Roleadro 400w COB LED Grow Light Review – [Is it the best?]

Last updated on April 28th, 2020 at 06:41 pm

Here we come with our Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light Review to provide you with the deepest info related to this grow light. Our experts had intensely studied and tested this grow light, and now we are eager to take you across all that we know about this product.

Well, it is an entry level grow light, that doesn’t affect your pocket much. But there are certain complaints against this grow light, so took the responsibility to dig out the truth, that whether this grow light is really that troublesome, or the public reviews are not reflecting the right thing.

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Not just the Pros, Cons, features, or specs, but we will take you across various hidden facts about this item in our Roleadro 400W LED grow light review to help you out in making a sure decision about its purchase.

Here we go!

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light Review

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light Review

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light Review

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light Review: Basic info about the product

This LED grow light is furnished with two large size COB CREE Chips. This one is a cheap LED grow light, that provides your plants with full spectrum. Having a quick overlook, everything seems pleasing about this grow light. Whether we talk about the cooling system, features, abilities, results, everything is pleasing!

Besides that, it provides with a perfect spectrum, which consists of IR, UV, yellow, white light, etc.

This grow light has fulfilled the needs of basic growers. Not good for bigger gardens for sure. Nothing that fancies about this product. But we say that this one is a pretty good choice for the beginners, as it operates quite simple.

Then why is this grow light not trending so much? Why only 122 reviews on Amazon? That is what we are going to dig out in this review.

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light result 1

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light result 1

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light result 2

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light result 2

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light result 3

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light result 3


A good way to know whether a grow light lacks any features or provides you with some extra ones is to compare it with other grow lights, of the same price range and similar models.

We did the same. We compared this one with another a dozen grow lights and found that its features are the positive side. Means Roleadro COB 400W LED grow light is providing you with a bit of extra features in exchange of its price. Let us discover what all it has to offer you.

Emphatic COB system

Let us, first of all, explain what does “COB” stand for. It means Chips on board. Now, what is unique about it? It is capable of accommodating nine or even more LED diodes on a single chip. Roleadro COB 400W LED grow light is a COB grow light. This grow light brings more amalgamate light sources for your plants, because of the patented chip onboard system.

Your plants receive full spectrum wavelengths. In short, this grow light has everything, that a good 400W COB grow light must have.

Low price

Competition is so furious in the present day market of grow lights, that if a grow light is attached with a price tag, with just a bit of high price, then public refuse to purchase it, then no matter how excellent the grow light is. Don’t know why, but those LED grow lights attract more customers, which have a low price, in comparison to those, who have a bit higher price but perform much better.

Now let us come back to Roleadro COB 400W LED grow light. Yes, it has the support of a low price factor. Besides that, the durability is also satisfactory. So, even if a few deficiencies are there, buyers accept it.

Daisy chaining feature

Such a pleasure to have this one honestly! With Roleadro COB 400W LED grow light, you get the support of the daisy chaining feature, and by utilizing it, you can connect up to 5 additional LEDs to this one, which means that you can expand your grow area to 5X, and later on enjoy a 5X yield.

Presence of this feature plays a crucial role in making it one of the best 400W COB LED grow lights in the market today.

Patented reflective cups

This grow lights comes with patented reflective cups. The purpose of these reflecting cups is to maximize the light output, with a completely blended light. In simple words, the light, that is emitted by this LED, is utilized at its best. It plays a vital role in ameliorating the efficiency of this grow light. The angle of reflection is 90 degrees.

Impressive heat dissapiation system

The lifeline of this LED grow light is a dual fan system, which negates the heat that is produced. This heat dissipation system is a real workhorse! You can utilize Roleadro COB 400W LED grow light for eighteen hours in a day, and that too for several months.

Let us put it in your knowledge, that the full spectrum LED lights to produce much less heat that thew HID grow lights. It is much more capable of maintaining a cooler environment in your grow tent.

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Sunflower radiator system and Acrylic Secondary Optical Lens

The main purpose of Sunflower radiator system is to reduce the temperate to below 118.4F at the base of the chips. This adds of the per day switch-on time of the LED. This feature is a unique one, and you don’t find it in other grow lights of this price range more often.

This grow light is capable of working 18 hours per day due to Sunflower radiator system only.

Acrylic lens is used in this grow light, due to which light transmittance is lower than ordinary grow lights. This lens absorbs almost 17% of the light, as it is thicker and makes you use the light to its best. By using the secondary optical lens, more uniform light is emitted.

Dual On/Off switch

That is also a feature to feel lucky about. This feature comes in very less grow lights of this price level. For increasing or decreasing the intensity of light, you will not feel the need to trouble yourself in changing the placing height of your grow light. You can switch on to either the Veg or bloom button, as per your requirements.

If you are growing cannabis, weed, or marijuana, then this feature is going to be very beneficial for you.

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light Review : specs

In dimensions, Roleadro COB 400W LED grow light measures 14.3 x 8 x 5.1 inches, and the weight is 5.3pounds. 50-60Hz is the frequency and lifespan is 50,000 hours. You can use this grow light, where the temperature is somewhere between -4℉ – 104℉.

No voltage issue, you can run the grow light anywhere you want, as it is built to perform in universal voltage AC85-265v. One stainless steel hanger and a 6 feet long power cord, Eye Protection Glasses, and an instruction manual comes along with the main item.

Want to know about coverage area, output, HID replacing capabilities, etc.? read further, we have not just mentioned, but explained as well.

Actual power draw and HPS replacing capability

No need to worry about the hikes in your electricity bills, as this grow light only sucks 200w±5%. COB lights are more power saving than the traditional ones. Now, that is a plus point, but you know what the negative point is? It is sucking almost 20% more power in comparison to its competing 400W models.

Our advice is, see what you are getting, do not concentrate on what you are not. No matter a bit less, but this grow light is saving much of your electricity surely.

Now when we talk about the HPS replacing capabilities, the exact info is not provided by the makers. Even reviews are divided and do not agree at a proper number. Some say 250, some say 30, while some say 400W HPS is what it is able to replace. Our testers concluded that the rights figure is 280W. Well, we can’t be cent percent correct.

Coverage area

At the height of 24 inches, you are getting a 9 square feet area of coverage. It means 3 x 3, which is good enough for growing 4 plants. You are never going to feel limited with space, as you can attach five more units with this one, through the daisy chaining feature, which means your grow area is going to expand up to 9 x 5 = 45 square feet!

The warranty

Usually, the warranty time which you normally get with this quality and type of grow light is 3 years, but with this one, you are getting just 2 years. That is a minor drawback, a minor one! This warranty works on pretty simple terms and conditions. no complexity at all. Besides that, you enjoy money back guarantee upon the grounds of dissatisfaction, for 30 days.

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light Review : A quick FAQ round

We know that many of you will not be having the right knowledge about how COB LED lights roll! So, we are here, to provides you with vital and complete knowledge. Read keenly, and many solutions are hidden within this short FAQ round!

I know the positives, but what are the drawbacks of a COB LED?

Guys, that is probably a wrong question. Positives and drawbacks differ with the various products, and it is not about something mainstream. When we talk about the comparison, then the COB technology dominates over the SMD ( Surface Mounted Device). The lumen intensity is improved, the light is more focused, less heat is produced and a bit of extra versatility. Drawbacks vary from product to product.

What can stop me from buying Roleadro COB 400W LED grow light ?

There is no provision for controlling the spectrum manually. That is probably the biggest drawbacks with this grow light. Although the features are enough for the indoor plant growth, when you compare it with other grow lights, you find that it lacks a few features. Besides that, it sucks a bit more (30-40W) extra electricity than most of the 400W models.

After that, the last things is, it is not waterproof and is built for the indoor purpose only. That was all we had to say regarding the darker side of this product.

What do the users of Roleadro COB 400W LED grow light say?

On Amazon, It has received a 4 stars rating, and 122 users have reviewed. That is satisfactory, not deeply pleasing. 10% people have given a one-star rating. See, all electronic goods have cons, but if one out of ten users is deadly dissatisfied, then things are surely going wrong.

65% users were satisfied, and many of them mentioned that they received a 25% extra yield, 30% extra yield, and so on. But let us concentrate on the darker side.

The main reason for dissatisfaction among the users is bad manufacturing and less durability. 50,000 hours life span is what the company has claimed, but on some occasions, the LED retired much much sooner. Many people have faced manufacturing issues. Although they got a good response from the company and they utilized the warranty, but it wasn’t enough to stop them from writing negative reviews and displaying their inconvenience.

  • Full Spectrum including IR and UV.
  • Easily affordable.
  • Power saving ability.
  • Decent heat dissipation system.
  • Daisy chaining ability.
  • Reflective cups for increased output.
  • Dual ON/Off switches.
  • Eye protector glasses come along with.
  • Absence of provision for manually controlling of the spectrum.
  • A bit limited features.
  • Not waterproof.

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light Review : The final wrap-up

Guys, if you concentrate at its price tag, you will feel thankful to the company for providing this much perfection. But when you put it besides its competitors, then you feel that it surely lacks something or the other.

So, let us be positive. if you are an indoor grower, then there is no doubt that this grow light is going to help you in achieving your goals of promising yield. Full spectrum is there, daisy chaining is there, light reflection is perfect, so what else are you looking for at that price level?

We recommend you to buy Roleadro COB 400W LED grow light, but if you are looking for something fancy, something more powerful, or something more feature-packed, then better products are available in the market, you just need to pay a bit more money.


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