A Deep Dive into Sunset Sherbet Yield

Last updated on November 24th, 2020 at 07:06 pm

sunset sherbet yield


In this article, we are first going to dive into the Sunset Sherbet Strain and its qualities. After which we will explain how to grow this strain and increase its yield.

A Deep Dive into the Sunset Sherbet Strain

The Sunset Sherbet strain is an Indica Dominant Hybrid strain. This hybrid has a ratio of 85% Indica and 15% Sativa genetics. The THC content in most Sunset Sherbet strains is between 19% and 23% THC, which is considered pretty high compared to other strains.

The Sunset Sherbet strain is also often called the Sunny Sherbert strain, the Orange Sherbet strain, or just, in short, the Sherbet strain. The Sunset Sherbet strain is known to be a powerful Indica-dominant hybrid, sought-after for its great and potent effects.

sunset sherbet yield

The Sunset Sherbet strain was originally cultivated by Mr. Sherbinski. Mr. Sherbinski used for its genetics the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain, a strain that itself is a crossing of the Durban Poison strain, the Cherry Pie strain, and the OG Kush strain. The Girl Scout Cookies strain was then crossed with the Pink Panties strain, which is an Indica strain. This crossing gives the Sunset Sherbet strain a full-body effect with a decent energetic cerebral high. Sweet & Intoxicating, this strain has a rich taste profile and effects that are perfectly matched by its name.

These qualities make the Sunset Sherbet strain the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a strong high that lasts for hours. On top of that, the Sunset Sherbet strain has an amazing appearance, aroma, and flavor.

The Sunset Sherbet strain has risen in popularity in recent years thanks to its fantastic taste and aroma complexity. The sweet and simultaneously earthy notes of the Sunset Sherbet strain have been compared to fine berries. To even further add to its already amazing complexity, these fragrances are covered with fresh, tree-like overtones. 

In terms of its appearance, the Sunset Sherbet strain has a classic marijuana bud look, although, as you can guess from the name, it also has some warm tones that are reminiscent of sunset shadows.

Despite the high Indica ratio of this Indica dominant strain, the Sunset Sherbet strain produces effects that are in fact more similar to a Sativa strain. 

Just like a classic Sativa, the Sunset Sherbet strain has cerebral effects that stimulate your imagination, inspiration, creativity, and motivation.

Drowsiness is rarely reported by its users. Instead, they feel relaxed and simultaneously grounded. The signature of a well-rounded cannabis strain, that is perfectly suited for social gatherings with friends. 

Also for exploring your creative side the Sunset Sherbet strain excels.

The relaxing properties of the Sunset Sherbet make it a great choice for the evening because it really helps you unroll the day to enter full relaxation.

Medical cannabis users are starting to discover the Sunset Sherbet strain for its plethora of medical qualities. They report successful usage of this strain to fight depression, stress, and anxiety. 

With its uplifting properties, this strain is ideal for helping improve mental disorders. Cancer patients appreciate the anxiety and stress-relieving properties of this strain. But furthermore, they also found the Sunset Sherbet strain useful in stimulating their appetite, reducing their nausea, and relieving chronic pain. All these symptoms are common negative side-effects of cancer treatments.

When using the Sunset Sherbet strain, we advise you to start with a small amount and then build up when necessary. Because of its higher THC level, it is crucial to make sure that the right level is reached without inducing paranoia.

Achieving a High Sunset Sherbet Yield

sunset sherbet yield

So of course now you want to know how to grow the Sunset Sherbet strain by yourself and achieve maximum yields! 

The Sunset Sherbet strain grows the best outdoors in a warm, dry climate. If you want to grow outdoors, your best bet would be to use a greenhouse. The plant of the Sunset Sherbet strain grows to a medium height and features a bushy appearance that responds very well to training and topping.

The Flowering time is to be expected at about 9 weeks, and is reported to give a medium yield and is considered moderately-hard to grow.

Besides the temperature, of around 21C to 29C, the Sunset Sherbet strain will need relatively heavy feeding and correct lightning, if you want to attain the biggest yield possible.

Lighting And Feeding Schedule

During the first four weeks of the Growing Cycle, you will want to give these plants 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness.

  1. In the first week, you will give them 4ml of pH Perfect Sensi Grow A&B Base Nutrients. And 8ml of B-52 Supplements, and 8ml Voodoo Juice Supplements.
  2. In the second week, provide 8ml of pH Perfect Sensi Grow A&B. While keeping the supplement levels the same as in the previous week
  3. In the third week, provide 16ml of pH Perfect Sensi Grow A&B. Keep the supplement levels of the B-52 the same at 8ml, while omitting the Voodoo Juice.
  4. In the fourth week, you will do the same as in the previous week.

At this point, the Sunset Sherbet strain will enter its Bloom Cycle. During the bloom cycle, you will have to decrease the lightning hours, to provide 12hrs of light and 12hrs of darkness. During the bloom cycle, you should feed the plants as follows:

  1. In the first week, you will give them 16ml of pH Perfect Sensi Grow A&B Base Nutrients, and 8ml Voodoo Juice Supplements.
  2. In the second week, you will provide them the same amounts again, but by adding 8ml of Big Bud Supplements.
  3. In the third week, you will repeat as in the previous week, but by replacing the Voodoo Juice with 8ml of B-52 Supplements.
  4. In the fourth week, you repeat the procedure of the previous week.
  5. The same goes for the fifth week.
  6. In the sixth week, replace the Big Bud with 8ml of Overdrive Supplements.
  7. In the seventh week, you feed them as in the previous week.
  8. Finally, in the eighth week, you will want to flush the plants by not adding any nutrients at all.
  9. Harvest in the ninth week.

That is it! Hopefully, you’ll also be successful in recreating bigger yields with this proven feeding and lighting schedule.

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