Phlizon 600w Reviews in 2021 – Is it the best in market??

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We are your real buds! We are always there to prevent you from investing in the wrong products. Today, we are writing Phlizon 600w review so that you come to know how good or bad this LED grow light is.

We believe in providing with in-depth and authentic knowledge, and we stand on with our words in case of this review as well. Pros, Cons, features, Specs, User’s experience, Deficiencies, etc. everything we have covered to the deepest point.

So, if you entirely read our review, you will not feel the need of gaining info from somewhere else, as you are going to be cent percent knowledgeable about this grow light in this review only.

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Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? So, are you ready to proceed?

Phlizon 600w review

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Phlizon 600w reviews.jpg

Phlizon 600w review : Basic info about the product

This LED grow light is a highly ignored and underrated one, but when you try out this LED grow light, you will be surprised and wonder how can this much excellent grow light be an underrated one? How did it fail in attracting more attention?

Surely on Amazon, the ratings are brilliant, where more than 400 users have written about it, but we still feel that it must have sold more than double because of the way it performs. Anyways, we can’t do much about that, so let us move further into the details of the product.


We rate it 4.5 stars regarding features. This grow light comes with all the basic features, plus it comes with a thermometer along with a humidity monitor and a clock. These additions are attractive. Now let us mention a few other features and explain a bit.

Easy to operate and safe

There are many grow lights in the market, that use led spotlight reflector to add on attractive looks, but it is not used in this grow light. The fact is, the led reflector is not heat-resistant. Such reflector (which is at 80 degrees C) meltdown very easily, wherever a short circuit takes place. So, Philzon has given more importance to safety over beauty.

Veg/Bloom switches

There are two buttons present in this grow light, and both of them have different functions. The veg switch is there, that is indicated in blue led, and white led. It is supportive in promoting young vegetative growth. The other button is for bloom, which is indicated in red led and white led, which promotes flowering and blooming. You can conveniently use both of them.

Full spectrum

The makers of this grow light spent a lot of time experimenting and then designed this LED grow light with perfection. This LED grow light includes Blue (UV), Red (IR) and white light in tremendously balanced proportion. All these light play vital roles during various stages of plant growth.

Powerful LEDs used

In this LED grow light, 60 Dual chip LEDs are used, which are of 10watts each. These are much powerful than regular 3W-5W LEDs. Besides that, a very big percentage of consumers are satisfied with the durability of Philzon 600W LED grow light.

Daisy chaining capabilities

Cheer up! Daisy chaining is possible with Philzon 600W LED grow light. You can start with growing two-three plants with this grow light, and if later on, you feel the need of increasing the number of plants (By increasing the actual grow area), then you can surely do that. Daisy Chaining feature is for that purpose only.

It is a rare case to find this feature in the LED grow lights, which cost below $100 mark.

Phlizon 600w review : Specs

If you are feeling curious about its size, then let us mention that this grows light measures 15.7 x 6.7 x 2.3 inches. Now let us talk about the weight. It is 5.4 pounds. You can easily determine its compatibility right inside your grow tent after knowing its dimensions. Following are more specs of this product.


Actual power draw and HPS replacing capabilities

Philzon 600W is one of the most energy efficient LED grow lights of its price level in the market. It absorbs only 108 watts and provides you with long-term advantage by saving electricity. Now when we talk about the HPS replacing capabilities. It is entirely capable of replacing a 400 watt HID. The PAR output is 260 umol/m2/s at the height of 24 inches


Philzon 600W grow light is a highly durable one. It serves you for 100,000 hours if used properly. Your maximum usage recommendation with this grow light is 16 hours per day. If you go beyond the per day limit, then the lifespan might decrease.

This model is not waterproof. So, if you try to use it outdoor, and if it comes in direct contact with water, then forget about the lifespan, it is going to be damaged directly.

Coverage area

At the recommended 22-24 inches height, you get a coverage area of 2′ x 2′. It decreases with decreasing height. If you place it at 18 inches height, then the coverage area will also decrease to 1.5′ x 1.5′. That is the regular coverage area that you get with the grow lights below $100. But what if you have a plan of growing in 3′ x 3′ area? Then what? Yes, daisy chaining feature is there to help you out.

The Warranty

After buying Philzon LED grow light, you enjoy a two years warranty, which ensures cost-free repairs and replacements. No matter what is the intensity of the issue, you can always contact the customer service (Which is a brilliant one by the way), and company will do your repair work and replacement conveniently without consuming much time.

Supposed you have brought this product home, and somewhere deep inside your heart, you are not fully satisfied with the product, then you can return the product within thirty days, and your 100% payment will be returned.

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Phlizon 600w review : A quick round of FAQ

Sometimes it happens that you read everything good in the reviews about the product and finally bring it home as well. Then some question arises in mind, which you need to ask. But whom? In Amazon FAQ? Guys, that consumes time. What if we claim that we are going to clear your doubts and answer your questions here only, in our Philzon 600W reviews?

What is the recommended height for the best results?

With the power and abilities of this grow light, you are normally supposed to place it at the height of 24 inches for veg phase and 18 inches for flowering phase. But if you ask about a perfect height, then we found that most of the people received the best results by placing it at 22 inches height.

How many plants to grow with this grow light?

All of us know that it depends upon plant size. Normally, you are recommended to grow two, and maximum three plants under this grow light. By daisy chaining, you can surely grow more, but with a single light, if you go beyond three plants, then you might not get desired results.

Can I use both the Veg and Bloom buttons together?

For the first few weeks, use the veg button, and later on, you can use the Bloom button. That is the normal way to roll. But if you want to use both of them at the same time, then use both at the bloom stage only. We are talking about cannabis and marijuana especially. It differs from plant to plant.

A few plants can adopt both, but many other plants might not be able to adopt it, so better not to switch both the buttons.

Can I use this grow light for citrus and cocoa plants?

We have tested this grow light with many plants. We tried it with cocoa and citrus plants as well. After a specific time, the citrus plant’s growth stagnated, while we found tremendous positive results with the citrus plant. It also depends upon the requirement of the plants and you also, that which switch you are using. Some plants grow good with the Veg switch, while others grow better with Bloom switch.

What do users of Philzon 600W say?

On Amazon, 403 customers have written reviews, and overall 4.3 stars out of five are what this grow light has received. That is a great performance. Mostly, users experienced positive results with it and were happy with their decision of buying it.

But you can find a group of dissatisfied customers everywhere. Now, what are the major reasons for dissatisfaction with this product? Mostly one issue. Fans make a loud noise! This was the most common issue, that was raised. Honestly, the fans are a bit louder, read twice. We have written just “a bit’ louder. Now loud enough to trouble you all the time.

  • Low price.
  • Full spectrum.
  • Presence of Veg/Bloom switches.
  • 30 days guaranteed money back.
  • Easy to install.
  • the lifespan of 100,000 hours.
  • Free thermometer along with humidity monitor and a clock.
  • ans make a bit of high noise.
  • Not waterproof
  • 2 Years warranty instead of 3 years.

Phlizon 600w review : the final wrap-up

If you are planning to start on with a small grow area of 2′ x 2′ and do not want to shed much money, then you must buy Philzon 600w. We say so because, at its price level, it is one of the most successful grow light and has pleased a significant percentage of its users. It provides you with more than you expect.

The warranty might be a thing of concern for a few buyers, but at least the customer service is excellent and quickly responsive. In short, it fulfills all needs of your plants, at a very reasonable price. We highly recommend Philzon 600W in our Philzon 600W reviews and especially to beginners.


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