of the other brands do.

Low price

That is another supportive factor with you if you are a MarsHydro buyer. You will hardly ever hear that this product of MarsHydro is more expansive than what it should be.

Here, we already mentioned that this grow light is great value for money. Beginners, who are going to enter their early days of growing, are going to love this grow light, as they are getting all essential things, and they do not have to shed much of pocket weight either.

PAR value

Here comes the controversial part of the story! We found certain users commenting that the PAR value, that they are getting with this grow light is lower in comparison to other 480W models of leading brands. Guys, you are getting 680 umols at 18 inches height, and 326 umols at 24 inches height. Is that less? Not at all! That is generally what you get with 480W models.

If you are getting a bit extra PAR value than this one in one or two models, then what is the big issue. That comparison is not going to make any point. One grow light cannot be the best one form all perspective. So, at that price level, you are getting decent PAR value with MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light, and that much PAR value is enough for weed, marijuana, cannabis, aquatics, etc. to grow and bloom.

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Highly efficient cooling system

The aluminum heat sink fuses with to cooling fans, do form an unbeatable heat dissipation system. You can find very less such grow lights, which can be capable of running for 16 hours a day, and MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light is one of them.

But be cautious, if you are living at such a place, where there are chances for the temperature to rise above 40 degrees C, as in such conditions, the cooling system might lose its efficiency, and there are chances that your plants might die due to overheating.

So, what can you do in such an environment? Simply buy an additional ventilation fan, and attach it to the unit. That is not going to cause any damage. But yes, if you are not familiar with the process, then take the help of someone, who is familiar with the process.

But is we talk about the efficiency of this heat dissipation system of MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light, then stay behind and relax, you do not have to do anything, the heat dissipation system is perfect in itself, and works silently.

Dual switches for Veg and Bloom Plus daisy chaining feature

MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Veg and Bloom switches

MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Veg and Bloom switches

MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Review daisy chaining features

MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Review daisy chaining features

These are both very big benefits. First, let us talk about the dual switch feature. Veg and Bloom switches are present Just turn on either of these switches and what you find is that your grow light complete turns itself according to the requirement of that growth stage. So, for increasing and decreasing the intensity of the light, you will not have to increase and decrease the height of your grow light. Push the switch, and that’s it!

You are getting a limited grow area with this grow light, so the company has provided you with the daisy chaining feature, with the support of which you can join many other such units with this one, and expand the coverage area. This feature is very helpful and is found in high quality grow lights only.

MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Review : Specs

MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light measures 23″ x 10″x 2″ regarding dimensions. The weight of the item is 9.92 pounds. 50-60Hz is the frequency, and you can operate it at any voltage right from AC85V to 265V. 90 degrees and 120 degrees is the mixed viewing angle of the LCD.

We do not have the perfect time period to mention under the lifespan, but as per estimation, it is 50,000-100,000 hours. A power Cord ( 6.67ft /200cm ), and one Hanging kit come along with the main item in your package. You get a 3 years limited warranty and in addition to that, a 30 days money back guarantee.

Here we move towards some more exciting specs of MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

Were you thinking that 480W mentioned in the name of the grow light stands for the power draw? No, not at all. The actual power draw is a dissimilar thing. The actual power draw of this grow light is 190W (+/-5%). Wow, that is quite impressive. We are sure that in this department, it has left many 480W models behind.

We are not provided by the perfect number by the company regarding the HPS replacing capability. They claim that MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light is capable of replacing a traditional 650-720W HPS/HID light. While testing it, the number that we got was 670W. Now, another group of testers also tested the same thing, and they got a different number.

While you go through other reviews, some are mentioning 400. Some are going with 500, etc. But they hardly would have done deep, and testing like our experts have done. So, yes, a sort of confusion is there, but its HPS replacing capability is surely between the numbers mentioned by the company.

Coverage area

Although this grow light is an ideal choice for the small-scale growers, but still, a few folks feel that the grow area, which this grow light is providing you, is a bit less. 3.5ft x 5.5ft it is. During the flowering stage, it provides a coverage area of 2ft x 3ft.

Honestly, that is the grow area you generally get with the 480W models. So, this you can’t count as a deficiency. But you do have the support of daisy chaining feature, so you are not restricted to a specific grow area, you can expand it.

MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Review : A quick FAQ round

Were you are trying to find out where we have exposed the darker side of MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light? It is here! Hidden right in the FAQ section. You can discover all the inconveniences with this grow light here, plus we will be clear many of your doubts as well.

Heard about the issue with the bloom switch! Can I have a bit of explanation?

A few users had awful experiences with this particular features. A few mentioned that it would have been better if these switches were not present in this grow light! Their flowers were a little burnt actually, due to the wrong amount of light. Just imagine, how painful and frustrating is that!

Now, what was the reason behind that? See, the grow light itself is perfect, the functions of these switches are also perfect, but proper guiding is not provided to the growers regarding the usage of these switches. The company has not provided us with a guiding manual, with the help of which a beginner can use these switches appropriately.

Even if somebody turns On both of these given switches, the baby plants burn out. We are talking about growing a plant under a controlled environment, so a small mistake and a minor change in the setting, or the placement of the light, might damage the plant. We really wish a guiding manual was provided with this grow light.

Do the fans make high noise? Any measurement of noise you have to tell?

No, these fans do not make high noise at all. No matter you have half a dozen of these fans, you will not feel problematic. 57 Delibes is what we measured in our lab.

What is the hideous side of this grow light?

The hanging clips that you get with this product must be a bit wider. The absence of the guiding manual has brought damage to some users. In the last, we have to say that this grows light is only and only for beginners and is meant for indoor use only. Rest everything is good about MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light.

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What do the users of MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light have to say?

On Amazon, 265 reviews are there, out of which 81% gave perfect five-star ratings. The overall rating is 4.4 stars out of five. When you have a look at these ratings, you will surely feel that a few complainers have truly spoiled the whole thing. A few (Only 3%) units failed to serve long. Hence the complainers got a chance. Guys, you have a warranty in your pocket, right? If the item has failed to dissatisfy, then get it replaced. Simple!

Honestly, if we ignore these buddies, who have given one-star and two-star rating just because of inconvenience caused due to broken, or less durable units, then the success rate would have touched 96%-97%.

We are not saying that you do not have the right to complain, but if you are getting your replacements in no time, then where is the company’s fault? 100% perfection in building electronic items is not possible. So, a few units do not serve that good. But if we talk about the product itself, then it is fabulous!

  • Highly durable.
  • Very comfortable price.
  • Full spectrum support.
  • Low noise and highly efficient cooling system.
  • Good PAR value and coverage area.
  • Veg/Bloom switches.
  • 3 years limited warranty.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Absence of a guiding manual.
  • Perfection needed in operating.
  • Not a suitable one for advanced level and large scale growers.

MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Reviews : The final wrap-up

We mentioned every single essential point about this product in our MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Review very well, and now you can easily decide whether it is good to buy it or not.

We have tested this grow light quite profoundly, and if you ask about our experience, then it was terrible! We tried this grow light on weed, marijuana, cannabis, carrot and some aquatics. Results pleased our experts to the deepest. Public reviews are also very positive. In short, MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light provides you with everything you ask from a 480W grow light.

We highly recommend this grow light in our MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Review because it has no major cons, only benefits to fill you up! Cannabis growers, hurry up! Get this one home!

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