MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Reviews 2018

Last updated on September 5th, 2018 at 03:22 pm

MarsHydro 480W Reflector LED Grow Light Reviews 2018
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Welcome to the page of one of the most sought-after LED grow light for growing marijuana indoors. In this page you will get the MarsHydro LED Reviews.

You have stumbled upon a perfect LED grow light for your marijuana plant! Here in this post, our LED Light expert reviewed MarsHydro Reflector 480W.

Apart from review, Thanks to LED grow light, now you can grow any vegetable/plant/cannabis plant in your own house, even in off weather or at night! These lights give out same light spectrum as the real sunlight, so your plants can grow inside your home even at night!

MarsHydro LED Grow light Reviews

Mars Hydro Reflector 480W Review – Grow light brand for Veg & Bloom

Mars Hydro Reflector 480W Review – Grow light brand for Veg & Bloom

Mars hydro is one of the leading manufacturers of indoor marijuana growing equipment.

This Mars Hydro 480W LED grow light has been rated 4.6 for its awesome quality by nearly 250 customers on Amazon.

It is a really well-balanced mid-range priced Led grow light. Perfect for those who like to buy the best things for their plants.


Look at these specifications, isn’t this LED grow light cool?

Light source 96 pieces of Epileds LED chips
Actual Power 210W/110v and 207W/220v
Voltage AC 85V to AC 265V
Frequency 56 to 60 Hz
Lifespan 50000 hours to 100000 hours
Dimension 22 X 10 X 3 inches
Coverage 2 X 3 feet to 2.5 X 3.5 feet
Weight 8.82 pounds

Light-producing capabilities

Let’s talk about its light-producing capabilities

After 8 years of research and hard work, folks at Mars hydro company have developed a LED lighting system which easily outperforms traditional HPS, MH or CMH lighting systems.

The overall grow light is made up of a total 96 pieces of high quality LED light chips from Epistar which have really good light intensity. These LED have a really impressive PAR value which will help your plants to grow, yield and develop very quickly.

It will give you an astonishing PAR of 680umols at a height of 18 inches. The total lumen output on this beast is 9040 lumens.

You could save a lot of money as you do not need to use any bulbs, ballasts or reflector with this LED grow light. The overall temperature on this Grow light is 60% cooler than traditional HID lighting systems.

All this cooling is achieved by 2 things, one the massive pin cushioned heat sinks and secondly the cooling fans which have very silent but powerful intakes and exhausts.

It is a bit heavier than normal similar sized LED grow lights on the market. But on the positive side, it is much stronger and sturdier than its competitors.

Advantages of Mars Hydro Reflector 480W

Best advantage? All the lights that the customers receive are tested out for 48 hours before sending away. This is done in order to provide customers with a product which is not defective and also to make sure that the customers have a very good and happy buying/using experience.

So, you don’t have to worry about build or quality of this item, it’s one of the very best out there.

Talking about safety, the whole Led grow light is ETL certified. Even the wires used on this LED grow light are UL and VDE certified.

When you buy this Mars Hydro LED grow light, you will get a free power cord, free hanging kit and 2 years of service warranty.

Everything that you’ll ever need is provided in the packaging box. You just have to hang the LED grow light and connect the power cords and you are good to go!

EXPERT TIP: you should always do thorough research before buying any indoor marijuana growing equipment, as your setup and plants can be very different from what others have. Always look how the successful indoor marijuana growers buy and use their equipment, there’s a lot to learn from there.

  • Full spectrum light emitted.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Supercooling fans.
  • Very high Lumens.
  • Saves you energy.
  • Developed and manufactured after years of experience.
  • long lifespan.
  • No instructional manual provided.

This is really a very good choice when you want to buy the best LED grow light. You will get an all certified grow light which is safe as well as reliable.

With its full spectrum of light frequencies, your plants will thrive as if they were placed in real sunlight. All the customers who bought this product have given a very good rating to it, so go ahead and buy it.

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