Maxisun Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light Review 2021

Last updated on January 30th, 2020 at 08:39 am

Howdy buddies! Here are the Buds of life team presenting you Maxisun Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light review to make you entirely familiar with this attractive-looking grow light.

At first sight, you fall into love with it, but we are talking about a grow light here, so certain things need to be explained so that you can decide perfectly regarding the acquiring of product.

Normally, you just find the Pros, cons, specs, features, and a useless final verdict in the reviews, but we are here with something special. We have got an FAQ section as well where we throw light on the inner facts.

We know you are thrilled! Not yet? Then read the review further, you surely will be.

Maxisun Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light review

Maxisun Dimmable 300W LED grow light review.jpg

Maxisun Dimmable 300W LED grow light review.jpg

Basic info about the product

Now, this grow light is a bit different from others. It is a dimmable model. That means it is built to perform some other functions. Yeah! You need to know how to operate this grow light and utilize its functions.

You are getting an optimized full spectrum with this one, and the best thing is you can control this spectrum on your fingertips.

This grow light stands very well on your expectations, and provides you with the more luxuries, in contrast to the bucks that you pay to bring it home. This grow light is for beginners. For those, who believe in small-scale growing.

It supports marijuana plant very well. Not just that, it supports fruits and veggies also.


It is a 300-watt model, so you, please do not expect any extraordinary features from this grow light. It provides you with what it should. Most importantly, the daisy chaining is also there in features. We are demonstrating to you all of them. Please read further for knowing the product better.

High quality LED used

A total of 62 pieces of LED chips are used in this 300W dimmable model, which are 5W each. These chips are placed very well, for an even distribution of light. Epileds are the manufacturers of these chips, so the durability is never a case of perturbation. These chips are going to run for 100,000 hours as per the words of the makers. Not just the chips, but all other building material is also of decent quality.

Pleasing cooling system

The cooling system of this grow light consists of a couple of fast-moving fans, which have brought a bit of disturbance, about which we will discuss further, and aluminum heat sinks. This heat dissipation system preserves the very suitable temperature inside the grows tent by efficiently circulating the air. Remember, the durability of a grow light highly relies upon the working capability of its heat dissipation system.


Maxisun Dimmable 300W LED grow light daisy chaining.JPG

Maxisun Dimmable 300W LED grow light daisy chaining.JPG

Although this grow light allows you to grow in a bigger area by providing good coverage area, you can still expand it. Yes, with the help of the daisy-chaining, you can link up certain LEDs to the main unit, and expand the coverage area. Do you want to know how much area does a single unit cover? Well, that info is in specs.

PAR value

The PAR value is really a thing to concern when we are discussing grow lights. It dictates the brightness and indirectly, the strength of the grow light. Here, with this light, you are getting 375 umols at 24 inches height and 480 umols at 18 inches. However, these numbers were obtained, when we tested this grow light, as the PAR values of this model are not mentioned by the company.

Besides that, it is strong enough to increases the canopy penetration up to 150%. That is powerful! The lower portions of your plants are going to get equal light.


In measurements, this grow light is 15.7 x 8.4 x 2.4 inches and the eight is just 7.4 pounds. The frequency is as usual 50-60Hz. This grow light works in voltage AC100V-240V. The reflecting angle is 90 degree. You are getting a 2 years limited warranty, which is a year shorter than most of is competitors. However, it is providing you with 60 days money-back guarantee, which is double than the competitors.

Along with the product, you receive the hanging kit, guiding manual, and a power cord. Below, we have explained more prominent specs.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

These are both long-term factors. The actual power draw of this 300w dimmable model is 146W. That is pretty good with a 300W model. It can replace the light intensity of a traditional 250W HPS/MH light system. That determines the power of the LED. However, there are a few users, which are not that happy with the HPS replacing capabilities of this grow light, but our experts concluded that the HPS replacing capacity is acceptable.

Coverage area

Were you waiting for these particular numbers? Ok, no need to wait anymore. This grow light covers an area measuring 3.5×3.5 ft from 24 inches height and 2.5×2.5 ft from 18 inches. It deeply gratifies with the coverage area, that it is offering you, at that price level. You can easily grow 4 cannabis plants in that area.

Presence of the dimmer switches

Maxisun Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light Dimmer switches

Maxisun Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light Dimmer switches

The dimmer switches exist in this grow light in place of the Veg/Bloom. Once you get used to operating these switches properly, you will find that these switches are comparatively more favorable, If you are a newbie, you definitely need some guidance and right knowledge regarding use of these switches. With these dimmers, you can provide more or less red light and blue light to your plants.

Maxisun Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light Review: A quick FAQ round

The functioning of this grow light is a bit complex, and you definitely need to know about a few things before buying, which we are going to explain in a question and answer format. You also need to read about the cons, which we have covered the way no one else has. So, the intro is over, let us gain some knowledge now.

Full spectrum means supporting both veg and bloom. does it really support the bloom that well?

We tested it. The results were not brilliant, they were satisfactory like nothing to feel joyous, and nothing to complain either. If you are concentrating on the bloom stage, then you must try to buy a grow light, that provides you with a bit more red spectrum.

Does this grow light contains zeners to protect LED bulbs if one or two stops working?

Yes, they are Zener protected. You do not need to worry in case if a few bulbs stop working, it is never going to affect the whole unit. You can contact the company, and get those bulbs replaced.

My leaves are bleaching. Does the dimmer reduce the intensity of the light or it just reduces the ratio?

There are two dimmer dials in this unit. So technically it is going to do both. One for bloom (more red light) one for Veg (more blue light). Lowering any of them will reduce the light intensity and your wish of which and how much will control ratio. Each dial is Generally 1-100% power dial. The lower end of the dial is quite dim.
If your leaves bleaching, then you are certainly going on with the wrong settings. A PAR meter would do a good job here, and you will be able to track the things better.

Can I hang these lights vertically? Like on the wall?

You can surely hang the grow light that way, but make sure that both the sides of the panel are well-ventilated. If you hang them on the wall, then the functioning of the heat dissipation system is going to be affected. You don’t want that to happen, right?

Can I keep this LED ON for 20 hours during the bloom phase?

We have already shared info regarding the time of usage for various grow phases. It is not just about the functioning or capability of LED, but if you are running the light for 20 hours, it might affect the health of your plants as they also need proper rest the same way we do. So, we advise you to avoid that.

What are the things to concern with this model?

The first issue with this model is associated with the heat dissipation system. The fans make a bit louder noise than normal, that is what a few users have complained. We entirely agree with the fact, as we also felt the same when we tested it.

Besides that, this light has not fully satisfied with its power. Till cannabis and a few other plants, it was great, but when it came to tomatoes, potatoes, and aquatics, this light failed to please. Tomatoes were there, but not of good quality, the same thing with the potatoes. The aquatics simply died! Due to lack of power, a few users called it a “beginner’s toy“!

This model has some limitations. After all, you are not paying a big sum for buying it. So, it provides you only with the basics. You are also not supposed to use it for more than 18 hours a day, as it is going to catch overheating issue then.

What do the users of Maxisun Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light say?

First of all, usually only beginners have purchased this light, and most of them are satisfied, as it provided them with all they expected from it. 91 Reviews are there on Amazon, and 4.4/5 stars is what it has received. Only very less people are there, who are not satisfied. If a light, with just that light price tag, satisfies 88% of the users, then the light is worth appreciation.

Now we come to the objections. The main reason of dissatisfaction was its less power. We already covered this topic in the paragraph above. Other complaints were regarding the noisy fans. The noise is high, we agree, but it is below that “troubling level.”

  • Low price.
  • Pleasing durability.
  • Attractive looks.
  • Energy saver.
  • Flawlessly supports all growth stages with a full spectrum.
  • Presence of dimmable switches for manually control the spectrum.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee.

The final wrap-up

As we have mentioned, this grow light doesn’t dissatisfy you by the absence of any vital feature. The actual power draw and coverage area make you happy.

However, if you are a large scale grower, then you must avoid buying this model. You definitely need some practice in controlling the dimmer switches.

But once you get it properly how to do that, then you are going to enjoy it.

This model is a fantastic choice for small-scale cannabis growers. Besides that, there is hardly any issue regarding the durability of the LED.

Overall, this 300W dimmable model has satisfied out expert testers, and 88% of its users as well. So, we highly recommend you to buy Maxisun Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light.

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