Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED Review in 2021

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Marshydro Mars Reflector 960WMarshydro is a well know and highly dependable company. But remember, only name and fame doesn’t matter always. You cannot blindly select and buy a product just by reading its company name. Knowing everything about the product is necessary. Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED review stands for the same.

We have been studying and testing this grow lights since months, and now we have come up with the results. Are you eager to know the results? We are even more eager to tell!

So, we have displayed every single piece of knowledge in every single paragraph in this review. The knowledge, which we are provided is much deeper and accurate than other reviews. Remember, if you skip, you are definitely going to miss out. So, cherish entirely.

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Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED review

Marshydro Mars Reflector 192 960W LED review

Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED review

Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED review: Basic info about the product

This one is such a powerful grow light! It is a massive grow light, and you can buy it even if you are tight with your budget. This one is loved so much by its users, and they are not getting tired in praising this grow light in the consumer reviews.

This light is especially for those, who want to bloom an indoor garden, a smaller one though. If you are thinking of a better yield than possible, then you are greedy, and this grow light is the best friend of a greedy grower!

yes, you are going to get record-breaking yield with Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED, but the condition is that you need to operate it wisely and be up in making changes in the settings and height when your plant enters various stages of growth.

Marshydro Mars Reflector 192 960W LED result 1

Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED result 1

Marshydro Mars Reflector 192 960W LED

Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED Result 2


Honestly, Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED is providing you with more features in comparison to the dollars that you are paying to bring it home. We are here to point out as well as explain the features, so that the image of this grow light gets clear in your eyes, regarding the functions. However, a few features are missing as well, which we will point out later on in Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED review and explain the intensity of those missing features.

Read properly, the positive side, of this, grow light is hidden in feature explanation only.

Full Spectrum

Durability, power saving capability, daisy chaining, etc. are all secondary things to look upon. Although all of them are major points to look in a grow light, the most primary one is to check whether the grow light is providing with a full spectrum or not. Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED review does provide!

It provides with 12 wavelength bands, which include IR, and hence, it supports the whole life cycle of the plant. All essential lights are emitted in a very balanced proportion, and there are two separate modes for veg and bloom stages, in which this LED grow light adjusts itself to emit the required light in perfect amount for that specific stage.

We will describe those two switches further in this review.

Highly power-packed LED chips

Total pieces of 5W LED chips are used in the construction of Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED grow light, which is manufactured by Epileds. The main reason behind the success of Epileds company is durability. As a result, you find Epileds chips in most of the top quality and successful LED grow lights available today.

The company claims that Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED is going to serve you for 100,000 hours. We will try to weigh those words later on when we will discuss what the users say about the durability of this item.

Decent cooling system

We tested this grow light by running it 18 hours in a day continuously for fifteen days. There was no overheating issue. That means the cooling system of Marshydro Mars Reflector  960W LED is sturdy and strapping! Over the years, nothing is going to happen to this heat dissipation system, and it will continue working the way it does when you bring it home and try it out the very first time.

Decent PAR value

This LED grow light is capable of providing you with such a bright light! Very bright! We conclude how bright a grow light is by measuring the PAR value. When you are hanging it at 24 inches, you get 865 umols! 600-650umols is counted as a decent PAR value. But see, You are getting much more than that. Even from the height fo 36 inches, you are getting 562 umols.

There are some plants, that need more intensity of light to grow and bloom. You can grow such plants under Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED very easily, as it fulfills their needs. So, you have got a wide variety of selection of plants to grow.

Dual switches for veg and bloom

There are two switches present in Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED. By pressing anyone form veg and bloom, the whole grow light molds itself according to that stage of the plant. It starts emitting the light according to the requirement of that stage, plus the cooling system also works accordingly.

Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED review: Specs

In size, Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED measures 22 x 19 x 3 inches. The weight is 17 pounds. Do not worry about the weight, the hanging kit comes along with it, which is capable of balancing its weight. Frequency is 56-60Hz. The makers have not provided with an exact number regarding lifespan, an estimated 50,000-100,000 hours. 90 degrees and 120 degrees are viewing angles.

A 6 feet long cord comes with it. The core PAR value is 1200 umols, and the lumen output is 21981 lumens. Here we move towards some more specs of Marshydro Mars Reflector  960W LED.

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Actual power draw and HPS replacing capabilities

The actual power draw of this grow light is 253W. If you want to compare that, then compare with other models near to 960W-1000W. You will find that this one is an absolute energy saver. Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED is powerful enough to replace a traditional 450W HPS/HID/MH light system. Brilliant!

Coverage area

The coverage area depends upon the growth stage of your plant. While going through the veg stage, the plant needs less light, so the grow light is placed at the height of 24 inches normally, and later on, when the bloom stage arrives, you need to bring the grow light to 18 inches, as they need a higher intensity of light now. This factor is responsible for the changes in the grow area.

With Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED, you are getting a 5.5 x 5.5 inches grow area for the veg stage, and 4′ x 4′ for the bloom stage. So, you must consider growing according to 4′ x 4′ as that area is suitable for all growth stages. But when we talk about the coverage area in grow lights, the max coverage area comes in consideration.

The warranty

Regarding the quality satisfaction guaranty, the company provides a 3 years limited warranty with Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED. The service center is in California. 30 days money back guarantee is also there for you. If you have got any unsolved questions, you can contact the service center, where you are treated for eight hours a day.

Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED review: A quick FAQ round

The service center will reply when they will, but we are here, to give instant answers and solutions. How? Guys, we are experts, and we already know very well that what all questions can come to your mind reading this grow light. So, here we go!

Companies claim that the cooling system is quite. All of them say so. What about this one? I need measurements.

We tested this grow light and recording how loud it is. 56 decibels was the reading. Now, the ear teasing limit is much more than that. People are using five such lights even, they also never complained about the noise. Nobody has ever complaint regarding the noise of the fans of this grow light.

How many plants to grow with this grow light? Can I grow below the soil?

You can grow seven plants maximum under this grow light. Yes, this grow light is so strong, that you can grow below the soil as well. Carrots, potatoes, beets, etc. can be easily grown.

When to turn ON both the veg and bloom switches together?

Only during the time, when your plant is in flowering age. Do not use both the switches during the veg stage, as that might affect the health of the plant, as there are chances that your plants are not capable of coping up with that much intensity of light during the early stage, better known as the veg stage.

IR is included, but what about UV and white light?

White light is present (2700k-3000k), but there are no chips of UV chips in this grow light. Well, it would have been better if UV was included, but no need to worry, that is not going to make a huge difference.

Daisy chaining feature present or not?

Presence of this feature is a very big support for those, who want to enlarge their growing area. Unfortunately, with this grow light, it is absent. That was pretty unexpected.

There is no dimmer in this grow light. So, can I attach one?

First of all, there is no need to dim the light, as veg and bloom switches are already present. Still, if you want to do that, then you can increase the height of your grow light. But remember, more light is better than less light. With this grow light, you are not going to fetch out anything good by decreasing the intensity of light. Simply, not needed!

Do not attach dimmer, as that might damage your light, and if that happens, the warranty is not going to cover that.

Please expose the darker side of Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED.

No daisy chaining feature that is the biggest negative. So, if you want to cover massive spaces, then this light is unfit for you. Secondly, you are not getting UV light in this grow light. Besides that, you do not get any dimming feature in this grow light. Because of its heavy weight, increasing or decreasing the height frequently is not a good idea, it is 17 pounds!

What do the users of Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED grow light say about it?

Guys, the reviews are very pleasing. 256 users have written reviews, and 4.4 stars is its overall ratings out of five. Some users mentioned that they were successful in receiving a record-breaking yield. Especially cannabis and weed growers’ group was the happiest of all. You can read massive reviews written, full of joy. 81% people have given a perfect five-star rating, and 10% have given 4 stars.

If daisy chaining and dimming features were present, then this grow light would have broken all shatters of success!! Its success rate would have been over 95% then.

Now, what are the inconveniences? Actually, all complainers were blowing their own trumpets! No common issue was found, that is rare. So, no major con. 2% Non-perfect units delivered. Ok, that is acceptable.

  • Extreamely powerful.
  • Great PAR value.
  • Full spectrum with IR and white light included.
  • Acceptable price tag.
  • Saves much power.
  • Switches for veg and bloom stages.
  • Powerful and quiet cooling system.
  • 3 years limited warranty.
  • No UV chips included.
  • Non-dimmable.
  • No daisy chaining feature.

Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED review : The final wrap-up

This grow light is beneficial from all points of view. Although a couple of features are missing, but in return to that, it has so much to provide you with. Mostly, a small issue regarding durability is always reflected in the consumer section, in case of almost all grow lights, but with this grow light, only 6 users out of 256 users complained that.

81% Users agree that this LED grow light is cent percent perfect, with not a single thing to complain. What else do you need to be motivated to buy this product? Being a cannabis, weed, or marijuana grower, you can’t demand something better than this with that much money.

We highly recommend it in our Marshydro Mars Reflector 960W LED review and concluded that at that price level, this one is probably the best that you can get.

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