MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector Series LED Grow Light Review 2020

Last updated on April 28th, 2020 at 06:39 pm

MEIZHI R450 looks so attractive! But remember, looks do not matter performance matters. We are talking about grow lights here. How does it perform? We are writing MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector Series LED Grow Light Review for the same reason.

We know that this company is not that famous, it has produced limited grow light models. So, we will make you fully familiar with this particular product of MEIZHI. in this review, and you are going to get info about such facts and points, which you will not find in any other review.

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So, avoid skipping anything, tighten up, concentration up, attention, and a few more words that military generals say before approaching. We are not military generals, but we are approaching surely.[towards the review: )]

MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector Series LED Grow Light Review

MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector Series LED Grow Light reviews

MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector Series LED Grow Light reviews

MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector Series LED Grow Light Review : Basic info about the product

Maybe not as familiar as Viparspectra or Marshydro, but this 450W model of Meizhi is giving such a head breaking competition to 450W models of not only those two companies, but many others as well. With the speed at which it is achieving success and being sold out, we are estimating that it is going to beat many of the 450W models of dominating companies after one year or so.

Full spectrum of light, abundant features, low weight, high durability, easy to install, decent heat dissipation system, and what else do you want? Yes, at that price level, it fulfills almost all expectations of yours. Remember, the darker side is also there, which we will expose later on in this review.


This grow light really pleases quite deeply with the number of features that it provides you. Here, we will be mentioning them, explaining them and pointing the ways how they prove themselves useful to you. Let us proceed.

Highly durable LED

This LED has got ETL certification. The LED is durable up to 100,000 hours. When we checked the consumer reviews, we found that the dissatisfaction rate regarding the durability is comparatively lesser than other 450W models. That determines that there are very less chances that you might feel the need of utilizing the warranty.

Perfectly constructed cooling system

The cooling system of MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector-Series LED Grow Light is brilliantly constructed. When you look at the shape and the size of the blades of the fans, you will be impressed. No high noise issues. Besides that, these fans are extremely powerful and maintain the right temperature in your grow tent.

These fans, along with heat sinks, form an extraordinary cooling system, which allows you to keep this light on for almost 19 hours a day.

Full spectrum

It is a full spectrum light. It consists of LEDs, which are red (650-660nm), green (620-630nm), Infrared (730nm), blue (450-475nm) and white (5500-6500K). You need nothing else now! When you look at this grow light working, you might feel as if a few bulbs are not working. But it isn’t like that.

Those bulbs are emitting IR and UV, which a human eye cannot see. MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector-Series LED Grow Light is like a small electronic sun in your grow tent, which doesn’t burn your leaves!

Now, when we talk about utilizing the spectrum, the light is already doing its job, but your job is to place this grow light at a proper distance. The max distance that we suggest is 30 inches, while the minimum distance is 18 inches.

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Daisy chaining ability

We already expected daisy chaining feature in this grow light. You can link this light with other two, or maximum three, to expand the area for plant growth. So, never feel limited with the grow area that you are getting with this grow light. By the way, if you are searching for bigger gardens, then buy something else, but if you are a small scale indoor grower, then daisy chaining is no less than a boon!

Brilliant PAR value

MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector Series LED Grow Light PAR value

MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector Series LED Grow Light PAR value


MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector Series LED Grow Light Review : Specs

In dimensions, it measures 15.7 x 8.3 x 2.8 inches, while the weight is 8 pounds. The working frequency is 50-60Hz. The reflecting angle is 120 degrees. Input Voltage is AC85-265V. You get a Power Cord, one Hanging Kit along with MEIZHI Reflector 450W LED Grow Light (ETL) in the package. This grow light comes with an estimated lifespan of 100,000 hours. Here come few more interesting specs:

Actual power draw

450W” written there in the title doesn’t indicate its actual power draw. Well, the average power draw (Even when both the veg and bloom switches are ON) of MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector-Series LED Grow Light is 195W. Such a powerful and bright grow light, still consumes such less amount of energy to work efficiently! Impressive! If you work on with just one switch, either bloom or veg, then it is going to suck even less power.

This grow light is sufficient for replacing a 450W HPS/HID/MH light system.

Are you asking what these veg and bloom switches are? No suspense here, read below, we have revealed!

Veg and Bloom switches

Guys, you get options of these switches with very less grow lights out there. Grow lights having both daisy chaining, as well as these two switches, are even lesser. Just press either of the switches, and your LED will be emitting the perfect light for that stage of your plants.

Actual coverage area

This grow light is providing you with a rectangular growing area, which we find much better than a square one. 2′ x 3.5′ is the growing area of MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector-Series LED Grow Light. It is 7 square feet, right? Now if it was something bit square shape, then you were able to grow only three plants, but here, the things are rectangular so that you can grow four plants side by side.

Besides that, daisy chaining feature is available, as we mentioned earlier. So, you can multiply your coverage area by four!

The warranty

If we mention that MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector-Series LED Grow Light comes with a three years limited warranty, it will be not enough. It is needed for you to know more about how this warranty rolls. We are here to explain that.

See guys, the parts’ replacements and shipping are entirely free for the first year. Between the first and the second year, you will be paying for shipping charges, while the parts’ replacement will still be free. Now, in between the second and the third year, you will be responsible for charges of shipping and handling fee.

If you are not cent percent satisfied with this product, you can happily return it, within a time span of thirty days, without facing any inquiry regarding “why you returned?”

MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector Series LED Grow Light Review : A quick FAQ about the product

This grow light dominates in many departments, and we gave you info about the various benefits as well in our MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector-Series LED Grow Light reviews in a well-explained way. Now it is the time for a quick FAQ round. Must read carefully, as the darker side of this grow light is hidden here.

Do I need ballasts?

No, you do not have to worry about reflector hoods or ballasts. You just need the power cord, which the company already provides along with the item.

How successful in providing me with my desired harvest

This grow light is cent percent capable of doing that. You can read the public reviews, where users are enjoying their fourth and fifth harvests and are filled with joy because of the brilliant performance of this grow light. This grow light decent, buy the harvest also depends upon how wisely you are operating it, while different stages of your plant growth.

Full spectrum you are getting, with IR and UV included. White light is there is a sufficient amount. The red and blue light proportion is fabulous. No overheating, max PAR value, what else is needed by the plant to grow up and make you beneficial with perfect quality yield?

When to turn of both the switches. What are precautions with these switches?

Both these switches stand for different light output. If you switch ON the veg one, then the first fan will be working. When you go with the bloom stage, the second fan will be working.

Later on, both the switches On means both the fans working. You are not suggested to switch ON both of them during the veg stage, as your plant might not be able to cope up. You can go on with both Veg+Bloom switches during the bloom stage.

I want to buy it from Amazon. But the prices keep on changing so much! Why such wide margin in the price of the same item? Is the cheaper one fake?

Yes, that is confusing for sure. See guys, Amazon increases the selling price when the item is less in the stock. It might happen that you might see the price as $170 on Monday, and it rises over $300 on Saturday. That is because the item runs out of stock.

That doesn’t mean that Amazon is selling fake products! It is original, just a marketing agenda. If you feel that the price is high than what it should be, then do not show haste, wait for a week or so, when the prices come down again, and then buy.

I am living at a place having 40+ degrees C temperature. I feel like the cooling system of my grow light is struggling. Any solution?

Yes, that might happen. The cooling system of MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector-Series LED Grow Light is not built to work in 40+ degrees C temperature. So, whenever you feel that your cooling system is not able to perfectly tackle the heat, you need to add an additional intake fan without wasting time.

Please reflect the user’s experience and put light on the darker side of this item?

On Amazon, it has received 4.3 stars out of five, and 221 customers have reviewed. 86% success rate is good, but we feel that it must have been over 90% if we do justice to this grow light. No major cons here. You are supposed to use it indoor only, as it isn’t waterproof. If you are living at a place where the temperature is more than 40 degrees C, then surely attach an additional intake fan for better heat dissipation.

Besides that, you do not get a guiding manual with this item. So, for instructions, you will have to rely on Google! But never a big issue, it is very easy to operate MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector-Series LED Grow Light. That is all that comes under “Cons‘.

  • Comfortable price.
  • Max PAR output at its price level.
  • Full spectrum with IR, UV and white light.
  • Daisy chaining feature.
  • Dual switches for Veg and Bloom.
  • Excellent heat dissipation system.
  • High quality LED bulbs used.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Guiding manual does not come along with.
  • The cooling system struggles in working in 40+ degrees C environment.

MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector Series LED Grow Light Review : The final wrap-up

If you are thinking of growing cannabis, weed, marijuana, etc. indoor, and accept nothing else than a perfect yield, both in quality and quantity, then buy MEIZHI R450 450W Reflector Series LED Grow Light.

Although not a grow light with huge fame, it is capable of beating most of the 450W models in the market regarding features, efficiency, and even the yield quality! Do not forget you are getting max PAR value from it. This one is undoubtedly the best one among 450W models, and we highly recommend you to buy it.


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